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The Toy Box Mystery: David Parker Ray

Unveiling the Horrific Crimes of David Parker Ray

By Sally APublished 29 days ago β€’ 5 min read


David Parker Ray, infamously known as the Toy Box Killer, is one of the most notorious criminals in American history. Born on November 6, 1939, in New Mexico, Ray's life was marred by a troubled upbringing and ultimately led to a series of heinous crimes that shocked the nation. This article delves into the details of Ray's crimes, the investigation that uncovered them, and the chilling discoveries that earned him his infamous moniker.

Early Life and Troubled Upbringing

David Parker Ray's early life was far from idyllic. Raised in a dysfunctional family, Ray's father was an abusive alcoholic who treated his wife, David, and his sister Peggy, with extreme cruelty. This abusive environment shaped much of Ray's early years. The couple divorced when Ray was 10, and he, along with his mother and sister, moved in with his strict and violent grandfather. While his father occasionally visited, he only brought more trouble, often giving young David pornographic magazines, many of which featured BDSM content.

Ray's mother was largely absent from his life, reportedly due to alcoholism and drug abuse. She eventually disappeared entirely, leaving Ray and his sister without maternal support. Adding to his trauma, Ray was also severely bullied at school, making his life a relentless cycle of abuse both at home and in his social environment.

Formation of Dark Fantasies

During his teenage years, Ray began experimenting with drugs and alcohol. This period also marked the beginning of his fascination with pornography, particularly the BDSM genre. At the age of 14, his sister Peggy discovered his disturbing collection of pornographic images and drawings, which hinted at his burgeoning violent fantasies. Despite her alarm, Peggy did not speak out about her discovery until decades later.

After high school, Ray joined the Army and served as a mechanic. He received an honorable discharge and continued to work as a mechanic throughout his life. Despite his troubled background, Ray was known to be skilled and resourceful in his trade, often creating his own tools and devices.

Marriages and Confessions

Ray's personal life was tumultuous. He married four times, each marriage ending in divorce. He had two daughters, including Glenda Jean Ray, known as Jessie. One of his wives later recounted that Ray had confessed to her about capturing and torturing a woman as a teenager, though she dismissed his claims as a sign of mental illness and did not report them.

The Creation of the Toy Box

In his 50s, Ray lived in Elephant Butte, New Mexico, a small town adjacent to another oddly named town, Truth or Consequences. The area was known for its high crime rate, with many victims being sex workers and drug addicts. Ray saved money over the years and, with the support of his girlfriend Cindy Hendy, decided to fulfill his dark fantasies by creating what would become known as the Toy Box.

Ray and Hendy spent over $100,000 on a soundproof trailer and equipped it with an array of torture devices. The trailer, located on his property, was filled with tools for inflicting pain, including saws, knives, needles, whips, chains, and various homemade devices designed for torture and sexual assault. The walls were adorned with graphic pornographic images, creating a nightmarish environment for his victims.

The Abduction of Cynthia Vigil

On March 22, 1999, Ray posed as an undercover police officer and abducted a sex worker named Cynthia Vigil. He took her to his trailer, where she was chained and tortured for three days. Vigil's escape became the key to unraveling Ray's horrific crimes.

While Ray was at work, Hendy was supposed to supervise Vigil. However, Hendy left the keys to Vigil's restraints within her reach. Seizing the opportunity, Vigil managed to free herself, stab Hendy with an ice pick, and escape the trailer. Naked and wearing a dog collar, she ran to a nearby road, where she was eventually rescued by a passerby who called the police.

The Investigation Unfolds

Police initially doubted Vigil's story due to her background as a sex worker and drug addict. However, a search of Ray's home revealed the horrifying truth. Investigators found chains, a bucket for waste, and signs of a struggle, corroborating Vigil's account. Ray and Hendy were taken into custody.

In the trailer, police discovered a trove of evidence, including a business-like clipboard with a roll call of victims, pornographic images, and a detailed journal documenting Ray's torturous acts. They also found a disturbing audio recording Ray played for his victims, explaining the tortures they would endure.

The Victims and Their Stories

One of the most crucial pieces of evidence was a video tape showing an unconscious woman being tortured. The FBI identified the woman by her unique tattoo, leading them to Kelly Garrett, who had been abducted and tortured by Ray years earlier. Garrett had no memory of the incident due to the drugs Ray had used but was able to confirm her identity and provide a detailed account of her ordeal.

Another victim, Angelica Montano, also came forward after seeing media reports about Ray. Montano had reported her abduction to the police previously, but her claims were dismissed. Her testimony added weight to the case against Ray.

The Trials and Sentencing

David Parker Ray was tried for the abductions and tortures of Vigil, Garrett, and Montano. Despite the lack of physical evidence for many of his alleged murders, Ray's detailed journals and the testimonies of surviving victims painted a damning picture. Ray eventually agreed to a plea deal to reduce his daughter Jessie's sentence, resulting in a 224-year prison sentence for himself.

Ray's accomplice, Cindy Hendy, was sentenced to 36 years in prison but was eligible for release after serving half of her sentence. Jessie's involvement led to a 2.5-year prison term, followed by probation.

The Aftermath and Legacy

David Parker Ray died of a heart attack on May 28, 2002, at the age of 62, before he could reveal the locations of any bodies. Despite extensive investigations, no additional victims were identified, and the full extent of his crimes remains unknown. The Toy Box Killer's story is a chilling reminder of the evil that can lurk behind seemingly ordinary lives.


The case of David Parker Ray, the Toy Box Killer, is one of the most disturbing in criminal history. His meticulously planned and executed crimes, the detailed journals documenting his acts, and the lack of physical evidence for many of his alleged murders create a chilling narrative. The testimonies of survivors like Cynthia Vigil and Kelly Garrett shed light on the horrors they endured and the resilience they showed in bringing Ray to justice.

While Ray's death prevented full closure for many of his victims and their families, his case serves as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance, thorough investigations, and support for victims of such heinous crimes. The Toy Box Killer's legacy is one of horror, but it also highlights the strength and courage of those who survived his torturous acts.


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