Reason First: Five-Nine Brims Gang Members Caught by Law Enforcement, Eleven Face Justice

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What should happen to all gangs?

Reason First: Five-Nine Brims Gang Members Caught by Law Enforcement, Eleven Face Justice

Why do people join gangs? Is it the allure of letting out aggression? Is the elements of fraternity and sorority that gangs offer? If that’s the case, joining the United States Marine Corps or colloquially, the Green Gun Club would be a much more honorable action. In a sweeping corral of defendants including Yonette “Star Brim” Respass Tyshawn “Breeze” Atkins, Marvin “Mukk” Pippins, and India “Gorgeous Gangsta” Lane, law enforcement officials have put these alleged murderers and fraudsters on ice.

The 5-9 Brim gang is an affiliate of the Bloods in Brooklyn and Queens, New York. Associate to rapper Cardi B, Star Brim appeared to be the ringleader to this whole operation. She even ordered her lackeys to attack a bartender by saying that she didn’t “even want [any] talking.” The bartender survived. Sean Peart was not as fortunate. He received a bullet in “broad daylight” in a neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY and perished.

Their murderous ways also bled into nefarious acts like racketeering and running a criminal enterprise. All of this means that these persons chose a life of crime to further the corruption of their corroded souls. New York City Police Commissioner Dermot F. Shea has congratulated his fellow lawmen for their stoppage of such criminals. He said, “Today’s takedown highlights our relentless work in stopping the violence carried out by large, established gangs and their ruthless offshoots.” His words reverberated around the various agencies like the FBI and the ATF. To knockout nefarious organizations like the 5-9 Brims is just one step in the long journey of disrupting these gangs.

It is a psychological issue when it comes to the thought of joining a gang. One senses a counterfeit ideal of “belonging” and being a part of a group that holds sway in an evil fashion. The gang will provide. The gang will protect. Until it doesn’t and the cold steel bracelets of justice wrap around wrists.

Gangs represent the irrational, selfless, and vicious ideals of collectivism. The group is placed above the individual and is as choking as chlorine gas once one gets involved in all sorts of crimes. It is this lack of ego and selfishness that brands gangs as meaningless, suffocating, collectives that promote the worst in humanity. While it may appear alluring to young people yearning to gain a grasp on reality, the gang actually is a pitfall with a blanket full of trinkets. Once the money, jewels, clothes, cars, women, men, clout, camaraderie and other entities collapse into the pit and it’s tread upon, it’s all over for those involved.

Though some entertainers claim various sets, it is all for show. They do not wish to sacrifice their careers (in most cases) to be connected to a criminal enterprise. With a few exceptions, a limited number of notable figures have been jailed because of irrational actions. It is not worth it to risk one’s own freedom to support a group that will never be a righteous company. Imagine the Bloods trading on the stock market. What have they produced besides the horrors of the streets? There’s no way that a gang can substitute for legitimate work. There’s no way that gangs can drive individuals to further themselves. Gangs rest on the idea of destruction. They destroy neighborhoods, fellow gang members, and the individuals themselves.

For the 5-9 Brims, justice will have the final say for them. Because they ignored the facts of reality, they deserve every bit of punishment that they receive. Fortunately, the heroes, law enforcement, converged to stop the egregious actions of the eleven miscreants. In prison, if convicted, they ought to have enough time to reconsider their positions in this life. They might pick up a trade, earn a degree, or be able to counsel the youth on how to avoid gang life. Though the Corps has its own criminal activity, it is a minimum. So, for the average age of a gang member, there’s always the Marines.

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