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Why Halloween is better than Christmas 🎃

My unpopular opinion

By Shelby Hagood Published 10 months ago 3 min read

1. There is more choice to spend it exactly how you want to: During Christmas time it is expected that you eat a meal with the family and get everyone a gift that they open. With Halloween, you can either throw a party, watch a horror movie, dress up, or give someone a gift if you want to or not.

2. It is more giving now than Christmas: When Christmas first started, it was about giving to the less fortunate. Now it is just all about what you are going to get your own family or children. Halloween is no longer a meal at the door, but at least it is still giving to strangers and possibly less fortunate people even if it is candy and popcorn balls.

3. The decorations get creative: With Christmas, there is really only the same choices of having Santa, Jesus, or snowmen. There isn't much variety to the decorations, but Halloween has so much content to choose from. From jack o lanterns to witches or superheroes and clowns. I wish more people would put up big light shows for Halloween the same as they do for Christmas.

4. There is more than one associated emotion: With Christmas the only emotion that you are allowed to feel is Joy. As seen with characters such as Grinch or Scrooge, you aren't allowed to be any other way and are outcast if you are. Halloween you can be joyous, but also be fearful and other negative emotions that aren't allowed for Christmas time.

5. The colors are better: Red and green was never colors I ever really liked, especially the picks of the bright red and dark green. Don't Christmas lovers know the best versions are dark red and light green? The black and orange of Halloween are beautiful colors I love to see. The combination is aesthetically pleasing and doesn't clash like how I feel about the colors of Christmas.

6. Pumpkins are like fall watermelons: Pumpkins are so much fun to play with and have contests with. Smash them, carve them, and eat them. They are the watermelons of fall! Christmas does not have a fun fruit or veggie like this. Fall has entire patches dedicated with this orange delight. Plus, pumpkin spice coffees and pies!

7. Perfect weather for activities: I remember being in the same amusement parks to celebrate Halloween and Christmas and see the decorations. The Christmas time period was miserable many times while fall was nice and breezy. Sure the weather can work out in your favor or be warmer in the south, but fall is definitely the best between to stay comfortable.

8. The music is more fun: Christmas music can be alright, but even in the world of Nightmare Before Christmas, the music was so fun it had Christmas beat! It always made me wonder why Jack wanted to be in on Christmas when he already had all of the bone clacking fun!

9. The costumes! Dress up how you want without anyone judging you for looking like a fantasy character! Get creative and show off what you can put together! Sure you can dress like an elf for Christmas, but Halloween has more options in this regard.

10. The Haunted Houses: The one main time haunted houses are actually open is during the month of October. Haunted houses are like interactive theatrical walkthroughs. I enjoy being apart of the settings and costume efforts. It brings you right up there with the actors instead of separation by a stage. There is even room to use other holidays for these scares; such as using a scary Santa or a creepy leprechaun, any addition with a touch of horror!


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