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This post is not for the easily grossed out. This post also contains adult content so reader discretion is advised.

So necrophilia is defined as having sex with or an attraction to a corpse. It could be considered a weird fetish. It is a crime, I know that for sure. I was grossed out and also curious about this topic for whatever reason. Here is what I found out.

It actually dates back to ancient Greece. There is an 8th century piece of art work of a live woman who is pleasuring a skeleton. In ancient Egypt there were accounts where they would leave the bodies of attractive women were left out for 3 or 4 days before they were given to the embalmers. This happens so that the embalmers wouldn't be tempted to have their ways with the bodies. There was even a woman who killed herself to avoid marrying King Herod. He kept her body in honey 7 years so he could have sex with it. Up until the 19th century in Europe if engaged woman dies before she was married the guy could still consummate the marriage. In America there is no federal law against having sex with a corpse but there are a lot of states that have laws against it.

There's 10 tiers of necrophilia. There's role players that pretend that their live partner is dead. Romantic necrophiliacs are people who remain attached to their dead lovers body. Necrophiliac fantasisers are people who fantasize about necrophilia but never real act on it. Tactile necrophiliacs who are people stroke or touch the bodies but don't actually have sex with the body. Fetishistic necrophiliacs are those who remove objects (like panties or tampons) or body parts from the body for sexual purposes without engaging in sex with a dead body. Necromutilomaniacs are people who get pleasure from mutilating a corpse while masturbating without engaging in sex. Opportunistic necrophiliacs are people who normally don't have an interest in necrophilia but take the opportunity when it arises. Regular necrophiliacs are people prefer to have sex with dead bodies. Homicidal necrophiliacs people who kill people just to have sex with them. Exclusive necrophiliacs are those who have exclusive interest in dead bodies and can not perform with a live partner.

There are also categories of homicidal necrophiliacs. Category A is cold/destructive which is like Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer. Category B is cold/preservative like Gary Ridgway (the green river killer) and Dennis Nilsen (a Scottish serial killer). Category C is warm/destructive like Andrei Chikatilo (Butcher of Rostov) and Joseph Vacher (The French Ripper). Category D is warm/preservative like Robert Yates and Earle Nelson (Gorilla Killer). Category E is dabblers like Richard Ramirez (the night stalker) and Mark Dixie. Category F is catathymic⁠, people who impulsively and explosively lash out. Category G is exclusive necromutilophiles like Robert Napper and Peter Sutcliffe (Yorkshire Ripper). Category H is sexual cannibals and vampires like Albert Fish (Werewolf of Wysteria) and Peter Kürten (The Vampire of Düsseldorf).

It is believed that people turn to necrophilia out of fear of death, fear of rejection or low self esteem. 21% of necrophiles are those who want a reunion with a partner. 15% are motived by sexual attraction to dead people. While another 15% are motived by the desire for comfort or to overcome feelings of isolation. 8% of necrophiles are female.

Necrophilia can be treated. When it comes to treatment the person has to want help. Therapy can help and also getting help finding living partners can cut down on the act. It is also a crime in some places but not everywhere.

I know that this was weird and a little gross but I think some may find this interesting. I will be working on more true crime and creepy posts so stay tuned.

Lena Bailey
Lena Bailey
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