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She Left His Lover´s Head In A Bucket And His Mother Found Him Later! - Taylor Schabusiness

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By Based On a True StoryPublished about a month ago 3 min read

In July 2023, 25-year-old Taylor Schausbisness was found guilty by a Brown County jury of ending her boyfriend’s life, but not only that, but also of dismembering her body and spreading parts in different places.

But to understand this case we have to go back in time...

The events occurred in the early morning of February 23, 2022. At that time Taylor and Shad Thyrion, 24, were in the basement of the house that the boy shared with his mother in Wisconsin.

The couple knew each other since high school and they used to meet to have relationships. That February night, after consuming several illegal substances, Shad lay down in bed without suspecting what was about to happen to him.

While they were in relationships, Taylor strangled him until his death and continued to have relationships with the boy’s corpse because, as he declared some time later, she liked him.

As if this were not enough, Taylor gathered several knives and dismembered the boy, leaving some remains all over the house. Finally, it was Shad’s mother who discovered everything.

The discovery:

On February 23, Tara Pakanich, Shad’s mother was sleeping at home with her boyfriend when suddenly a slamming door woke her up. The woman went down to the basement where her son was theoretically but what she discovered there left her horrified, and that is that inside a green bucket covered with a shower towel was Shad’s head.

The woman in shock went up to her room to tell her boyfriend everything. The man was the one who called the emergency room since she could barely speak.

After learning that Taylor had been the last person to see the boy alive, they went to his house. The woman received the agents with dry blood on her clothes and the worst.. in her car was Shad’s penis.

Taylor was accused of intentional homicide in the first degree, mutilation of a body and abuse in the third degree. For her part, she pleaded innocent of all the charges and blamed everything on her mental problems.

In February 2023, Taylor appeared with her lawyer before the court to see if she could be tried for such problems.

Judge Thomas Walsh ruled that the woman was competent to be tried and announced that the trial that was scheduled for March 6 would be delayed until May 15. This did not sit well with the accused who directly blamed her lawyer and assaulted him in front of the judge.

Obviously later the lawyer refused to defend her and had to change lawyers.

The trial:

EOn July 24, 2023, the trial of 25-year-old Taylor Schabusniss began. The first thing the prosecutor’s office revealed was the call that Shad’s mother’s partner made to 911 to report the discovery of the head.

Prosecutors added that Shad’s mother Tara experienced what was “essentially a mother’s worst nightmare” after a slamming her up in the early hours of the morning.

The trial was not without controversy since the woman always offered a different show laughing even in front of the witnesses.

Perhaps this type of behavior helped his lawyer to claim that his defendant suffered from a mental illness, but this was still of no use.

At the end of July, a jury found Taylor Schausbisness guilty of first-degree homicide, third-degree abuse and mutilation of a body, thus rejecting the possibility that the woman was mentally ill at the time of the events.

On September 26, Taylor appeared in this way before the judge to hear his sentence.

Finally, Judge Walsh sentenced the woman to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, claiming that it was a danger to society.

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