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Puzzled Mysteries Part 7

by Mathew Kentner 4 years ago in investigation

Meaning Within a Sentence

Chapter 13

They both went to their own desks and got to work right away.

When Adams sat down in his chair, he went right onto the computer to go onto the internet to see if he could find anything on there about any shootings that have happened in the last couple of days, while Norris sat in his chair reading the puzzle.

Norris read the puzzle to himself:

This is a very simple puzzle to figure out but you better read it carefully or you will miss something.

He is from our cousin of red and white.

He is from the city of blue and white.

He is easy to find, just like a big old GRIZZLEY bear.

Good Luck,


"This guy must be nuts," said Norris to himself.

Once Norris finished reading the puzzle he quickly began to get to work to find out who this Sharpshooter is talking about.

"Our cousin of red and white," Norris began to say. "He wouldn't have known who was going to be reading this puzzle, so when he is saying 'cousin,' he likely isn't talking about a person. The only other thing could be a place."

Norris leaned back in his chair and started to repeatedly say to himself, "A place of red and white. Red and White. Maybe he is talking about a flag of red and white. Which means out cousin with a red and white flag would be Canada, right?"

When Norris thought of Canada, he quickly sat up and went onto the internet to pull up the Canadian flag to make sure he was thinking right. Thinking that the flag was red and white.

When the picture of the Canadian flag came up on the computer screen, Norris said, "I was right! It is red and white. I am off to a good start here."

Norris was very happy with himself. He felt very confident that he was going to figure this out.

With a smile on his face, Norris says to himself, "Now onto the next part. It says 'He is from the city of blue and white.' I wonder if he is talking about another flag? But cities don't have flag," he says with a confused look on his face.

"Unless we are looking at a flag for sports teams. I should look for team flags or logos from Canada on the internet to see which ones are blue and white."

So, Norris went back to work again on the computer to find different sports team's logos or flags that are from Canada.

Chapter 14

While Norris was trying to figure out the puzzle, Adams was searching the internet for a shooting that has happened in the last couple of days but not in New York City.

Adams went to website after website of newspapers and news channels to find a shooting but it was taking forever to find one.

He looked at all of the newspapers of New York State and found nothing.

Then he widened his search to other states.

He found two different shootings. One was in Miami, Florida but it was a shooting at a bar. Adams figured it was just a fight that got really bad. And the other shooting was in Los Angeles, California but it was just a convenience store robbery. He figured that neither one of them was the shooting that the Sharpshooter was talking about because nobody would be bragging about them.

Adams decided to then look to see if he could find any shooting that had happened in Canada in the last couple of days.

He found two. One was in Vancouver, British Columbia and the other was in Toronto, Ontario.

Adams read the information that he could find about both shootings to see if he can't figure out which would more likely be the one that the Sharpshooter was talking about.

He found out that the one in Vancouver, British Columbia was a twenty-three-year-old male. He had walked into a high school, killed three teachers, the principle, two students, and injured two more teachers and ten students before killing himself. So, Adams knew it wasn't that one because the killer was dead.

Adams began reading the information about the shooting in Toronto, Ontario. He read that the shooting had happened at a supermarket in downtown Toronto. There was only one person shot but was recovering in hospital with no life-threatening issues. But, there was a lot damage to vehicles and property.

Adams kept on reading about the shooting and found out that the police have no leads and think that the suspect may have gotten on a plane to leave the country because they had found a car that was reported stolen, the day of the shooting, at the airport.

He kept on reading and found out that a bullet had grazed an off-duty police officer as well. The police officer that was grazed by the bullet is a well-known officer as well.

The paper said that the off duty police officer's name was....


Mathew Kentner

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Mathew Kentner
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