Reason First: What Should Jaydayoungan Do?

by SKYLERIZED 10 months ago in celebrities

Is the rapper capable of redeeming himself?

Jaydayoungan has got problems.

The recording artist with talent and a budding career has entangled himself in the clutches of the law once again. This time, it is for allegedly assaulting his pregnant girlfriend. Found in the attic of a residence, Jaydayoungan surrendered to law enforcement based on a warrant. What all of these truths spell is a rowdy, rambunctious kid who still holds on to youth like a thugged out Holden Caufield.

Jaydayoungan supposedly put hands on a young woman with child. This vicious behavior presents a young male not quite equipped for adulthood. With his millions of views on YouTube and Spotify, the rapper and singer has enjoyed considerable success. However, he has failed to achieve the ultimate goal which comes with that level of progress: maturity. As his name implies, the young male looks to get high, bust guns, and apparently hit innocent women.

His other run-ins with the law point to an out-of-control person who needs to seek out rational ways to express his feelings. Emotions, to Ayn Rand, are “lightning-like estimates” that show your position on a given situation. Elation and joy or aggression and rage can be acceptable emotions in the right context. For Jaydayoungan, he needs to find a balance where he can display his feelings in a rational, non-threatening manner.

As an artist just bubbling to the surface, Jay has a way to go when it comes to doing drugs and boasting a collection of firearms. Before he can truly take off, he must deal with the facts of reality. No one is going to care if he is sent to jail for assault. His music may be listened to by a scant amount of people, but it will definitely be negatively impacted. His inability to determine what is right for himself is the feature that echoes throughout the hip hop genre. These kids come onto the scene with molly and Percocets and promethazine and tens of thousands of dollars in cash along with Dracos and they think that everything is sweet. That is until the cold bracelets of justice clamp down over their wrists.

Jay should focus on creativity. The hip hop sphere has burst open like a water pipe allowing almost anyone and everyone exposure if they’ve got a hot beat and a killer, sing songy hook. These days, the opportunities for young men and women of color especially, remain plentiful. That is more the reason that artists like Jay should heed the warnings of past original figures who have gone through the penal system. Jay ought to learn self-discipline and reserve respect for officers of the law. His career should go into the stratosphere after he experiences more legal woes. The unlawful act that he is accused of should be a lesson to him to conduct himself with greater restraint in the future.

Just take at least one of his videos for the song, “23 Island.” It’s much like videos of old and those of his peers. A beautiful woman, piles of cash, jewelry, and exotic locales appear. Why would anyone want to give up that image to go to the penitentiary? Jay is only twenty-one years-old. While this may seem like the perfect age for Jay to man up and take control of his life in a rational, selfish way, he still is developing. Now, this does not grant him license to go around assaulting defenseless women. It is instead a call for the young man to regroup and reexamine his whole lifestyle and plan to never be on the wrong side of the law again.

If he can do that, then he has a chance at living a great life.

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