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by The Author Blogger about a year ago in fiction
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Chapter Ten

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Hey guys, the author blogger again. WASSSSSSSSUP !!!!!!!!Right down below is chapter ten of my book and if you haven't read my chapter nine yet please, please click here.



“Who?” was Pavel’s reply.

Jason slammed the butt of his gun on Pavel’s head. Pavel cursed. “Ok ok, I don’t know much about him all I know is he is working for my father.”

“What’s his deal? How long has been working for you father?”

“I don’t know his deal, I swear. As for how long I don’t know either.”

“What do you know about mission Doomsday?”

“What to know?”


“I really don’t know anything. Dad trusts that traitor of yours rather than me,” said Pavel angrily.

“Where is your dad now?” asked Jason. Jane looked at him surprised but she didn’t speak a word.

Pavel too looked stunned and he hesitated.

Jane raised her gun to his head and he said panicking, “Ok ok don’t shoot me please. All I know is he is somewhere in Goa, India.”

Jason knew from Pavel’s eyes that he was speaking the truth.

He looked at Jane as if enquiring ‘what next?’ Jane looked back and after a moment said, “Well, you can finish it.”

Jason smiled, “I think I am starting to like you.” With that, Pavel Revendil dropped dead with a bullet in his head.


When they were back outside, on the road it was too late in the evening. Jane checked the flight schedules to Goa on her phone but with no luck. All flights to India itself was scheduled for the next day. So the only option left was to get a room for the night. They booked two hotel rooms in a small hotel of the road.

On their way to their rooms Jane said, “So, now, we are going after the biggest criminal of the world. Wanna fill me up on that?”

Jason couldn’t get a straight answer. All his thoughts were muddled after he had learned that what Jane said was true. That he was being betrayed all this time. “Oh! I am sorry. Just that all this is so weird, I mean my friend, he was like a brother to me.”

“Well, I am surprised you are not already used to it. All this is common in our world. Whether you like it or not.”

The lift opened and they were on their floor. Jason walked out first, pondering on what Jane said. He wasn’t used to this as he has always been careful not trust anyone in his life except for John. Jason spoke up, “About Revendil, I feel that we are at a dead end. Now, I feel the only way we can get to know something about mission Doomsday or what happened to Shoun…”, when Jane heard his name she stifled a sort of sob. “….or anything Revendil is our only hope.”

Jason had a feeling that she was hiding something but he decided to give her time.

Jane thought for a while and said,” That makes sense! But you do know that we are going up against the biggest crime boss in the world. I hope you have a plan.”

Jason hesitated and then replied, “Well, that’s a work in a progress.”

“Then you better work hard ‘cause we are got to need all the help we need for this.”

“Hey! We are a team, we had made it this far. Then, why not the rest of the way.”

“Ya, you’re right.”

“Hey…um…wanna join me for dinner tonight. I saw some really good restaurants in the hotel.”

“Uh…. Ya sure. Why not? Meet you downstairs in half an hour.


Hope you like this chapter. If you require the full book you can find it here on Amazon. And I would really like to hear your comments on my book so comment your thoughts on my YouTube channel.

See ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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