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Shocking story of a girl’s disappearance

cold case of a girl who was taken away

By jt tohPublished 6 months ago 17 min read
Shocking story of a girl’s disappearance
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This story is shocking and complicated with more twists than you will ever see coming.

Sharon Marshall had the potential to do anything she wanted as a teenager. She was reportedly a Lieutenant Colonel in the ROTC and one of the best and brightest students in her class. Sharon had a kind heart and was intelligent, making her one of the most promising teenagers around.

After graduating from high school in 1986 from Forest Park, Georgia, Sharon had earned a full ride scholarship to the Georgia Institute of Technology with the plan to study aerospace engineering so that she could fulfill her dream of working at NASA.

Despite the amazing opportunity at hand, Sharon opted not to attend college due to a deeply guarded secret. In the last months of high school, Sharon found herself pregnant, a fact she never disclosed to her boyfriend. Skillfully concealing her secret, Sharon ultimately gave birth and made the decision to place her baby boy for adoption with a prosperous couple from Texas. However, the pregnancy significantly disrupted her life plans, leading her to contemplate a failed attempt to elope with her boyfriend at one point.

After losing her chance to attend college, Sharon ended up moving to Tampa, Florida for a new start with a man named Franklin Delano Floyd. Despite having moved with Frank, Sharon started to date another man, and she was soon pregnant for a second time. She once again, never told the baby's father about the pregnancy. This time however, she chose to keep the child and raise it with Frank.

Following the missed opportunity of pursuing higher education, Sharon relocated to Tampa, Florida, seeking a fresh beginning alongside a man named Franklin Delano Floyd. Despite settling down with Frank, Sharon embarked on a romantic relationship with another man, which resulted in her becoming pregnant for a second time. Once again, she chose not to disclose the pregnancy to the biological father. However, this time around, she made the decision to keep the child and raise it alongside Frank.

In 1988, Sharon welcomed her son, Michael Gregory Marshall, into the world. The relationship between Frank and Sharon wasn't explicitly defined as romantic, yet they resided together and jointly cared for Sharon's son, Michael

While Frank's occupation was that of a painter, his frequent struggle with a debilitating back condition limited his ability to work consistently. Consequently, Sharon took on the role of an exotic dancer to support their livelihood. Despite her efforts, their financial situation became precarious, and they increasingly relied on welfare assistance to make ends meet.

Sharon was well-regarded by her colleagues as a kind and amicable individual, but her bond with an 18-year-old coworker named Cheryl Commesso was particularly strong. Although Sharon and Cheryl maintained a close friendship, tensions often arose between Frank and Cheryl, leading to frequent disagreements. There were even reports suggesting a brief romantic involvement between Cheryl and Frank.

During a weekend excursion in 1989, Frank, Sharon, and Cheryl embarked on a boating trip that took an unpleasant turn when a heated dispute erupted between Cheryl and Frank. Subsequently, it was claimed that Cheryl reported Sharon to Social Services for allegedly providing false information regarding her earnings as an exotic dancer. Unbeknownst to the authorities, Sharon had been concealing a portion of her income to continue receiving government assistance. However, Cheryl's call resulted in Sharon's disqualification from welfare aid, as her true financial circumstances were brought to light.

Consumed by anger over Cheryl's actions, Frank confronted her outside the club where Sharon and Cheryl were employed. Witnesses observed Frank engaging in a physical altercation with Cheryl, reportedly striking her in the face. Following the incident, Cheryl left her father's residence to seek refuge with a friend. However, her failure to contact her father and confirm her safe arrival prompted him to report her as missing.

After Cheryl's disappearance, authorities discovered her abandoned Corvette at the airport, triggering an intensive investigation to locate the missing woman. Both Frank and Sharon emerged as persons of interest in the case. However, despite the suspicions surrounding them, no substantial evidence linking them to Cheryl's vanishing emerged for several years. Heightening suspicions further, Frank and Sharon hastily departed the area, adopting new identities as they journeyed, a move that only deepened scrutiny from investigators and the public alike.

In 1989, Frank and Sharon took the step of getting married, with Frank stating that it was to provide Sharon's son with a sense of belonging by adopting his family name. However, the couple often used different aliases, adding to the air of mystery surrounding them. They eventually settled in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where Sharon resumed her work as an exotic dancer. Sharon had a natural ability to make friends wherever they went, while Frank's demeanor was consistently described as aggressive and disagreeable, resulting in him being generally disliked by those they encountered.

According to reports, Frank was involved in yet another fight, this time with a fellow dancer who worked alongside Sharon. During the heated exchange, when the woman suggested that Sharon should separate from Frank, he allegedly responded with a chilling statement, saying, "If she ever left me, I'd kill them."

Unbeknownst to Frank, Sharon had been secretly making arrangements to leave Frank with a man she had encountered at her workplace. It is alleged that Sharon had contemplated leaving Frank earlier, but the fear of his potential actions towards her or her son, Michael, held her back.

However, before Sharon could execute her plan to leave, a tragic incident occurred. She was discovered unconscious near a highway, indicating that she had likely fallen victim to a hit-and-run accident.

Following the accident, Frank asserted that he was asleep during the time it occurred, implying that he had no knowledge or involvement in the incident. Sharon was promptly transported to the hospital, but sadly, she remained in an unconscious state. During her recovery, her friends from the club would frequently visit her, with several stating that her condition was improving. However, without providing any explanation, Frank abruptly prohibited them from seeing Sharon any further.

Tragically, Sharon succumbed to her injuries and passed away five days after the incident. The circumstances surrounding her death raised suspicion among many individuals, particularly due to Frank's peculiar behavior and the sudden deterioration of Sharon's condition despite initial signs of recovery. The doctor attending to her also harbored doubts, as he discovered old bruises on her body, leading him to classify her death as a homicide. Furthermore, the doctor suggested that the fatal head injury might not have been caused by a vehicle, casting further doubt on the original explanation. Although there was no concrete evidence to prove Frank's involvement in the hit-and-run or any potential harm inflicted on Sharon during her hospitalization, many reached the same conclusion, especially considering that her coworkers were the ones who paid for her headstone instead of Frank.

In the aftermath of Sharon's passing, Frank proceeded to contact various life insurance companies in order to claim the $80,000 policy he had taken out on her a few months prior to her demise. However, his attempts to collect the insurance money were hindered by his habit of using aliases, resulting in discrepancies with the social security numbers he provided. After several unsuccessful attempts, Frank eventually divulged his true identity as Frank Delano Floyd. It was at this point that Frank's web of deceit started to unravel, as it became evident that he had an extensive criminal history.

Frank's criminal history took a disturbing turn when, at the age of 19 in 1962, he was convicted for the abduction and assault of a four-year-old girl. The severity of the crime led to a prison sentence of 10 to 20 years. However, Frank managed to escape from the mental hospital where he was initially confined by stealing a vehicle. His audacious escape marked just the beginning of a shocking series of events. The day after his escape, Frank proceeded to rob a bank, but his criminal spree was short-lived as he was swiftly recaptured.

After being released in 1972, Frank's criminal tendencies persisted. Shortly after his release, he made another attempt to abduct a woman from a gas station, resulting in his immediate arrest. Although he managed to pay his bail, he opted to skip his court appearance. Consequently, a federal warrant was issued for his arrest, catapulting him into a life on the run. To evade capture, Frank assumed fake identities and constantly changed his name.

However, Frank's elaborate charade came to an end when he had to provide his genuine full name to the life insurance company during his claim process. Realizing the imminent threat of being apprehended, Frank attempted to flee from authorities. However, his escape was short-lived as he was captured in Georgia and subsequently imprisoned to serve the remainder of his sentence.

For Sharon's friends, Frank's arrest brought a sense of justice to her tragic demise. Meanwhile, during his period as a fugitive, Frank reportedly entrusted Michael to Social Services, leading the young boy to enter the foster care system. Fortunately, he found placement with a caring and supportive family. However, those involved in Michael's life were taken aback by his alarming behavior—he seemed to be non-verbal and relied on screams and moans as his primary means of communication. Despite the circumstances, Frank maintained his claim of being Michael's father, resulting in the child being frequently brought to visit him during his time of incarceration.

As Michael displayed reluctance during the visits with Frank, concerns regarding his paternity emerged. Eventually, a DNA test was conducted, despite Frank's initial resistance. The results revealed that Michael was not Frank's biological child, leading to the cessation of their visits. However, the story took a disturbing turn as it unfolded further.

Following his release from prison in September 1994 after serving a four-year sentence, Frank embarked on a campaign of stalking against Michael and his foster parents in Oklahoma. Fully aware that he would never be granted custody of the child, Frank devised a plan to forcibly take him, introducing a new level of fear and tension to the situation.

On September 12th, 1994, Frank took drastic and dangerous actions to pursue his plan. He arrived at Michael's elementary school and demanded to meet with the principal, James Davis. When his request to take Michael was denied, Frank resorted to brandishing a firearm, menacingly threatening Davis. In a shocking turn of events, Michael was ultimately taken from the school premises without raising any alarms. Under the coercive power of the gun, Frank compelled Principal Davis to accompany them to a location a few miles away from the school grounds.

After reaching the secluded location, Frank proceeded to restrain Principal Davis by tying him to a tree. Remarkably, Davis escaped physical harm during the incident. Meanwhile, Frank absconded with Michael in Davis's truck, leaving authorities and the community in a state of panic once the abduction was discovered. Despite extensive efforts to locate them, it took a grueling two months before any breakthrough occurred.

Eventually, Frank was apprehended in Louisville, Kentucky, leading to his arrest. However, the fate and whereabouts of Michael remained a haunting mystery. Despite extensive searches and investigations, no solid leads emerged regarding the little boy's fate. Adding to the anguish, Frank stubbornly refused to divulge any information about Michael's location, leaving those involved in the case desperate for answers.

During the course of the investigation, Frank callously expressed his indifference towards Michael's well-being and dismissed any concerns about the boy's whereabouts. He callously stated to the police, "It's none of your business where he is nor do I care how much any of you in Oklahoma miss him or love him." This callous remark further underscored Frank's lack of remorse and concern for the child's welfare.

As the trial for Michael's kidnapping unfolded, the first of many surprising revelations emerged, adding more twists to the already convoluted story.

In 1995, the discovery of skeletal remains covered in vines in Pinellas County, Florida, added a chilling layer to the unfolding events. At the time, the victim's identity remained unknown. However, a thorough investigation revealed that the victim had tragically died as a result of a brutal beating and sustained two gunshot wounds to the head.

Subsequently, another shocking development occurred later that year. A mechanic in Kansas who had purchased a truck at an auction stumbled upon a disturbing find. Inside the vehicle, he discovered a large envelope containing 97 photographs depicting a woman who had been subjected to severe physical abuse and bound against her will. The contents of the envelope added further intrigue and raised disturbing questions about the extent of the crimes committed.

A significant breakthrough occurred when it was discovered that the truck, which had been found with the disturbing photographs, had previously been stolen by Frank Floyd during his travels through the area in 1994. Frank had eventually abandoned the truck, leaving it behind as evidence.

The photographs found in the truck were compared to the images of the unidentified remains, leading to a chilling realization. A wound on the cheekbone of the photographed woman disturbingly matched an injury observed on the recovered skull. Subsequently, the unidentified skeletal remains were identified as belonging to Cheryl Commesso, connecting her to the harrowing discoveries and shedding light on her fate.

This revelation brought forth a wave of shock and horror, as the investigation into Frank Floyd's crimes continued to unravel the interconnected mysteries and shed light on the dark and tragic events that had unfolded.

Following the conviction of Frank Floyd for the kidnapping of Michael, despite the child's continued absence, he was handed a lengthy prison sentence of 52 years. However, the twists and turns of this case did not end there. Frank then faced trial for the murder of Cheryl Commesso, and the evidence presented during the proceedings led to his guilty verdict. As a result, he received the death penalty for his heinous actions.

However, the shocking revelations did not cease. The photographs that had been discovered in the truck uncovered yet another disturbing truth, unraveling another layer of complexity in this case. These revelations brought forth a shocking twist, further deepening the already intricate web of events surrounding Frank Floyd and the crimes he had committed.

The discovery of the photographs in the truck, which depicted Frank assaulting a young girl, opened up a new chapter in the investigation. These images were found to be much older than the ones involving Cheryl Commesso. Determined to identify the young girl and uncover the truth surrounding these disturbing photographs, a search commenced.

However, it wasn't until 2014 that the true identity of Sharon, the girl in the pictures, was officially unveiled. To understand the full story behind Sharon and the significance of the photographs, we need to delve into the past and retrace the events that ultimately led to this alarming revelation.

Following his release from prison and while evading capture for attempted abduction, Frank entered into a marriage with Sandi Chipman in the mid-1970s. However, during this time, Frank assumed the alias Brandon Williams, concealing his true identity from Sandi. The circumstances surrounding their marriage were far from romantic, as they reportedly tied the knot at a truck stop, suggesting an unconventional and less than ideal beginning to their relationship.

During Sandi Chipman's 30-day jail sentence for passing bad checks, she entrusted the care of her four children to Frank, who was using the alias Brandon Williams at the time. However, upon Sandi's release from prison, she was devastated to discover that her house was vacant, and her children were nowhere to be found. It became apparent that Frank had taken them and relocated.

The search for her missing children proved to be a long and arduous journey for Sandi. It took her several years to track down two of her daughters, Alison and Amy, who were discovered living under the care of a social services group. The emotional toll of this separation and the time it took to reunite with her daughters added further complexity to Sandi's already troubled past.

Despite Sandi's efforts, she faced great difficulty in locating her oldest daughter, Suzanne, after the separation orchestrated by Frank. The whereabouts of Suzanne remained a mystery, adding to the distress and uncertainty surrounding Sandi's family.

In a surprising turn of events, Sandi's son, Philip, eventually emerged as an adult and took the initiative to come forward. Philip underwent a DNA test, which confirmed his biological relationship with Sandi. It was revealed that Frank had placed Philip up for adoption, contributing to the complex and painful history of their family.

However, the fate of Sandi's oldest daughter, Suzanne, holds even more shocking implications, leaving unanswered questions and a sense of deep concern. The circumstances surrounding Suzanne's disappearance and her current whereabouts remained elusive, leaving Sandi and her family grappling with the unsettling mystery surrounding their missing loved one.

In a truly alarming revelation, it was discovered that Sharon Marshall, whose real name was Suzanne Marie Sevarkis, was actually Sandi Chipman's daughter. Frank, under various aliases, had separated Sandi's children and placed them in different social services groups. However, he raised Suzanne as his own daughter while frequently changing residences and moving across multiple states.

Frank weaved various stories about Suzanne's origins, often claiming that he had rescued her when she was abandoned by her parents. These narratives were part of the elaborate facade he created to conceal the truth about Suzanne's true identity and his role in separating her from her biological family. The depth of Frank's deception and manipulation added a distressing layer to the already complex web of events surrounding Sandi's children and their upbringing.

In a deeply disturbing turn of events, it was revealed that Frank, who had taken on the alias of Tanya Hughes, had actually kidnapped Suzanne Marie Sevarkis, his stepdaughter, when she was a child. Under his control, he subjected her to frequent acts of assault and abuse. As Suzanne grew older, she adopted the name Sharon Marshall.

The manipulation and control escalated to a horrifying extent when Frank eventually married Sharon, his own stepdaughter. The circumstances surrounding Sharon's death remained suspicious, raising concerns about Frank's possible involvement. Tragically, after Sharon's untimely demise, Frank went on to kidnap her child, continuing the cycle of abduction and manipulation.

The shocking revelations highlight the unimaginable trauma that Sharon, formerly Suzanne, endured under Frank's influence. This dark chapter of their intertwined lives exposes the depths of depravity and the devastating impact it had on the victims involved.

The shocking truth that emerged in 2014 left investigators stunned, as it confirmed the suspicions that had haunted them for years. Frank, after nearly two decades of deceit, finally confessed to the unthinkable: the murder of Michael, Sharon's young son. He admitted to shooting Michael while evading capture, and disclosed that he had concealed the boy's remains along Interstate 35.

Despite the revelation, an exhaustive search failed to uncover Michael's body, adding to the heart-wrenching tragedy of his loss. The magnitude of Frank's crimes and the extent of his deceptions shook the community and those involved in the investigation to their core. The horrifying revelation further highlighted the depths of Frank's depravity and the immense suffering inflicted upon his victims.

It was later concluded that Michael's body may have been eaten by wild hogs in the area. Frank Floyd was never found guilty of Sharon's murder, though popular consensus believes he is also guilty of this crime.

To this day, he refuses to talk about Sharon's death. Frank is still awaiting his penalty for Cheryl's murder on death row.

The case took an even more tragic turn when it was suggested that Michael's remains may have been consumed by wild hogs in the vicinity. The lack of tangible evidence further complicated the search for closure and justice.

While Frank Floyd has not been officially convicted of Sharon's murder, the weight of evidence and public opinion strongly implicates him in her demise as well. His persistent silence regarding Sharon's death has only fueled suspicions and added to the lingering sense of unresolved justice.

Frank remains on death row, awaiting the penalty for Cheryl's murder, a heinous crime for which he has been found guilty. The extent of his atrocities and the pain inflicted on his victims continue to haunt those involved in the case and the wider community. The search for answers and closure remains ongoing, as the full extent of Frank Floyd's crimes continues to be unraveled.


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