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Review of 'Slow Horses' 1.3

by Paul Levinson 3 months ago in tv review
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The Fine Art of Bumbling

Bumbling played the major role in the third episode of Slow Horses on Apple TV+ -- only appropriate, given the sarcastic subtext and headline of the new series.

[Spoilers ahead ... ]

First, Min and Louisa can't seem to find a place to make some decent love. Ok, that can certainly happen to anyone. But this in turn culminates with Moody suffering death via falling down the stairs, with Min more horrified than happy that he triumphed in their tussle.

Hobden doesn't do too well, either, getting punched in the face when he comes to make his case with the nationalist politician who would like to be Prime Minister. In Slow Horses, the bad guys as well as most of the good guys are slow, and it's not even completely clear as yet which side Hobden is on.

Meanwhile, Hassan bungles his attempt to escape, nearly killing himself in the process. And two of the kidnappers, if I have this right, have names which only could have been taken from the original Three Stooges -- Moe and Curly. (The third kidnapper's name is Larry, which also was the name of one of The Three Stooges, but that name could have come from anywhere.)

And I've been saving the worst for last: it looks as if Lamb's flatulence is becoming a staple of every episode. At least this time it happens outdoors, so I didn't feel like running to open a window. What does this have to do with bumbling? Well, there's a linguistic connection, isn't there, given the meaning of "bum" in Britspeak.

But I've said more than enough. I'll be back here next week with my review of the next episode of Slow Horses, grateful that I'm watching this on a screen at home rather than live on stage in a small theater.

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