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To expand or not build on?

By Nichole RileyPublished 4 months ago 8 min read
Story Brainstorm Exact
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Dear Journal,

In the vast tapestry of time, the weeks since that fateful moment when duty beckoned me to rescue the imperiled villager have woven together into a complex mosaic of memories and emotions. The specter of that day, with its interplay of heroism and captivity, remains an indelible presence in the recesses of my mind, each passing moment a thread connecting me to the events that unfolded. The ethereal memory of those binding forces, akin to serpentine tendrils, continues to coil around my wrists, their phantom embrace haunting my waking thoughts as if the incident transpired mere moments ago. It's a sensation I can almost touch, as if time itself has left an imprint on my very skin, a living testament to the trials that fate has cast upon me.

In the wake of my ill-fated attempt to prove my trainer wrong, I find myself ensconced in this alien realm for a fortnight now. The echoes of the past refuse to be relegated to mere history; they persist, each reverberation a testament to the enduring impact of that pivotal day. The last glimpse of my mentor is etched in my memory—a bitter tableau of villagers reuniting with their families, while I, the supposed hero, was paraded like a prized possession by my captor. The triumph of others became my own captivity, the air thick with the acrid taste of irony. The weight of my failure hangs heavy on my shoulders, an oppressive burden that refuses to be cast off.

Two weeks hence, the garments of this realm remain as impractical and strange as they did on the day of my arrival. The fabric clings uncomfortably, a constant reminder of my otherworldly predicament. The women here, in their strange defiance of protective attire, seem to court danger like naive newborn creatures oblivious to the lurking shadows that surround them. The very essence of their existence clashes with the logic of my world, creating a dissonance that further isolates me in this unfamiliar realm.

Each passing day in this realm unfolds with the weight of leaden silence, a solemn backdrop to the captivity that binds me. The adversary, nursing a long-standing vendetta against my trainer, has shifted his focus to the relics bestowed upon me by my ancestors. My mentor, once a beacon of strength, now bears the burden of my captor's malevolence, a truth that gnaws at my resolve. The air is charged with tension, an intangible force that permeates the very fabric of this surreal reality.

As the days wear on, my trainer's cautionary tales about this nemesis and his followers echo in my ears, their warnings a symphony of foreboding. The crystalline clarity of the day I liberated the villagers still resonates—I was relentless in my pursuit of freedom, yet, a momentary lapse in vigilance allowed a wound to fester, a wound for which the wise ones offered no panacea. The scars, both physical and emotional, bear witness to the cost of my momentary lapse, and the burden of guilt weighs heavily on my heart.

Refusing to surrender a single warrior to avoidable peril has become my unyielding creed. The whims of hindsight now tempt me with the contemplation of alternate paths, other strategies that might have secured the release of our people from the clutches of these malevolent creatures. However, the whispers of the wind, once intimate and guiding, now drift as elusive echoes. I fear the fading favor of the ancestral spirits, their distant presence a portent of potential abandonment. The very essence of my being, intertwined with the lore of the Sea Wolf tribe, now stands at the precipice of uncertainty.

As I navigate this surreal landscape, the days blur into a continuous stream of challenges and introspection. The captive moments stretch into eternity, each passing second marked by a profound yearning for the familiar embrace of my tribe and the comforting cadence of the waves. The Sea Wolf tribe, with its storied history and connection to the vast expanse of the ocean, is not just a community—it is the very fabric of my identity. The isolation I feel in this strange realm is a stark reminder of the depths of that connection.

The adversarial figure, the orchestrator of my captivity, seems more intrigued by the gifts from my ancestors than the warrior spirit that courses through my veins. It is a perverse fascination, a violation of the sacred bond between guardian and the guarded. My trainer's words, once dismissed with a hint of skepticism, now reverberate with newfound significance. The tale of this nemesis and his followers, once seen through the lens of youthful naivety, now reveals itself as a complex tapestry woven with strands of vendetta, ancient grudges, and a thirst for power.

As I tread the unfamiliar paths of this realm, the landscape unfolds like a living canvas, each step revealing hidden nuances and secrets. The flora and fauna, strange and otherworldly, hold both beauty and danger in their exotic forms. The air itself carries the scent of mysticism, a heady blend of arcane energies and the whispers of unseen forces. In the distance, the remnants of an ancient citadel stand as solemn sentinels, their crumbling spires reaching towards the heavens like the skeletal fingers of forgotten guardians.

There is this water, a hidden reservoir that reflects the dreams of the inhabitants, it beckons like a siren's song. Its waters ripple with energy currents, mirroring memories. It resonates the collective unconscious, they are trying to gain access to my gift. They feel they can trick the ancestors to control their vessels like some common currency. I can't let them violent our ways the gifts are not meant for self servicing acts. It seems the ancestors are slowly transferring my gifts to the next and fading them from my veins. I fear is they do not quicken it will be too late.

I have managed to mimic the Whispering Grove. The soft murmur of the ancient spirits, harmonizing with the gentle rustle of leaves, becomes a soothing lullaby, a balm for the wounds inflicted by the harsh realities of captivity.

In the heart of this small space, I find solace in the embrace of nature's wonders. The interplay of moonlight and shadow creates a celestial ballet, an intricate dance that paints the landscape with hues of silver and obsidian. But at last the air does not seem to shimmer with the resonance of ancient enchantments, a symphony of magic that transcends the boundaries of the mundane.

As I stand at the crossroads of captivity and resilience, I realize that the journey is not just a physical one—it is a profound odyssey of the spirit. The captor may hold my physical form in check, but the essence of who I am, bound to the Sea Wolf tribe and the legacy of my ancestors, remains unyielding. It is a realization that fuels the flickering flame of hope within, a flame that refuses to be extinguished by the shadows that encroach upon my consciousness.

The whispers in the wind, once distant and elusive, begin to weave a symphony of encouragement. The ancestral spirits, though seemingly distant, extend their unseen hands in a gesture of support. In this surreal realm where time unfolds like the pages of a cosmic manuscript, I find strength in the intangible connections that bind me to the tribe and the legacy that transcends the confines of captivity.

As I navigate the challenges that this otherworldly realm presents, I am reminded that resilience is not just a physical attribute—it is a state of mind, a refusal to succumb to the weight of adversity. The stories my trainer shared, once dismissed as cautionary tales, now serve as beacons of wisdom, guiding me through the labyrinth of uncertainty. The adversary's fascination with my gifts from the ancestors is not a weakness but a testament to the potency of the legacy that courses through my veins.

In the quiet moments of introspection, I find strength in the memories of the Sea Wolf tribe—the camaraderie by the bonfire, the rhythmic beat of drums echoing across the shores, and the timeless tales told under the vast expanse of the starlit sky. These memories, like ethereal whispers, sustain me in the face of adversity, reminding me that the essence of who I am transcends the confines of captivity.

As the days unfold into weeks, and the surreal landscape becomes a familiar yet strange backdrop to my struggles, I am acutely aware that the journey is far from over. This water, with its reflections of dreams, becomes not just a portal to the fantastical realms but a metaphor for the inner landscapes that I must navigate. The images that dance upon its surface are not just illusions but glimpses into the reservoir of resilience that resides within.

The Whispering Grove, with its ancient willows and harmonizing spirits, becomes a sanctuary of renewal. In its embrace, I find the strength to face the adversities that assail me, a reminder that even in captivity, the spirit can soar beyond the confines of the physical realm. The ruins of the ancient citadel, with their silent testimony to the passage of time, become a symbol of endurance—a beacon that guides me through the labyrinth of uncertainty.

In the heart of this realm, I discover that captivity is not just a physical constraint but a test of the spirit. The adversarial figure, once a source of fear, becomes a catalyst for self-discovery, a mirror that reflects the resilience that lies dormant within. The clothes of this realm, once a symbol of alienation, now become a metaphor for the adaptability that defines the Sea Wolf tribe.

The days, marked by the ebb and flow of challenges, become chapters in an unfolding epic—a saga of captivity, resilience, and the enduring spirit of the Sea Wolf tribe. The adversarial figure, in his quest for power, unwittingly becomes a facilitator of transformation. The wounds inflicted, both physical and emotional, become the crucible in which the essence of who I am is refined.

As the whispers in the wind grow stronger, and the water reflects the evolving tapestry of my resilience, I stand at the nexus of captivity and liberation. The journey, though arduous and fraught with uncertainty, becomes a testament to the enduring spirit of the Sea Wolf tribe. The ancestral spirits, once distant, now stand beside me as unseen allies, their influence woven into the very fabric of my being.

My true home where time and space meld into a continuum of magic, the Sea Wolf tribe is not just a community—it is a source of strength, a legacy that transcends the boundaries of captivity. The whispers in the wind, once distant and elusive, now become a chorus of encouragement, a symphony that reverberates through the corridors of my consciousness.

As I continue to navigate the surreal landscapes and face the challenges that this realm presents, I carry with me the resilience of the Sea Wolf tribe—the enduring spirit that refuses to be extinguished by the shadows of captivity. The adversarial figure, in his pursuit of dominance, becomes a mere footnote in the grand epic of my journey—a journey marked by captivity, transformation, and the indomitable spirit of a warrior bound to the Sea Wolf tribe.

Forever tethered to the Sea Wolf tribe

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Nichole Riley


Artist and writer in her 20s looking for a place to express myself in the art of word. I have Autism so apologise in advance is there is an unattended harsh tone.

"For every petal of the rose that opens a new secret is revealed."

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