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Missing 13-year-old Amy Sue Pagnac, whose Disappearance Remains a Mystery to Maple Grove Police

Amy Sue went missing in August 1989

By Chukwuebuka Published 2 months ago 4 min read

The last time Amy Sue Pagnac, who was 13 years old, was ever heard from or seen was on August 5, 1989, when she went to a gas station with her father on their way back from their family farm in Isanti County. Since then, she has vanished without a trace. 

Despite the fact that it has been more than 30 years since she vanished, the case is still open and being looked into because no one knows for sure where she could have gone or who might have kidnapped her.

Although Susan Pagnac, her mother, finds solace in the thought that one day she will receive a call saying, "We have found her, and she is coming home," she is still feverishly concerned about her daughter's well-being over 30 years after her abduction.

Susan prays everyday that her daughter returns

Amy's mother claimed that the incident involving her daughter going missing had altered her life. During her discussion with KARE 11, she expressed her sadness and anger over having missed all of her daughter's significant life events.

"You don't expect them to disappear, and the last thing you anticipate is that they don't just disappear but also become completely silent for 30 years. She claimed, "We missed her graduation. We missed her first date. We didn’t experience her going to college." As they had missed all of her birthdays since she was 13 years old, she wished they could join her in celebrating her 40th birthday.

The Disappearance of Amy Sue Pagnac 

On August 5, 1989, Amy and her father, Marshall Midden, made a stop at the Holiday Inn gas station in Osseo, Minnesota at around 4:30 p.m. on their way home from a family farm visit. They lived in the 9700 block of Hemlock Lane north in Maple Grove, Minnesota, which was only two miles from the gas station.

The gas station where Amy was supposedly last seen by her father

While Midden went inside the station briefly to use the bathroom, Amy disappeared from their parked vehicle. At first, authorities thought that Amy might have run away from home, as she had done so repeatedly that summer, but always returned home shortly after. However, she is no longer classified as a runaway.

Amy had a medical problem that caused seizures, it's not known if that's what led to her disappearance. It is possible that she had a seizure while Midden was inside the building and became disoriented, and then walked away from the car afterwards.

On the contrary, her mother thinks that if she suffered seizures, she wouldn’t have wanted to run from her dad and stay hidden.

Importantly, no other witnesses besides her father reported seeing Amy at the gas station that day, and police were unable to independently verify that she had been there.

Amy Sue Pagnac

Her family thinks she was abducted against her will since she was excited to begin eighth grade.

Her disappearance is a huge source of worry for the family members because, according to, she occasionally experienced fits of rage and seizures, and needed to take frequent allergy medicine. Investigators executed a search warrant at her parents' Maple Grove home, but there is no sign of her yet and no suspect of her arrest.

Susan is pleading with the public to share any new details that are discovered. Also, she stated that she would like to speak with the person who called early on in the investigation to confirm that they knew Amy but who has not contacted them since. They could speak up and possibly explain what they meant, or perhaps they noticed something crucial.

The investigation into Amy Sue Pagnac's disappearance is still ongoing, and her case is still open. Also, a separate room has been established by the Maple Grove police to look into her disappearance. 

Moreover, the Maple Grove police encourage anyone with information about Amy to call them. In order to help people recognize Amy Sue Pagnac, posters have over the years shown what she would look like as she grew older.

Searching the family home and farm yielded no positive results

In the spring of 2014, authorities searched Amy's parents' farm in Isanti County, Minnesota, and their residence in Maple Grove in an effort to find any information related to her case. However, the searches yielded no significant leads. The case gained renewed attention as a result of these searches.

Amy's parents have denied any involvement in her disappearance and maintain their innocence. Amy's mother believes that her daughter may have been taken for sex trafficking.

The case "still remains a top priority," according to Maple Grove Police, and they owe it to Amy to bring her back. 


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