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She Disappeared Without A Trace After A Party And 12 Years Later Police Arrested One Of Her “Friends”


By Based On a True StoryPublished 3 months ago 5 min read

In 2010, Iwona Wieczorek was a 19-year-old girl who lived in Poland with her mother and stepfather.

It is known that at that time the young woman had just finished classes and was impatiently waiting for an answer about her admission to the university where she wanted to study.

As a reward for all her effort during her years of study, Iwona had planned to travel to Spain on vacation, but unfortunately her plans and dreams were cut short one summer night.

The facts:

On Friday, July 16, 2010, Iwona and her friend Adria were invited to a party in their city. There they joined Pawel, Adrián and Marek, 3 boys that Adria had known for a short time.

They were supposed to stay all night at that party but the boys insisted on going to another very famous bar in Poland.

When they had been in this place for a while, there was an argument between the whole group and because of this Iwona, who had already drunk a lot, left this bar alone, quite angry.

At 3:15 a.m. the security cameras recorded the girl walking with her shoes in her hand in the direction of the promenade to try to get to her house.

It is known that at that time the young woman had no money and was very tired so she decided to rest near the beach. During this time she sent a message to Adria to tell her that it didn't seem right for her that she hadn't gone with her.

Iwona thought that saying this Adria was going to go after her, as a good friend so that she wouldn't go home alone, but it wasn't like that.

All this is known because Iwona sent several text messages to other people saying that she had been angry with her friend for not having accompanied her.

Then Iwona resumed her journey and at 4 a.min she called Adria on the phone to reconcile with her.

The young woman also told her that her phone's battery was running out and asked her if she could stay and sleep at home because she didn't want her mother to see her in that state.

Adria replied that she could stay and since she was already about to get home, she told her that she would leave the keys hidden outside so that she could enter.

At 4:12 a.m. he sent a text message to her mother to tell her that she would stay to sleep at her friend's house.

During this tour the security cameras recorded Iwona walking along the boulevard, this are the last images that exist of the young woman because from this point on no one else knew anything about her again.

The next morning Adria saw that the keys to the house were still outside and that her friend had not gone to sleep. All this led her to think that maybe she had changed her mind and gone home.

But at 5 p.m. she received a call from mother Iwona asking about her daughter since the woman thought she was at Adria's house.

Upon learning that the young woman was not there, she panicked and reported her disappearance to the police.

The investigation:

Unfortunately, the agents did not act right away arguing that the young woman was probably sleeping in the house of other friends or that she was still partying.

It took a week for the police to start investigating the case, and as you can imagine, both Iwona's family and friends were desperate because they had not heard from her for many days.

The case had a lot of media coverage and thanks to this hundreds of volunteers came together to help in the search.

Christopher Kowski, the detective in charge of the case, gave several press conferences stating that everyone was looking for Iwona and that they were not willing to give up.

The agents thoroughly checked the security cameras that captured Iwona that night, and as you can see in one of them there is a man with a beach towel on his shoulder who walks behind the young woman, in fact it seems that he is following her.

Because of this, they made a robot portrait in case someone could identify it. After all, she could be the last person who had seen the young woman alive and her testimony was of vital importance.

However, despite the publication of his robot portrait and the photo, the unknown man was never identified.

In 2014, Adria and the other 3 boys who were with her before her disappearance were interviewed on a television program.

Everyone told the same thing about what happened that night, but none of them were able to say why they argued. This caused public opinion to point out to them for hiding information and for avoiding eye contact with the camera at all times.

At that time the main theory of the agents was that while walking someone forcibly took Iwona to be used for human trafficking.

Iwona's mother continued to go out in the media so that the case was not forgotten and has never lost hope of seeing her daughter alive.

The arrest:

In December 2022, that is, 12 years after the disappearance, the case took a radical turn with the arrest of 2 suspects.

Paweł, one of the boys who was partying with Iwona and his girlfriend were arrested in relation to the girl's disappearance.

In addition to searching his house, the investigators also searched those of other relatives.

After the arrest, Pawel was accused of false information and altering evidence, since according to the investigation, posing as Iwona's mother, the man entered the girl's personal order and deleted some information. In addition, together with his girlfriend, he was accused of substance trafficking not related to the case.

The boy's grandparents provided him with a solid aliby for that night, saying that he came to sleep at his house at 4 in the morning. But the agents believe that he could go out a window to go to Iwona's meeting and leave the phone in the house so as not to be located.

At the moment it is known that the man was released from prison on bail and that he is being closely watched by the police. Now they have to prove that he was responsible for the girl's disappearance.

The police also have in the spotlight his family's construction company, a place where it would be very easy to hide a body under the concrete.


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