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Puzzled Mysteries Part 6

by Mathew Kentner 4 years ago in fiction

Meaning Within a Sentence

Chapter 11

The next morning, I woke up, took Chasity and Jinx for a walk, even though it was more like they were walking me, then had breakfast and was at work by nine o'clock.

I went straight to my desk to see what I had on my schedule for today. But as soon as I sat down in my chair, all that I heard was, "John! John!" It was Steve trying to get my attention by saving at me from his desk.

I turned towards him and said with a impatient tone in my voice, "I just got here. What do you want, now?"

"You were right!" He replied.

"About what!?" I responded.

"About the possibility of there being a fingerprint on that railing at the apartment," he said with excitement in his voice and a slight grin on his face.

"Good! I told you," I replied with a nod. "Now you just have to find out who they belong to."

"You see, now that is the problem," Steve said but he had now lost the grin and excitement in his voice and it has now turned into an irritated tone. "They aren't in the database. Would you help me with this case, John?"

"Look!" I started to reply with a stern tone in my voice, "I was a part of the shooting, but I don't want anything to do with the case, sorry."

"Williamson!" I heard Detective Wilkins' voice yell. "I have a wonderful surprise for you."

"And what might that be?" Williamson replied back with a snotty tone.

"This!" Wilkins said as he passed a fingerprint to Steve.

"It's a fingerprint!" Williamson replied with a confused and irritated look on his face. "So, what am I supposed to do with this?"

"The stolen car that was found at the airport yesterday," Wilkins started to explain with a very excited tone, "was wiped down, inside and out. But the thief missed this one at the top of the driver's door."

"And what does this have to do with me?" Williamson still irritated.

"We put it through our data base," Wilkins started to respond, "But there was no match for it. BUT! It did match the fingerprint that you found at your crime scene."

"There you go, Williamson," I said with a chuckle and a grin on my face. "You have a match for your fingerprint."

"Yeah!" Williamson said in an even more irritated tone and look on his face. "But, now, instead of this guy being somewhere here in the city, I now know that he could be anywhere in the world. But here! GREAT! TERRIFIC!"

"Now, you are definitely at a dead end," I said with laughter in my voice and a BIG grin on my face.

Chapter 12

At the New York City Police Department, the young officer at the front desk, was going through the mail that had come this morning.

The officer noticed an envelope that only had the letters "NYPD" on the front of it and nothing else. No return address. And no address for the Police Station either. He put down the rest of the mail and then picked up the letter opener to open the envelope.

The officer pulled out the piece of paper, unfolded it, and started to read it to himself.

Dear Chief Ryan of the NYPD

The letter began:

I am the suspect of a recent shooting that happened but not here in New York City. Not anywhere near New York City actually.

The officer stopped reading the letter immediately and jumped down off of the stool he was sitting on and rushed over to Chief Ryan's office.

When the officer got to the Chief's door, which was already open, he said, "Chief! Chief!"

"What is it, Bordow?" answered Chief Ryan in an angry and loud tone. "Can't you see I am busy."

"You have to read this, Sir!" replied Bordow as he passed the letter to the Chief. "It is addressed to you."

Chief Ryan started to read the letter right away but stopped almost immediately with a look of an emergency on his face and with some panic in his voice, he said to Captain Bordow, "Go find Detective Adams, and Detective Norris. And tell them to come to my office, IMMEDIATELY!"

Bordow quickly turned around in a panic to get Detective Adams and Detective Norris.

He found them both sitting at Detective Norris' desk talking about sports. He went over to them quickly and interrupted them. "Chief Ryan wants both of you in his office. Right now! It is an emergency."

Adams and Norris quickly stood up and pretty much ran to the Chief's office.

When they got to the Chief's office they stood at the doorway and said in a panicked tone, "What is the emergency, Sir!?"

Chief Ryan was walking around the room reading the letter when Adams and Norris got to the door. He put the letter down on his desk and began to say, "Close the door and have a seat gentlemen." He then sat down in his chair.

Norris turned around and closed the door and then the two of them sat down in the two chairs that were in front of the Chief's desk.

"I received this letter this morning," Chief Ryan started to explain. "And we will have to move fast on it or a lot of innocent people are going to get hurt."

"OK!" Adams replied with a worried look on his face and in the tone of his voice. "What do you want us to do?"

"First!" Chief Ryan said. "Have either one of you two heard about a shooting that may have happened in the last day or two?"

"No, Sir!" Adams and Norris answered at the same time.

"Then we better find out if there has been a shooting and find out where," responded Chief Ryan in a 'giving order' sort of tone. "But the shooting that I am looking for, didn't happen in New York City or anywhere close by."

"Then, where did it happen, then, Sir!?" asked Norris.

"I have no idea," answered Chief Ryan. "So, you guys will have to figure that out, too."

"Why do you want us to do that for, Chief?" Adams asked.

"I want you guys to do this, so I can figure out if this letter is true or not."

"What does the letter say?" Norris asked.

"Well, here!" Replied Ryan as he slid the letter to the other side of his desk for Norris and Adams to reach. "Read it for yourself."

Norris and Adams took the letter and started to read it to themselves.

This is what the letter said:

Dear Chief Ryan of the NYPD

I am the suspect of a recent shooting that happened but not in New York City. Not anywhere near New York City actually. But I was just tying to get one very special cop's attention. Even though I may have killed one person in the process.

What makes this cop special is that he is very smart at solving puzzles, so I have heard anyways. This is all for him too because I want to see how good he really is. Kid of like a game. And this is how it works.

There are going to be a series of five events. The fifth one being the best, the BIG show if you want to call it that. There will be an event happening everyday for the next five days.

Now, what this special cop has to do is figure out the puzzle I give him, that will tell him the place and time of the event before it happens. If he is able to figure out where and when the event is going to happen and gets there before it happens and find me, I will give myself up and then the BIG show won't happen. But, if anybody else besides this special cop tries to capture me, I will set off the BIG show, right then and there.

In the envelope with this letter, there are two puzzles. One that is labelled NYPD and the other is labelled special cop. The one that is labelled NYPD is for you guys which you will have to figure out to find out who the special cop is and get him to figure out his puzzle.

But, you better be quick and find the special cop because the first event happens tomorrow and if you don't figure it out in time, a lot of innocent people are going to get hurt. And, if you don't catch me by the time the BIG show happens, YOU WILL NEVER FIND ME!

Good Luck. You are going to need it.

Sharp Shooter

"We better get to work fast on the puzzle that he says is for us," said Norris as he passed the letter back to the Chief. "And find out who this special cop is."

"Good idea!" Replied Ryan. "You take that puzzle and figure it out. Adams! You try and find out where this shooting was. Maybe it will help us find this special cop of his, too."

"Can I get that puzzle from you, Chief?" asked Norris.

"Oh yeah!" Chief Ryan said as he realized that it was in front of him. So, he grabbed the puzzle and passed it to Norris as Adams and him stood up and left the Chief's office.


Mathew Kentner

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Mathew Kentner
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