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Do you know what other differences there are between a PhD and a postdoc?

Postdoctoral and doctoral seem to be a word difference, but the difference is not a star and a half, many people are thinking about the wrong

By 肖湾Published about a year ago 5 min read
Do you know what other differences there are between a PhD and a postdoc?
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Many people say that "education is paramount", and the higher one's education is, the more desirable it is, whether in employment, life and many other aspects, high education can occupy most of the advantages, but also let more and more college students choose to study for a doctorate. "The process of learning is hard, but also rewarding, although there is no end to learning, but there is an end to education, postgraduate as the highest degree in China, is also the goal of many students aspire to.

However, many college students do not have enough understanding and knowledge about doctor and post-doctor, and even think that post-doctor should be one level higher than doctor, but is it really so? In fact, postdoctoral and doctoral students seem to be the difference between a word, but the difference is not a star and a half, many people are thinking wrong! The difference between a post-doctoral degree and a doctoral degree is not just a word, but the difference is not just a star and a half, the university professor told the truth. The difference in treatment between a postdoc and a PhD student is obvious, and college students need to know in advance and have a clear study plan.

First of all, there is a gap between the two concepts, post-doctoral is the nature of the position, but doctoral is the academic post-doctoral refers to the post-doctoral students after graduation in the post-doctoral station to participate in the work experience, during the period still need to complete the corresponding scientific research projects, until the end of the period will be able to leave the station, can also be said to be a "buffer zone", while the doctor belongs to the student category In addition to the study and research tasks, the academic thesis is also a "problem" for most PhD students.

Secondly, the treatment gap is obvious, doctoral students can only enjoy the research subsidies, but post-doctoral is "workers" although doctoral students will have a lot of research subsidies, subsidies, scholarships, etc., but the amount is limited, after graduation will not be able to enjoy the corresponding benefits, but post-doctoral but combined with their own situation, college professors The post-doctoral program is a very important part of the program.

Once again, the doctor should concentrate on research papers, but post-doctoral students need to work in universities as lecturers, in research institutes doctoral students need to have the guidance of the supervisor, still have to face the study with dedication that if the paper fails or scientific research results are not qualified, then graduation may also become a "problem", while post-doctoral is not much worry, plus The post-doctoral students are not too worried, plus they have already graduated, and they are also "colleagues" with their supervisors.

Finally, the development prospects of post-doctoral students are broader, but doctors have to struggle for employment Not all university students are suitable for doctoral studies, the study difficulty is a high threshold, not to mention becoming a post-doctoral student, and many doctoral students have to be confused for employment after graduation, but becoming a post-doctoral student can reduce a lot of worries, so the difference between the two seems to be only a word, but the difference is not a star and a half, so university students also It is important to take into account your own situation and not to choose blindly.

Although there is a gap between post-doctoral and doctoral studies, but the learning difficulty is not low, students should also plan their future reasonably as they say, "If you don't choose the right one, your efforts will be in vain". Students should not give up halfway and try to maintain better academic performance. The students should also consolidate their theoretical knowledge and improve their professional and scientific abilities, after all, the difficulty of the examination is not low, and they need to have a master's degree if they want to study for a PhD, and the students should be down to earth and move forward one step at a time and strive for a higher degree.

In fact, in my opinion, post-doctoral and doctoral are good choices for students, but also students strive to climb the "peak", and college students should also "go upstream", to better enrich themselves, do not limit their own thinking, undergraduate is not the degree of The "end of the line". The height of the future depends on the attitude of students, post-doctoral and doctoral should be more enrich themselves, lay a good foundation for employment post-doctoral and doctoral concepts are not the same, but also suitable for different planning of students to choose, and students should also have a clear plan for learning, and constantly maintain a good learning attitude, pay double or more efforts to struggle, after all, there is never a free "lunch" in heaven. "The students should also have a clear plan for their studies and constantly maintain a good attitude towards their studies and put in double or more effort to strive, after all, there is never a free "lunch" in the sky.

The academic degree is just a piece of paper with a high "gold content", but the iron still needs to be hard, and college students should also strive to obtain "a skill", in the process of efforts to continue to refine their professional skills, and more than one craft can also be more of a way out. However, if students do not pay attention to academic research results and academic papers are not up to par, then even if they get a doctorate, it does not mean "everything is fine", they may still face the risk of "dismissal", so college students should know how to " The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

The author's message: Although there is an obvious gap between post-doctoral and doctoral degrees, with the increasing number of highly educated talents, college students should actively meet more challenges, do not stop with their bachelor's degree, and make every effort to invest in more profound scientific research knowledge to better enrich themselves, and hope that college students can obtain higher education to add more "advantages" for employment! "!

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  • 肖湾 (Author)about a year ago

    I am deeply puzzled by this

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