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She Had Been Missing Since 2014 And In 2023 The Police Found Her Remains Within The Walls Of A House

Sibora Gagani

By Based On a True StoryPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

On June 6, the National Police located within the walls of a house in Torremolinos the remains of Sibora Gagani, the 22-year-old girl of Italian nationality who had been missing since 2014.

It is known that in 2011 the young woman moved with Marco, her partner, to the Costa del Sol, and that since July 7, 2014 her family stopped hearing from her.

Before her disappearance, Sibora told her mother that she had many arguments with her boyfriend and that she didn't treat her well. The woman was surprised because the boy never gave her the impression that he was that kind of person.

Some time later the girl told her mother that she intended to end the relationship and for this she had rented a house where she could live alone. It was being there when on July 7, 2014, the young woman stopped giving signs of life and her mother feared the worst.

Faced with uncertainty, the woman reported the disappearance of her daughter and contacted Marco. The man told him that Sibora had left without explanation and that he had surely returned to Italy.

What the girl's relatives could least imagine was that they would have to spend 9 years to find her whereabouts.

In May 2023, Marco, 45, was arrested for ending the life of Paula, his partner at that time and mother of 3 children.

At the police station the man saw a photo of Sibora on a bulletin board and immediately after confessed that in 2014 he ended the girl's life and hid the body between the walls of the house they shared.

In the home indicated by Marco lived another family who did not hesitate to let the investigators work on the case.

In the end, inside a wooden box that was between two walls, they found the remains of Sibora covered in lime, next to a bloody knife and with a bouquet of flowers on the torso.

The police investigation indicates that Sibora Gagani was stabbed by her ex-partner just like Paula did in Torremolinos.

For this crime, Marco could face 25 years in prison.

For her part, Sibora's mother stated the following:

“Police called me and told me that because of the DNA results it was Sibora. It was the worst moment of my life because there was always a hope. Although I knew it was her, inside me, the heart said no," but "no one had seen her since that day he hurt her."

“At first he came with a calm, smiling face, that he hadn't done anything to her. I never believed him, I have always said that he knew where Sibona was, that she was very much in love with him. He didn't want to hear a 'no' from the girls."

"There is no name for that man, as there is no mercy for him. I hope he tells everything. I want to look him in the face one last time.”

“Now I'm going to get my daughter to bring her home, have her close to me, and then I will go ahead with the process, I will do everything to know the truth, how I kill my daughter, a 22-year-old girl, full of life. I imagined the day I would return home, but that day has never come."

The last thing that has been known is that in February 2024 Marco wrote a letter to the judge from prison in which he said that he had not killed Sibora and that Paula's death could have been avoided if she had not provoked him.

The reason why, according to him, he has decided to send this letter to the judge is due to the fact that he has "had a very strong approach to God" and is "totally sorry for having given false statements." That's why, he says, he wants to collaborate with justice "step by step and tell the whole truth."

Regarding Sibora, she says he swears by his son's life that he didn't kill her. "I tell him with all my sincerity that I am not responsible for his death," he explains. "Yes, I have been responsible for hiding the corpse and I am totally sorry for having hidden the information and having done something so disgusting." The version that Marco offers to the judge details that Sibora was murdered by a criminal gang from Albania that had them threatened and that this information is already available to the National Police to investigate, always according to his account.


Thank you very much for reading this case ❤️


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