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MY 1st book review

Changes by Sheldon Pearce

By Erica WilliamsPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Book Review : Changes

By Sheldon Pearce

I always liked TuPac and his life. I felt like there wasn't a lot of information about him ( well it was ,but it wasn’t very nice about him because they made him turn out like he was the bad guy and showed that a lot of people turned on him even the ones that said that was cool with him.)

Anywho , as I was reading I was confused on who the are these people that are explaining about Tupac. At first, I was curious if it was him talking or the author . I found out it’s not him speaking . It was people that had their story and a story to tell about what they thought about Tupac ( thank goodness I didn’t waste my money on this book and got it from the Library ) . To be honest ,I felt like I was cheated because it made me wonder if this book was made to be hateful towards him or to explain who he is and also insult his character. As a matter of fact, one of these opinionated people said he wasn’t the best rapper ,but it seem like he is to be honest. From what he wrote to many people especially to his friends ( also getting from the horrible movie about him… he really had thing for Jada and explained how he really felt about her . So again, are you sure he’s not the best rapper of the Earth? )

Anywho, don’t waste your money unless you want to just so you can see a bank statement for something. I don’t know you hunny. To me, it was a waste of my time reading about this . Even though, it explained all what was going on with his mother and how dirty they treated her during the time of his birth. Now that really opened my eyes ( however no one really explained it well no matter how much a movie was made about him .) All I can say is do not waste your money on this book. Just look it up .. find ways of researching people who are actually on his side and would give you their full insight without all the bias non-sense and just figure out that he’s not a thug or whatever ugly picture this man was made inside this God awful country aka the usual agenda of them insulting a black man who was surviving to stay afloat in his life.

It’s no offense to the author or what they were trying to pull out of their hat of finishing a book ,but it was awful in my eyes and I wish there was better especially from folks who aren’t having an agenda of trying to belittle this man’s work. Knowing that he would of ripped another hole in their behind from speaking the truth,but what do I know … I’m just a woman who just loves to read. I thought it became worse where they made him sound like he was out of his mind too ,but seem to not make an effort doing their research of knowing that he was trying to survive as a blackman. I get that all of us make mistakes and blah blah blah ,but this man needs to be respected. This man explained all what he saw in life and was making things happen while people were finding ways of making him the bad guy without trying to help him to be better ( if he was an issue ,but I guess that’s 90’s for you.. I guess ) . I just wish people took the time and effort to look into his life and understand that it wasn’t easy and made time for him to see or to atleast help him to get better so he doesn’t go into things ( example: death row records ) to get the life he wanted without the pain involved. Not to be rude, but people in his life that suppose to have his back did an awful job and hope that in their lives that they get better at what they do and see their mistake and use that to be a little more concerning of what needs to be done to better the chance for a blackman to survive in America.

But again, what do I know . I’m just a girl that loves to read.

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