Reason First: Delivery Man Assaulted, Seeks Answers Amid Chaos

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How would you respond to an attack?

Reason First: Delivery Man Assaulted, Seeks Answers Amid Chaos

The monsters who attacked Esvin Cruz in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York deserve to be sentenced to the fullest letter of the law. For their vicious actions, the police ought to arrest these miscreants and they should be processed in a court of law the supreme sentence, whatever that may be. Cruz is a smart working, honest man who was only fulfilling his duties as a pizza delivery man. Instead of going on a routine run, his life changed for the worst when horrible “people” assaulted him and absconded with his belongings.

What is the driving factor behind such ugliness? These brutes didn’t start off in life as evildoers. What happened between the time when they first saw the light of day to this moment? Did they come from abusive homes and receive malnutrition and failed care? Or were they educated in private schools and went onto earn degrees in institutions of higher learning? Whatever the case, they are wanted for their misdeeds.

Police continue to investigate the matter. A co-worker of Cruz requested to not appear on camera. He expressed sympathy and that Cruz is a good person. A neighbor attested to the fact that incidents like this have been happening more frequently in the past few years.

For Cruz, this may be a good reason to carry a licensed firearm on his routes to prevent or mitigate such attacks from occurring. The New York streets are still relatively safe. It just takes happenings like this to become scrutinized. Instead of the outrageous “stop and frisk” methods employed by former New York City Mayor and presidential candidate, Michael Bloomberg, police ought to be patrolling the streets and be readily available to protect good citizens like Cruz.

Now, some may argue that Cruz is “lucky” that he still has his life. But that shouldn’t be the point. He wasn’t fondling little boys, shooting randomly in the street, or even serving fiends poison on the block. No. Cruz just so happened to encounter savages who have failed at the art of being producers. His courage to face his assailants ought not be overlooked or pushed aside. It is because of individuals like him that gives hope to other survivors of senseless crimes. And Cruz is fortunate enough to have the incident partially captured on video.

This is where the power of snitching comes into play. Someone, somewhere knows who these terrors are and where they live. With color and enhanced optics, the identification of each of these “people” should lead to their capture by the cops. With the increase of intelligent police work, Cruz’s eyewitness account, and the eye of the camera, arrests ought to be made within the coming weeks. Maybe sooner.

Cruz represents the American worker who gets up, does his job, gets his check, and tries to live a decent life. He is not concerned with those who attacked him as far as their evil goes. He has every right to fight for the capture of each assailant and seek maximum punishment for them all. As a delivery man in an age where whole multi-billion-dollar industries have arisen in the gig economy, Cruz still holds a steady, traditional job that enables him to live a life of truth.

While the savages manhandled, robbed him of his money, his bike, and $70 and even stabbed Cruz, he still marched back to the pizzeria with pride. He knows that he is in the right and the viciousness that fell upon him merely served as a test. He passed. For going to the police and allowing his face to appear on local television news, he permitted himself the chance to put out there that a problem in crime still exists in the most populous city in the country. May he be rewarded appropriately.

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