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My teacher Ayesha

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By WAQAS AHMADPublished 6 months ago 5 min read
My teacher Ayesha
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She was a class 5 primary school teacher in a small town. She had a habit of always saying 'I love you all' before the class started, but she knew that she was not telling the truth, she did not love all the children in the class equally. His name was Tariq. Tariq used to come to school in a scruffy condition. Even during the lecture, his attention would have been somewhere else. He would have been startled to look at Miss Ayesha's scolding, but from her empty eyes, he would have clearly known that even though Tariq was physically present in the class, he was mentally disturbed. It is a shame that gradually Miss Ayesha started hating Tariq. As soon as he entered the class, Tariq was criticized by Miss Ayesha, every bad example was canceled by Tariq. There was no answer. Tariq looked like a stone to Miss Ayesha, which had no feeling inside.

. In response to every reprimand, he just kept looking at her with his deep eyes and bowed his head to Miss Ayesha. She was very annoyed by this. The first semester was over and the stage of making the report came, Miss Ayesha wrote all her bad deeds in the progress report. The progress report used to be sent to the headmaster before being seen by the parents. When he saw Tariq's report, he called Miss Ayesha. Miss Ayesha progress report should show some progress. From what you have written, Tariq's parents will be disappointed. I'm sorry Tariq is a very naughty and naughty child. I don't think I can write anything about his progress." Miss Ayesha said in a hateful tone and walked away. The head master made a strange move, he put Tariq's progress report of the last six years on Miss Ayesha's disk in the hand of the chaperone.

. Tariq reports. Miss Ayesha thought so in the previous classes too, and when she read the Remaks in the class swim report, her surprise knew no bounds when she saw that the report was full of praises for a smart kid like Tariq. He is a very sensitive child and is very attached to his friends and teacher. In the last semester also, Tariq has got the first position. Illness has taken a toll. Tariq's mother has been diagnosed with late stage cancer, his attention is diverted from his studies, and there is no one to care for him at home. He has studied. Tariq's mother is dead and with her the rest of Tariq's life. He must be saved before it is too late. Miss Aisha was shocked. Closing the file with a trembling hand, tears began to fall from her eyes one by one. The next day, when Miss Ayesha entered the class, she repeated the same phrase, I love you all, according to her habit. But she knew that she was still lying today because the love she felt in her heart for a child with messy hair sitting in the same class today could not be for any other child sitting in the class. . During the lecture, he asked Tariq a question as usual and as usual Tariq bowed his head. When for some time when no scolding from Miss Ayesha and the sound of laughter from her classmates did not reach her ears, Agh raised her head and looked at them, today there were no pimples on her forehead, she was smiling. . He called Tariq to him and told him the answer to the question and asked him to repeat it forcefully. After insisting 3 to 4 times, Tariq finally spoke.

On answering this, Miss Ayesha not only clapped but also clapped from everyone. Miss Ayesha used to tell him the answer to every question and then praised him well, then every good example started to be canceled by Tariq. Gradually, the old Tariq broke the silence and came out. Miss Ayesha no longer needed to tell the answer with the question. His hair was trimmed to some extent. His clothes were also quite clean which he probably started washing himself. Soon the year ended and Tariq secured the second position. In the farewell ceremony, all the children brought beautiful gifts for Miss Ayesha and started piling them on Miss Ayesha's table.

Among these beautifully wrapped presents was a present clumsily wrapped in an old newspaper. Miss Ayesha took out the present from among the mountain of gifts and opened it and saw half a bottle of perfume in a used bottle and a worn-out necklace worn in one hand, most of the pearls of which had fallen off. Miss Ayesha silently sprinkled this perfume on herself and wore a bracelet in her hand. Finally, he did not let go of Tariq and stood near Miss Ayesha. He insisted and told Miss Ayesha that today you smell like my mother.

Time flew by, days, weeks, weeks, months, months turned into years. But at the end of every year, Miss Ayesha receives a letter from Tariq regularly. In which it is written that I met many new teachers this year but none like you. Then Tariq's school ended and so did the series of letters.

Many years passed and Miss Ayesha retired, one day she received a letter from Tariq in her mail, in which it was written that I am getting married at the end of this month and I can't think of marriage without your presence. I have met people but there is no one like you.

"Only Dr. Tariq."

At the same time, the return ticket of the plane was also in the envelope. Miss Ayesha could not stop herself. She took permission from her husband and left for another city. On the day of the wedding, when they reached the wedding place, it was a little late. They thought the ceremony must have ended, but they were surprised to see that the city's big doctors, businessmen and even the marriage suitors present there. But Tariq was waiting for their arrival by placing a ticket towards the gate instead of the ceremony.

Then everyone saw that as soon as the old teacher entered through the gate. So Tariq ran towards him and took his hand in which he was still wearing that rotten bra and took him straight to the stage. Holding the mic in his hand, he announced something like this

Friends you all always asked about my mother and I promised everyone that I will meet you all soon.

"This is my mother"

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