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The Man Who Killed Jeffrey Dahmer: Hero?

Christopher Scarver, A Hero?

By Jasper WolfPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Dahmer: Left, Scarver: Right

We all know the infamous Jeffrey Dahmer. The gay man who killed other gay men for pleasure. Having intercourse with them wasn't enough. He had to lure them, drug them, kill them. He would cuddle with their bodies and then have intercourse with them.

If that wasn't enough, he eventually dismembered them and would cook up some of their parts. According to him, that way he was always a part of them.

Dahmer was active through the years of 1978-1994. The year 1994 would not have been his last year if he wasn't caught. In those years he had killed 17 boys and men. The youngest being only 14 years old.

His school friends state that he was a normal teenager. He would play pranks and joke. Anytime he would pull some type of stunt in school, they called it a "Dahmer". Although, around that time, Dahmer stated that's when his urges started to come. To suppress his urges, he would drink. His classmates' state he would be drunk many times at school. He would drink all day.

While at home, he would find roadkill and dead animals around his home and put them in acid his dad would bring home from work and watch them disintegrate. The insides of animals always intrigued him. He wanted to open them up and dissect them. He started using cats and other animals around he could find.

Eventually, his urges overtook him and he wanted to dissect something larger. He had his eyes on a doctor in his town. The doctor would jog by his house every day. Dahmer would stand by in the bushes and watch the good looking doctor jog by. One day, he wanted to hatch his plan. He had a blunt object with him. He waited quite a while, the doctor never showed up.

To fast forward the story, after graduation Dahmer met a hitchhiker, Steven Hicks. He said Hicks was awfully good looking. He invited Hicks to his house for some drinks. Over their conversation at his house, he found out that Hicks was not gay. As they were getting ready to leave, Dahmer struck Hicks with an object, Killing him. Hicks became his first victim, but not his last. He has only just begun.

Steven Hicks

Over time, Dahmer couldn't stop. As much as he fought his urges or tried to find another outlet such as a mannequin, it wasn't enough. He would go to different gay bars to find his prey. He would lure them back to his apartment. He said he would pay them if they let him take pictures of them in bondage. After they arrived, he would drug their drink. He told investigators it knock them out for a few hours. But in that time, he'd kill them and help himself to their bodies.

His neighbors never suspected anything of the young Dahmer. They said he kept to himself and was an overall nice guy. So when the police showed up one day, arrested him, and brought all kinds of body parts and evidence, they were in a state of shock.

Dahmer's Fridge

Dahmer was convicted guilty and would spend the rest of his time in prison. In prison is where he would meet his match.

Christopher Scarver was serving life in the same prison, for murder. Reports say that before that fateful day where Dahmer met his end, Scarver only watched the cannibal from afar. He heard of his disgusting crimes and reports state, he "didn't like them".

Scarver stated that Dahmer would use ketchup on his food to imitate bloody limbs and would taunt the other inmates with it. He also witnessed other inmates have confrontations with Dahmer. One being, Inmate Osvaldo Durruthy attempted to slash his neck. Durruthy failed in that attempt.

Scarver wanted his turn. Dahmer had bathroom duty with a couple of other inmates. Scarver entered with a bar from the workout area and a newspaper clipping. He pulled the clipping out of his pocket and confronted the cannibal. He asked him if he did these things because it disgusted him.

At that time he hit Dahmer over the head twice with the bar, bashing his head on the wall. He wasn't dead at that time. But he was seriously injured. He was later pronounced dead, at the hospital.

Jeffrey Dahmer

Scarver later came out and said the guards left him alone with Dahmer, knowing he didn't like him and they wanted Dahmer dead as well.

Reports say that Scarver has suffered from delusional thoughts during his time in prison. Prison doctors repeatedly evaluated him, but Scarver believes the prison food makes him delusional.

Scarver has written a poetry book in 2015, which has since been released on Amazon. Quoting from reports, "The book is titled, God Seed: Poetry of Christopher J. Scarver. The Amazon summary describes it as “A poetic vision of the world as seen through prison walls. Christopher’s poetry describes his journey from despair, to hope, from mistrust to finding the good in others.”


Cited: Discovery+ Movie: Dahmer: Mind Of A Monster


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