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SPOILERS: Taking A Gander At The Future Of Marvel On Film

Pertaining To The MCU & Sony-Verse

By Z-ManPublished 5 months ago 4 min read
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This is honestly hard for me to say. And because of the subject matter at hand. But because I am here pumping out articles when it really doesn't help much in bringing my existence to stabilization.

Honest truth, is all. Those who invest in this venture, you are very much appreciated.

Without further ado:

Some Thoughts On The Future Of Marvel On Film


I love the MCU. I have been an avid fan ever since my friend Zach introduced me to The Incredible Hulk (2008) back in the day. I remember my first introduction to Iron Man (2008) being on a TV in an examination room.

I honestly had a feeling I should invest in Marvel Studios--and would have, had I the personal resources--but didn't think my father would have gone for it. Needless to say, it was one of those experiences you come to regret later, despite how much you would lose, had your life gone any differently than it had.

It comes down to the challenge of trusting those feelings, because you never know what boon lies just within your grasp.


I won't get into details about the dominance of Marvel Studios in the film industry over the last decade and change. I am simply ecstatic and thankful that something I find so wonderful has been alive for so long.

Of course, I grew up in the Age of Spider-Man (2002), X-Men (2000), Daredevil (2003), and others, so I have an undying lean toward those in their unique ways. On that note, the prospects of recent movies, concerning bringing these older takes on properties as "variants", is a beautiful means of integrating past and present into a bright future of all around inclusion.

Now For The Thorn...

My fundamental belief is that these characters deserve to be together--through better and worse--regardless of what commercialism and the buying/doling out of film rights is concerned. So when Sony decided to work with Marvel so that Spider-Man could be brought into the MCU (where he belongs), I was all for it.

The caveat?

That there is still a divide of characters between the studios, due to ownership.

Now, I wouldn't see myself having much of a problem with the sharing allowing both studios to use the lot of the characters in separate factions. I mean, both studios could easily add an intro video and unique banner (as with Sony's "In Association With Marvel" thing lately, and what Marvel has done with its "Presentation" and upcoming "Spotlight" categories) clarifying which Universe each is existing in. I mean, the general public can read and even understand what is blatant and direct on screen, right?

Now, for the elephant in the room, if it is so:

I have seen none of Sony's recent Sony-verse films. I gorge myself on the MCU alone, because that is where my heart lies. So, in that way, I am sort of prejudiced. The same goes for the X-Men movies, really, even from X2 on (I honestly remember nothing of what I had seen of those in my younger years).

Nevertheless, I CERTAINLY have no desire to have Sony's movies attached as direct canon to the MCU. Tangent as part of the multiverse, sure, but no closer than that.


The bottom line for me, again, is that these characters be together, and that all of them be able to intermingle within the MCU--including Spidey's complete rogues gallery.

From a business standpoint, I obvious cannot shame Sony for doing what they can with that which they have bartered for.

But that is really keeping myself cognizant of what is "right" in terms of what is "fair".

What I gather Sony is doing with its films is not fair for those who love and clamor for these characters, just as to its own extent the MCU has not been fair to the comic-fed and -literate.

It comes down to getting the public at large--in its entirety--involved in what you have to offer to give them a return for their own investment.

And, to a large extent, I firmly believe that it comes down to no barriers being between the characters which will forever supersede the confines of film, television, and the media realms which will ere remain second-fiddle to where they truly belong.

Lest we forget: variants deserve to be seen for themselves, fair and square.


I honestly didn't edit this at all, and likely won't read it until some unknown point in the future. I'd like to know: how effective, in your opinion, was that final line? The article?

Please share any and all thoughts below. All are welcome.

\m/, Thank you!! B']

The Z-Man

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