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Get Back In The Saddle

by Timoteo Ry 2 years ago in fiction
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Chapter 1

The daunting task of recovering from this epidemic is nearly impossible. Once a wave of virus bearers get quarantined, a second wave soon thereto follows. Tong, a young man from south east Asia, is demanding change within the government walls. Yet, no change had come! You see, it wasn't so easy for him because his whole family was infected, and he had to try to stop the government from intervening into his life, before he became just another infected person. They had lost all of their rights to a normal life over in south east Asia, they were being treated like wounded animals.

Luckily, Tong was very popular among his friends, and he was able to convince them to open up a back office down the street from where he lived, right behind the riot police, from one of his landlord associates. Tong and his friends would deliberate day in and day out, on how to seize control of the government's power, and bring their city the freedom it deserved. They would sit amongst the tables in this dusty old office, and conjure up plans on how to infiltrate the government's own borders. By now, the government had set up camp in Tong's hometown, and would pepper spray and shoot rubber bullets at anyone who tried to walk the streets. It was as if a world war was going on, in Tong's own backyard. He just couldn't take it anymore, him and his friends knew they had to do something! So, they talked amongst themselves on how to build a resistance group that would annilihate the governmental control that was keeping everyone suppresed in closed quarters. They called themselves the 14 Avenue Tomahawks, because Tong lived on 14th Avenue in Hong Kong.

One day, Tong's friend Annie said, "Hey guess what, I know somebody who used to be an ex-police officer whose got there hands on some valuable weapons!"

"Really?" Tong said. "This might be something we use. I just can't carry on like this anymore, my family is falling apart, and the system is tearing these citizens apart!"

"Yes it is," exclaimed Annie. "We can't carry on like this anymore Tong."

Time had gone on, and Tong & Annie were able to connect with the old police department about getting the guns and ammunition they needed to retaliate. I guess you could say there was an inside job in place here, something so menacing that the system could be defeated. There they were, the 14th Avenue Tomahawks, a group of people stuck inside the office now waiting for Tong's orders.

"Friends, there comes a time when we can only put up with so much of this unfair lifestyle! My family got this virus, and all that's left is me! I'm sure the same thing goes for some of you too," Tong said.

Annie and the others looked at Tong and agreed slowly.

"It's time we take a deep breath and give the government a little taste of our own medicine!" Tom said.

Unfortunately for the 14h Avenue Tomahawks, they only had a small window of time left, before their plan would possibly be found. So they had to come up with some other plan of attack now, or it would be too late! Annie's friend with the cop connection was named Marco, and he was once a police officer, who lost his whole family due to the works of the police. It was his idea to have the Tomahawks leave to the train station at 8:30am, so that the government would notice them, but fail to notice Marco setting up shop behind the riot squad barriers. They could create attention by going through the train depot, where the government officials would notice them, yet fail to notice Marcos creeping up behind them on the backside of those barriers, using his sniper rifle to pick them off one by one. Once the government advanced forward towards the group, Marcos would sneak up behind those officials and open fire with his weapons.

"Folks, it's time to say your prayers, because we have one chance to change this mayhem once and for all!," said Tong. "I'm not going to say this twice, but Marcos already lost his family, and he's seeking vengeance! We all have suffered because of these cops, so now lets not let Marcos down. Are you ready! One, two, march!!!!"

So on they went, like the steadfast tin soldier, wanting to execute this plan of action into the morning sun.


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