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He was shopping with his mother when this MONSTER made him something that left everyone in SHOCK

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By Based On a True StoryPublished about a month ago 3 min read

The little one in the pic was Julián Wood, only 3 years old at the time of the events.

Due to his young age there is no information about his biography, it is only known that he was the son of Margot and Jared, that he had 2 siblings and that they all lived happily in their home in Cleveland, Ohio.

His parents say that he was a “sweet boy” who was obsessed with his new little sister and who always wanted to fight with his older brother.

Just a few days ago Margot went with her son to do some shopping at a supermarket without knowing that they would come across a real monster.

The facts:

On June 3, 2024, Margot went with her son to a supermarket near her home to do some shopping. The woman sat the child in the shopping cart to be able to comfortably select the items.

Margot went through the cash register to pay without knowing when she left with her son still in the cart to the parking lot that were being followed by 32-year-old Bionca Ellis.

Suddenly, while Margot was introducing the purchase into the trunk, Bionca ran towards them and began to insure the child with a knife. His mother was injured in the shoulder when she tried to help him.

It all happened in just five seconds and then the woman fled the place. Unfortunately, the attack was so brutal that the child died in the hospital.

A witness who watched the events got into his car to follow Bionca while he called 911. Thanks to him, the agents who arrived at the place managed to arrest Bionca.

Through the surveillance cameras of the nearby premises and the supermarket itself, the police were able to assemble the sequence of what happened

That day, shortly before 3 in the afternoon, Bionca was recorded stealing two knives from an establishment.

Then she went to the supermarket and began to follow Margot and her son through the parking lot without them noticing the danger that haunted them until he committed the terrible facts that I have told.

Authorities said that the woman did not know the family and described what happened as a random incident.

On Court:

From Bionca it is known that in 2023 she was arrested for minor theft and also for skipping parole.

It is important to mention that the woman initially appeared by video from the county prison, but she stared at the ground while the court judge, Margaret Russo, asked her if she had a copy of the accusation that sued her for aggravated murder and other related charges.

Bionca first responded to the judge “I don’t know” and then stopped responding despite the magistrate’s multiple requests. Then, she asked Bionca why she didn’t respond and she again remained silent.

Subsequently, Russo went on to other readings of charges, but called Ellis again a few minutes later and asked him again if he had the accusation.

She said again that she did not know it and an assistant public defender, whose office represented the accused in an unrelated matter, told the judge that Ellis had mental health problems and tried to waive her right to review the accusation before being prosecuted.

The judge refused, saying that it was not appropriate because prosecutors could request the death penalty, if she is found guilty. Then she ordered Ellis to appear before the court and for the public defender’s office to review the accusation with her.

On June 10, she appeared before the court for a preliminary hearing that caused a great impact because of the outrageous faces that Bionca outlined for the chamber.

In the video Bianca is seen smiling and mocking several times while the judge read aloud the ten charges of the accusation. In addition, she whispered while answering the questions in court and pleaded not guilty to the charges against her without showing any kind of regret.

Jared Wood, father of little Julian, also testified before the court and claimed that he lost everything he had in life. Before announced the bail, the man who was a few meters from Ellis told the judge that he did not want his son’s murderer to be released on bail.

“There is nothing that can replace my son, or anything that my wife, I and our other children are going through. It’s horrendous.

Just do everything you can to keep this monster behind bars”

Finally, Margaret Rusoo fixed a bail of 5 million dollars for Bianca, who faces 10 charges against her. She is now in prison awaiting trial.

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