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by VampOut Comics 2 years ago in fiction
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The Butcher's Son (VampOut Comics original story written 12/26/17) Journal Entry #2

My Heart stopped as my knees grew weaker. Cars are frozen in the streets as on lookers try to figure out what happened for someone to scream like that? The commotion grew greater and greater making me feel like they knew it was me, paranoia hit me like a right jab from Tyson.

I picked up the pace, speed walking turned into a light jog, that light jog turned into a jog-ish run. I tried to go into a full burst, but I fell down from dizziness. I dropped down and threw up everything I ate earlier that day and everything I wanted to eat.

I felt my insides forcing it's way out of my body the more I threw up. " But he deserved it, why am I feeling like this?" I asked myself. I slowly get up and and I feel a sharp, agonizing pain coming from my right leg, I looked down and saw a large gash. " When did this happen?" I thought, then it hit me; when I was escaping I remembered that my leg did tug on a decorative ornament on the back wall of the estate as I made my escape, but I had so much adrenaline pumping I overlooked it, but now I've left DNA at the crime scene.

Limping away pointing out how stupid I was for being so careless, the snow is falling heavier blurring out my vision; my thoughts grew even louder as it cuts through the outside noise. Stillness rushed into my head like a stampede, then the sirens cut through my thoughts like butcher's knife so sharp it took no effort at all. The bright lights of the paramedics, cops, firefighters flashed and shined it's way through my snow filled vision. I'm thinking, talking to myself * muffled voice * I ignore it, * muffled voice gets aggressive * I ignore it still, then I felt a firm grip clutch my shoulder. I gripped Sofia thinking " two in one night!, this is a nightmare".

" Hey kid are you lost? " A voice says to me as the firm grip on my shoulders turns me around. "It's a damn cop!" my mouth didn't speak, but my face said it all. He looks me up and down and spotted the gash on my right leg, " Kid do you need medical attention? that's a nasty cut" He added. " No sir I'm fine" I struggled to get out. " Well, you can't be out here alone kid, haven't you heard there's a killer on the loose?" I acted surprise and responded " No sir, I didn't know thanks for telling me " I made myself look more suspicious with such a lame response. " No problem kid, here let me give you a ride home".

I get in the cop car thinking " maybe this is a future glimpse from the universe, karma is one woman I don't want to meet; well at least I want to stay away from bad karma". The muffled voice of the cop cuts off my thoughts, " hey son, did you hear me? I asked where are you from?" I tried speaking, but my voice cracked so I cleared my throat; " Yeah um I live on Thomas Lane ".

The cop looked at me from his rearview " Ah, that's the Anthill Locos territory, right?" " Yes sir! " I answered. The more questions he asked the more nervous I got " What's your name kid? " He continued to ask me, " Thomas Lane, no I mean Rico Hernandez" I corrected myself before he could pick up on my nervous mistake, or so I thought. He looks at me very suspiciously through his rearview again " What brings you all the way out here kid?" " Christmas Caroling " I replied , " Oh yeah!?, what church do you attend?" his questions are piercing my soul as I get more nervous " Peace and Love Baptist ". " Baptist!" he exclaimed " I would have thought you would be a Catholic" he added on. I laughed just to play it cool and to ease the tension " Yeah a lot of people would think that" I chimed in.

" How long have you been at Love and Peace " his unrelenting questions came to an end when I saw my house coming up fast. " That's my house on the right hand side three houses down " I said with a sigh of relief, thankful that I don't have to keep asking questions. " Alright kid be safe you here and Merry Christmas " the cop said in a cheery tone. " Thank you sir, you too Merry Christmas ". As he drives off I walked in the house in a hurry, I see my dad watching tv while eating his Christmas dinner. My mom says to me " Hijo go wash up for dinner " I answered back while still in a hurry to get upstairs " I'm already on it mom ". So I hurried to the bathroom and washed Sofia off, the water turned into wine it looked like. I've wasted no time to get in the shower to wash away my sins, this alone time made me think about what I've done " But he deserved this why do I feel like this?" The thought beat it's way into my brain, "this has to be a dream" I'm trying to make myself believe that.

I got dressed and put Sofia back into the case. All of what I did today I'm surprised that I've worked up an appetite so I went downstairs and saw that my mother made me a plate piled high with all the food that she worked so hard to make. I ate like I never ate before, scoffing down this delicious dinner. Then the breaking news cuts off the game abruptly, my father screams at the television, but then he turns the tv up. " Sorry to interrupt your Christmas holiday with tragic news, but disaster has hit the upper estates of Ridge Crest tonight" The news anchor starts off, but continues " a bloody murder has occurred in the home of the Hopper family of Hopper industries, Andrew Hopper was found dead in his room with multiple stab wounds. The family are being questioned no further details or motives have been released, we will keep the citizens updated on this heinous act"

Then they had the nerve to post this guy's picture like he was a saint, " But he deserved it why am I feeling like this?" I just stared at the Tv with my stomach getting weak as I am on the verge of vomiting. I rushed upstairs leaving my food on the table, bursting in my room with fear consuming my mind and body. I go into my stash and pulls out a cigarette. I opened the window as I smoke like a hippy thinking this is not a dream, this is real. I'm thinking I should go to sleep, but the panic wouldn't let me shut my eyes. I jump up to the screams of Ms. Nunez across the street, I see the cops there as they walked my friend Miguel from his house in handcuffs. " Why on earth would they be arresting him for?" I asked myself with such confusion. Then this strange looking Detective walks up, weird looking guy. He had bags under his eyes, very pale skin and a patchy bald head. He just stands there with a blank stare as the cops walk Miguel to the car, Then the weird Detective suddenly looks at me once the scent of my cigarette runs across his nose. " He's just staring at me " I thought to myself " But why?" the question appears to me. He walks over to the car and takes Miguel back out the car and removes the handcuffs; then he places his arms around Miguel and walks with him, he has a very short, but important conversation with him. Then he hands Miguel something I couldn't quite see what it was, then the cops leave along with the Detective.

Once they left I rushed to Miguel's house. " Hola Ms. Nunez" I greeted her " Hola Rico " she says back, but with fear lingering on her voice. " Is Miguel home" I asked her she replied " Yes ". I made my way back to his room and I asked him " are you ok bro?" while handing him back his debit card that he let me borrow. He looks at me and his card and stutters " Y-Y-Y Yeah I'm ok bro thanks" I've noticed that the Detective left Miguel his card and I'm looking right at it. My stomach didn't feel right at all so I made an excuse to leave the room to test my theory. " Hey um Miguel could I use your bathroom really quick " He didn't bother looking up at me, but says back " Yeah sure bro you know where it is". So I walked out and closed the door, but I was walking in place to give the illusion that I left. Then I heard him say something that made my heart drop. " Yeah Detective Bradley I have a tip for you "

To be continued


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VampOut Comics

My name is Darnell Battle and I'm the founder and writer of VampOut Comics. The comic brand is in progress right now, but I will be posting short stories from novels that I am working on. #VampOutComics

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