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by VampOut Comics 2 years ago in fiction
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A Red Christmas Journey Entry #1 (VampOutComics Original written 12/25/17)

A thick blanket of fog tucked the city in as everyone are nestled in their homes on this ordinary Christmas night. The snow crunches under my feet as I make my way up to the upper estates. The upper estates holds the city's most spoiled, pompous assholes Ridge Crest has to offer. One in particular is my first target named Andrew Hopper, you see Mr. Hopper bullied a fellow student of our senior football team last year for his sexuality. The whole team just stood, watched and laughed as the student was ridiculed. They wouldn't let up, and later on that night the student shot himself to put an end to the misery. Does that make me worse than my teammates because I failed to stand up for him? Maybe, so I've decided to make up for not doing my part as a human being and stopping the madness. Did I forget to mention that Drew's a closeted Homosexual as well? What!? you don't say, Mr. " bully someone for being Gay " is Gay too. That's not my lifestyle I just hate bullies and no one should be pushed to the point of committing suicide for not living life the " correct way ". Look at me ranting in my head like a mad man, but this made me smile from ear to ear with my blood boiling. What a nasty combination. Nose running, teeth chattering and my hands frozen as I gripped this cheap mask from the gas station. I can't forget Sofia, no she's not a target; she's my grandpa's hunting knife. The curves on this knife is so beautiful like the curves on Sofia Vergara so I was holding on to her with the fear of losing her in this heap of snow that I'm stomping through.

The upper estates are getting closer and closer as I see the mansions and smell the turkey dinners as they kissed my nose. BEEEEPPPP!!!! a car honks their horn full of rage, I would get upset, but I was in the wrong for not paying attention I'm just glad it didn't run me over. I've finally reached the estates front gates. Tired and cold but the excitement and nervousness kept me warm. The armed guards must be making their rounds around the outer wall, this is the perfect time to make my way through I said to myself smiling even harder. I would jump the wall but I have to be " AlterEgo " or someone but since I'm not I used my brain and I've noticed that the key is still in the security switch to open the gates. The universe is smiling on me even though I'm about to commit a crime it still has favor in me. So I reached in the half opened window and turned the key, a loud sound so noticeable on a quiet, still night like this had to be heard by the guards; so I shimmied through the gate as it jolted and slowly opened. I'm hiding in bushes, sneaking around and jump gates and fences through backyards until I reached 1113 Belleview Dr. These houses were massive, bigger the houses bigger the assholes. Isn't that why Andrew's a nevermind, as I look into my invisible camera breaking the fourth wall. So I slipped into their garage after I put on my mask and gloves and I'm holding Sofia tight. I reached for the door knob and it was unlocked, but of course it was, they're friggin rich as the laugh track goes off in my head on cue. I left the garage as the luxurious cars sat in the cold. I opened the door, now I'm in the kitchen. Too much wind after I closed the door, it slammed. " Honey is that you " the mom yelled out while slaving over the stove making dessert. " I'm in the den " the father yelled back at her as he watches " Shark Tank ". " I would've have asked for 50% of the company " the father rebuttals back at the television. I scurried up the stairs with no thought given about Andrew's younger brother " Drew help me build my toy " He says with the brink of crying on his voice. I darted to the bathroom as Andrew huffs and puffs while leaving his room " Next time ask dad I was busy". This bathroom smells like pure ass " damn Drew what you've been doing in here " I thought to myself while holding my breath. I see there's a door on the other side of the bathroom, I walk over and opened it and guess what I saw? I saw Drew's room it was set up like I figured you know a bed, t.v, posters everything that's in the average teenage boy room. I walked over to his computer and I see he has a job application open with two tabs minimized. To my disbelief, no I'm playing I already knew he was watching gay porn and on a gay dating site. This guy has lotion, tissue and headphones; he has the whole kit ( Laugh track is on cue again ). " Don't bother me anymore " I rushed back to the bathroom with the door cracked enough to dial in on him. He sits back down, looks around and gets right back to work. 30 seconds later he reaches for a tissue. I blocked this guys moaning and carrying on out my head as I thought about the excitement of my first kill, my heart beats faster and harder. It was so loud it was like he heard it because he looked in my direction. He stared for a few more seconds then he resumes to his activity. I slowly opened the door as I inched closer and closer my palms are getting sweaty I snatched his headphones out and quickly covered his mouth and I whispered to him " Jeremy sent me, but not the Jeremy from band, or from 3rd lunch but from our football team, you know who I'm talking about right?" He shook his head as his eyes are wide open with fear. Then I plunged Sofia into his chest, he's kicking and squirming as his muffled screams vibrates my palm. I slit his throat and stabbed his chest 2 more times. " Drew what's that noise are you ok "? his younger brother asked. Then I heard the front door open as the dad answered. It was the security guards asking as they seen anyone suspicious in the neighborhood because they saw the gate open. The father says " No sir, but I'll keep my eyes open " I hurried out the window and climbed down the balcony making my way to the back wall of the estates. I climbed the wall and ran to the tree line before running into the freeway. I catch my breath and started my walk back home. Then the blood curdling scream of his little brother stopped time as life outside that house stood still. " Damn are you serious "? I asked myself. The city stopped, but I tried my best to walk as normal as I could through" The scream that stopped Ridge Crest "

To be Continued


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My name is Darnell Battle and I'm the founder and writer of VampOut Comics. The comic brand is in progress right now, but I will be posting short stories from novels that I am working on. #VampOutComics

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