Selective Memory

by Dallas Valo 7 months ago in fiction

We Choose What We Want to Remember...

Selective Memory

Staring at the fluorescent glow of the red light masked behind the fog left over from the thunderstorm that happened that evening, Katherine began to recall those disturbing images playing over in her head like some dark and twisted fantasy world while her fingers tapped away on the steering wheel as she impatiently waited for the light to turn green. She knew she had to get away, and fast, but why? Despite those possible illusions or maybe even figments of her imagination she clearly remembered the images but couldn't remember how it all happened.

What she could recall about the events that took place just didn't make sense to her. They appeared in her mind in different segments and none of it seemed to blend together. Struggling to recall even the slightest memory of that crazy evening, one thing was clear. She had walked in on her boyfriend in bed with another woman. 'That fucking bitch! Ahhhh!' She screamed as she beat her fist against the dirt covered dash as the light in front of her finally changed.

Hatred. Anger. Heart broken. Pissed off. All the negative emotions wrapped up in an all in one package that encompassed her train of thought. As the tears rolled down her beautiful but emotionally damaged face, she began wiping the tears away but couldn't move as fast as they were flowing. After gliding her hand away, the light of a street lamp lit up her hand as she caught a glimpse out of her side view and looked down to see what it was. She couldn't tell what it was until she looked down only to find the one thing she definitely did not want to see.

Blood. So. Much. Blood. It covered both her hands, and various patches and streaks were spread out all over her khaki dress pants and beautiful pink button down dress shirt. And her arms, oh man, were her arms covered. She tried wiping her hands off onto her pants, because as she figured they were already covered anyway, and it would make her feel less guilty if it wasn't all over her hands and arms. 'What the fuck!' she screamed as she couldn't yet recall anything about what happened less than an hour ago. The only thing going for her was that it was 2 AM and no one... I mean no one... was on the road.

She felt the car sliding around all over the road and the water laying around everywhere in sight would probably end up causing her to hydroplane if she couldn't keep focused on the road and not on what could have possibly gotten blood everywhere. But how could she focus? Something happened. Something she couldn't remember if her life depended on. As she tried focusing on the road in front of her, she saw lights flickering in her rear view and glanced up to see what it was. Red lights. Blue lights. "Fuck! What do I do now?" She thought concerned that the officer would notice all the blood. "I'll just have to come up with some bullshit yet believable story because if I don't pull over it's just going to be worse".

As she flicked on her blinker to signal she was pulling over and slowly applied the brakes to her 10 year old Nissan she came to a complete stop. And began searching for the typical items the police would ask for. License, registration and proof of insurance. Her license was sitting in her visor a place she normally kept it in case of anything like this happening because she had a lead foot and knew she would get stopped sometime for it. As she turned on the overhead light and reached for the glove box she caught a glimpse of something on the passenger seat and looked over to see what it was.

There sat a 10 inch butcher knife, one that she normally kept in her kitchen with all the other knives she had collected over the years and upon further examination she could see the blood all over it, still as wet as the blood that was all over her hands before she wiped them as clean as she could. "I don't know how I'm going to explain this...." It was at that moment everything played back from start to finish. The horrifying events that happened. She froze as she could see the officer approaching her vehicle in her side mirror as time stopped and everything seemed to be happening at a much slower pace. She tilted her head back against the head rest and at the moment she blacked out...

Dallas Valo
Dallas Valo
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