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The “Hello Kitty Murder”

The "Hello Kitty Murder," as it has come to be called, is one of Hong Kong's most notorious murders.

By Victoria VelkovaPublished 3 months ago 5 min read

A 14-year-old girl arrived at a Hong Kong police station in May 1999. She informed authorities that she had been haunted for many weeks by the spirit of a lady who had been tortured to death while tied by electrical wire. The cops shrugged her off, dismissing her accusations as fantasy or youthful gibberish.

Their curiosity was heightened, however, when she revealed that the spirit was of a lady she had helped kill. Following the youngster back to an apartment in the city's poor Kowloon sector, they learned that the girl's nightmares were true. They discovered a huge Hello Kitty doll with a woman's severed skull inside it inside the flat.

The case became known as the Hello Kitty Murder, and it was widely regarded as one of the most heinous murders in Hong Kong's history.

Fan Man Yee, the Hello Kitty Murder Victim

Even before she was murdered and her head placed inside a doll, Fan Man-life yee's was terrible.

She was reared in a girl's home after being abandoned by her family as a kid. She had acquired a heroin addiction by the time she was a teenager and was turning to prostitution to support her habit. She acquired a job as a hostess at a nightclub at the age of 23, despite her addiction.

Fan Man-yee met 34-year-old socialite Chan Man-lok in early 1997. The two met at a nightclub and learned they shared interests. Fan Man-yee was a drug addict and prostitute, while Chan Man-lok was a pimp and a drug dealer. Man-yee quickly became a regular member of Man-squad, lok's alongside his henchmen.

During that year, Fan Man-yee, desperate for money and drugs, grabbed Man-lok's wallet and attempted to flee with the $4,000 inside. She hadn't recognized Chan Man-lok was the last guy she should have robbed.

Man-lok hired two of his thugs, Leung Shing-cho and Leung Wai-Lun, to abduct Man-yee as soon as he realized his money was gone. He wanted to push her into prostitution and seize the money she made as restitution for the money she had stolen from him. But, the scheme quickly became out of control.

Ah Fong: Hello Kitty Murder

The drug lord and his thugs quickly realized that merely prostituting Fan Man-yee would not suffice and began torturing her. They tied her up, beat her, and tortured her for nearly a month, scorching her flesh, raping her, and forcing her to consume human feces.

If Fan Man-torture yee's was horrible, maybe even more so is the story of the 14-year-old girl who reported her murder to the authorities. She was not only in charge of apprehending the torturers, but she was also one of them.

The 14-year-old girl was Chan Man lok's albeit "girlfriend" was presumably a broad term. The girl was almost certainly one of his prostitutes.

Ah Fong once saw Man-lok kick Man-yee 50 times in the head when visiting the torturing three in Man-apartment. lok Man-yee was then struck in the head by Ah Fong. Despite the facts of Ah Fong's torture were not published as part of her plea agreement, they were undoubtedly substantial. "I had a hunch that was just for fun," she said when questioned about them.

The Killing

Ah Fong learned Fan Man-yee had died overnight after a month of torment. Chan Man-lok and his henchmen claimed she died from an overdose of methamphetamine supplied by herself, although most experts believe it was her injuries that killed her.

They can only hypothesize because there is no way to be certain. Man-yee's body was transferred to the apartment's bathtub and mutilated with a saw when the henchmen discovered she was dead. Then they fried the separate sections of her corpse in order to keep her from decomposing and releasing the odor of rotting flesh.

The killers cooked the parts of her corpse in boiling water on the same burner they were preparing supper on and disposed of them with the household rubbish.

They did, however, save her head. They stitched her cooked skull into an enormous Hello Kitty mermaid doll after boiling it on the stove (and apparently used the same cooking tools to stir their meals as they did to move her head ar ). They also retained one of Fan Ma—yee's teeth as well as various internal organs in a plastic bag.

Ah Fong testified against Chan Man-lok and his two henchmen in exchange for protection (which she most likely acquired in part because she was so young). In order to get rid of the haunting she claimed to be suffering, she described the torture that the three men subjected Fan Man-yee through.

Despite the fact that many people believed the narrative could not be genuine, the evidence obtained by police was damning and alarming. Man-yee's torture apartment was filled with Hello Kitty stuff, from linens and drapes to towels and flatware. Additionally, Man-yee's body part trophies were discovered within, along with proof that all three males had interacted with them.

Regrettably, the police and medical examiners were unable to pinpoint a cause of death owing to the status of Fan Man-yee's surviving body parts.

There was no question that she had been subjected to terrible suffering, and that the three men had caused much of the damage to her body, but there was no way of knowing whether the cause was a drug overdose or the torture.

As a consequence, the three were convicted of manslaughter rather than murder, since the jury concluded that, while they had caused her death, death was not their purpose. The Hello Kitty Murder allegation left Hong Kong's people stunned, but the three was sentenced to life in jail with the prospect of release in 20 years.

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