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A Short Story For Your Enjoyment

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I had to duck for cover, and I made it just in time before they spotted me. I saw the patches on the jackets of the biker gang I betrayed, and I knew that if they saw me, I would be dead within the hour. And it wouldn't be a quick death.

Slowly I crept back away as I got to my car, I hoped that no one leaked my location. After all everyone does have their price all the bikers will have to do find is what price that would be, and they would get me and the bikers, with all their illegal activities could easily afford anyone’s price. For now, I was safe, I had my go bag or bug out bag in the trunk just for such an emergency like this. And I had my location where I could go should something like this happen. I wasn't taking any chances that they might have found me.

It took 2 hours to drive there to my secret location that even my witness protection handler didn't know about. I couldn't take the chance of letting her know about that place because like I said before everyone does have their price and it wouldn't be too difficult for a biker gang with all their profits from their illegal dealings to find the price that would take Christy to betray me.

So now here I was alone in a cabin that was off the grid, full solar power that gave electricity to everything I needed. I could use the septic system for fertilizer of my garden. I had practiced many times how to grow all the vegetables I would need to sustain a long-term hideout along with all the hunting I would need to do to get protein in my diet.

Everything was set up with all the surveillance cameras to let me know when anyone or anything came within 5 miles of where I was hiding. An alarm would go off on my computer when it happened this allowed me to sleep. Without anyone else to help keep me safe I could not stay up for 24 hours a day 7 days a week and still be able to defend myself should the need arise. No human could possibly ever do that.

And unfortunately, I did not have anyone else at my secret location that could help me provide security. I kept my Mossberg 12-guage shotgun and Glock 9mm at my bedside whenever I slept. In fact, I kept some sort of firearm in every room of my location. I could never be too careful or too secure, I could be taking a shower or anything at all if the bikers found me.

Two weeks after I went into hiding, the alarm on my computer went off. I jumped out of bed, grabbed my shotgun and rushed to the monitor. I was shocked at what I saw, Benny my best friend as a kid was hiking on the trail. He was currently relieving himself right in view of my camera, in some ways this was a relief to me as he wouldn’t be doing that if he knew the camera was there. So maybe he didn’t know I was here.

But I couldn’t just assume that, you know the old saying of what assuming makes out of you and me. I kept my eyes on every camera feed just in case that Benny was being used, willingly or otherwise, as a ruse to get me to lower my guard. And he kept coming, closer and closer to my location.

And when he got to my cabin, he knocked on the door, with my gun in hand I opened, saw the smile on his face and he said, “I’m glad you escaped, I need your help.”

Ian Worrall
Ian Worrall
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Ian Worrall

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