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Shocking As Woman Solves Her Own Murder From The Grave— What Really Happens When We Die?

In 1977, the case of a woman who solved her own murder made headlines all around the world and left many people in disbelief and wondering, what really happens after we die?

By Mrs HPublished about a year ago 5 min read

Born in 1929 in the Philippines, Teresita Basa was the only child of a prominent and successful business couple Pedro Basa and his wife, Soccoro Basa (born Martinez). In early 1960, she graduated from the University of Assumption, Manila and then migrated to the United States to study music.

However, as she grew older, her passion for music shifted a bit, and she decided to study the human body and work as a respiratory therapist.

By 1977, she was living her best life in Chicago and worked at Edgewater Hospital. Colleagues described her as quiet, intelligent and unassuming — one person you wouldn't expect to be a victim of a violent crime. However, on February 21st that same year, she would be found dead in her home with a single stab wound to the chest, and her murder would remain unsolved for some time until she solved it herself.

According to her friend Ruth Loeb, on that day, Basa went to work as usual and finished at about 5.30 pm. She then made her way home and spoke to her for about thirty minutes before dropping the call to prepare for a male guest, whom she never mentioned the name.

However, at around 8.40 pm, her building neighbours Katherine Knazze and her husband, Marid, told the caretaker that the place smelled of smoke, but they couldn't tell where it was coming from. Without wasting any time, firefighters were called, but nobody suspected that a murder had occurred, and the culprit had tried to conceal the evidence.

However, as soon as they arrived and put the fire out, everybody was shocked to find her lifeless body beneath a burning mattress with a single wound on the chest.

With an obvious murder case on their hands, investigators began to look for evidence and check if any of her valuables were missing. But since she lived alone and hardly had visitors, nobody knew what she had, and the police had to work with their gut feeling. Based on the state of the body, they believed she had been raped and hoped that the autopsy would give them a glimpse of hope, but it proved them otherwise.

Without any concrete evidence, and almost everything burnt to ashes, they had no way forward, and for some time, the case went cold. However, they kept a piece of note that indicated she was expecting theatre tickets from a company or person named "A.S.".

Shortly after, her body was shipped to the Philipinnes and respectfully buried. Those who knew and loved her were utterly broken and prayed for justice. However, it wasn't long until leading detective Joseph Stachula received a bone-chilling call that remains a mystery to some to date.

According to the call, Dr Jose. C. Chuar Jr, a coworker of Basa, told the detective that his wife Remibias was having visions about Teresita's murder. As if that was not spooky enough, he added that she would go into a trance, and Teresita's spirit would speak through her.

"Doctor, I would like to ask for your help. The man who murdered me is still at large. I am Teresita Basa" The young and terrified doctor said he couldn't believe what he was seeing and hearing. But each time she came, she told him not to be afraid and that she only needed help.

With this information, detectives decided to speak to his wife, but none were prepared for what they heard. Their skin crawled, and sleepless nights began. According to Remy, it all started when she decided to take a nap in the nurse's lounge one day. She woke up and found Teresita standing right before her in broad daylight when she clearly knew she was dead. Out of fear, she exited the room, but that was just the beginning.

However, she had no recollection of everything that happened after and only heard it from her husband. Adding to what his wife had said, Dr Jose told the detective that they only delayed coming because they didn't think anyone would believe them and didn't want to look stupid. But Teresita wouldn't stop coming and assured them their efforts would not be in vain. On top of that, she had given them the name Allan Showery — a respiratory therapist who previously worked with the deceased — and told them how it all happened.

According to her, Allan had agreed to fix her broken TV that night, but things took an ugly turn once he arrived. He got jealous of the expensive jewellery her father had bought in France for her mom and then passed it to her. As a result, he killed her, stole it and set the house on fire. She even gave the phone numbers of four people that could identify her jewellery and help solve the case.

As bizarre and ridiculous as that sounded, police thought it wouldn't hurt to explore the accused. To their surprise, Allan lived very close to Teresita and had agreed to fix her television that night. However, after speaking to his girlfriend Yanka, they learnt that he had no idea about electricals and obviously couldn't fix a TV. On top of that, she also had Teresita's jewellery that he claimed to have bought for her.

Without a way out, Allan caved in and admitted to the murder of Teresita Basa. He told officers that he had initially gone there to rob her for house rent, as he needed money, but things escalated to murder. However, he soon realized that her death was all in vain as she only had $30 in the house and took the jewellery to make up for it. But he insisted that he never touched her.

With that confession, Allan was arrested and charged with murder. At first, he pleaded not guilty, but after four weeks behind bars, his plea changed. However, once the public got hold of the information, two rumours were behind it. Some believed that Teresita's ghost had haunted him behind bars and forced him to take responsibility, whilst otherwise were convinced his lawyer had told him to plead guilty for a lesser sentence.

However, the latter proved to be true. Allan was only sentenced to 14 years and ended up serving only five. He was released on parole in 1983 and moved to New York City to begin a new life. Many people felt the justice system had failed a victim that had worked so hard to bring justice to herself, no matter how awkward and unusual her means were.

What do you think about this story? Is there really life after death, and if so, why are our relatives silent when they know we miss them so much?


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