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Father Murdered Him Because The Boy Discovered His Photos “Dressed As A Woman”— Dylan Redwine


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Today’s case begins in Monument, a town in Colorado where 13-year-old Dylan Redwine lived in 2012.

The boy had an older brother named Cory and they were both sons Elaine and Mark. The couple had been divorced since 2007 and that because of this the boys lived with their mother while by order of the court they had a series of stipulated visits with their father.

However, Dylan did not enjoy these visits and had been avoiding his father since 2011 because of something he discovered in one of them.

In November 2012, a judge forced the boy to spend Thanksgiving with his father. With Cory it was different since technically he was of legal age and could decide who to be with.

Elianne knew that Dylan felt very uncomfortable with the man so she was reluctant to the court decision, even so his lawyer told him that if they did not follow the mandate she could face a new trial with worse consequences.

Frustrated, the boy had no choice but to pack his bags to meet his father but before he asked his brother, who was already living on his own, to send him some photographs to his mobile phone that I will talk about later. After this, Dylan never returned home again.

The facts:

On November 18, 2012, Mark Redwine picked up his son at the airport in Durango County, Colorado.

Father and son were recorded in the terminal and in a Walmart in the area. In the images you can see that there is hardly any interaction between them.

According to several media, Dylan wanted to spend that night at a friend’s house something that Mark refused. Even so, the boy sent a text message to his friend to tell him that he would go to see him at 6:15 a.m, but he never showed up. Worried, this friend asked Dylan by message if he was going to go to his house but he didn’t get an answer.

On the night of November 19, Mark reported his son’s disappearance to the police.

The man told the agents that morning he left to run some errands and that left Dylan sleeping but when he returned he had already left and since then he had not heard from him. The funny thing is that the last connection from the boy’s phone was at 9.30 a.m. on the 18th.

Dylan’s case quickly received the attention of the national media, which caused a massive search and rescue operation.

In the days following his son’s disappearance, Mark acted strangely and did not behave like a worried father at all.

To begin with, he never left his house to try to look for his son, not to mention that while his ex-wife begged the media for the return of the little one, he did not even deign to appear on the screen.

For months the authorities together with a team of volunteers tracked the surroundings of Mark’s house and it must be said that it was not an easy task because Durango is a mountainous and steep area that is about 2000 meters high.

Despite the attempts, they were unable to locate the boy nor did they find any clue that would take them to his whereabouts. As you can imagine, the uncertainty left both Dylan’s mother and his brother Cory devastated.

Find Dylan:

On January 31, 2013, Mark gave an exclusive interview for a North American channel where he said that he “blames himself” for the disappearance of his son.

Unfortunately, the case did not gain media interest again until June 26, 2013... and that same day in a secluded place that was about 6km from Mark’s house. Several volunteers found bones along with a sock and part of a Dylan shirt.

After an examination, the coroner concluded that the remains belonged to 13-year-old Dylan Redwine and established the cause of death as indeterminate.

As these remains were found in an area of difficult access, especially for a child, the investigators began to think that Dylan had been the victim of a crime.

From here Mark was appointed a person of interest in the case for several reasons: to begin he was the last person who saw Dylan alive, to this we must add that he knew the area like his hand and finally because on the day of the events he was seen driving an off-road vehicle very close to where the bones appeared.

With all this, the agents got an order to register Mark’s residence and it must be said that they found several interesting things here.

In different rooms of the house there was Dylan’s blood and not only that, the dogs detected the smell of a corpse in the laundry room, the living room and the kitchen.

Mark denied any involvement in his son’s death and even dared to go to more television programs to confirm his innocence.

On November 1, 2015, that is, two years after the disappearance, some hikers found Dylan’s skull; thanks to this, the forensics were able to confirm that the boy had died from a strong blow to the head.

Even so, it took two more years until finally on July 22, 2017, Mark was arrested and charged with second-degree murder and child abuse.

The truth:

After several postponements, the trial against Mark Redwine 59 years old began on June 14, 2021.

The defense argued that on the morning of the events Dylan left his home and that surely after entering a complicated area he was a victim of the elements or an animal.

To this they added that the dog sniffing technique was junk science and that the blood found in Mark’s house was so insignificant that it could be there for different reasons.

But the prosecutor’s office was clear, for them Mark ended up with his son’s life because of what the boy discovered in 2011 and that I mentioned at the beginning.

In June 2011, Dylan and Cory visited their father and at one point while the man was sleeping they used his laptop. Then accidentally they discovered several disturbing images.

In them appeared his father dressed in women’s lingerie, a wig and holding what appeared to be a diaper with feces. In another of the snapshots, the boys saw how their father ate the contents of that diaper.

Cory, he saved these images on his mobile phone and from there they never came back to look at his parent in the same way.

According to the prosecutor’s office, when Dylan learned that he was going to spend thanksgiving with his father, he asked his brother Cory to send him the photos. Everything indicated that on the afternoon of November 18 Dylan confronted his father by showing him the snapshots and that the man prey to anger ended his son’s life.

Experts testified that the child probably died of a skull fracture, as well as acute force injuries.

At the trial, Cory also declared, who admitted that the last 9 years had been a misery and that he felt guilty for not having been able to protect his brother:

“I can’t bring Dylan back. I can’t talk to Dylan, so I pray to him. I dream of him... Dylan is my hero and he became more of a man in 13 years than Mark in 60.”

Elaine, for her part, spoke about the last time she saw her son and also wanted to share with the court how good her son was.

Finally, on July 16, 2021, Mark was found guilty of all charges since it was determined that he had killed his son in an “attack of anger” after being confronted by the images found on his computer.

On October 8, the individual was sentenced to forty-eight years in prison.

In announcing his sentence, the judge said that Mark showed “an absolute lack of remorse for his criminal behavior.”

Upon leaving the courthouse, Elaine and Cory wanted to thank the Office of the Sheriff of La Plata County and the Office of the Prosecutor of the Sixth Judicial District for the time and resources they devoted to bring the case to trial.

During a telephone interview, Sheriff Sean Smith said that his office simply looked for the facts and presented the evidence as best he could.

“I think today’s result showed that the jury understood the case we presented and the objective of seeking justice for the family,” Smith said.


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