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An unexpected night

Always ask for what you want. Never reach for anything in the dark.

By Kimberlie Mc millanPublished about a month ago 3 min read
An unexpected night
Photo by Biel Morro on Unsplash

I was a schoolgirl at point Fortin Roman Vathilic School, when something no one could have predict. The incident that happened, took place at Avery fragile time in my life. I want to relate what occurred.

I was one of a small numb er of homeless – my parents were separated. I did not understand the situation at that time. My mother was on drugs. Also know as cocaine at that time. Not that I knew that at the time, of course. They just said they had ‘business to attend to, or simply just disappeared for weeks.

Many times I was packed off to St Anthony home for children for months at a time. Many times they never kept me because I was too old. Still on this day cry for the comfort that I never received from a mother that was never there for me.

Anyway, a very quite time that is I know to me, but was before the age of nine years old. It was a quiet Saturday in May, not even a cricket could be heard and when I went down to the kitchen. The lights were never turned on because I have mapped the location like o could see.

While down in the dark kitchens to fetch some milk or whatever they had to drink. Usually it would have been normal just to find nothing. However, there was some chocolate tea in a black pot, which someone had just made.

Silly me, it felt like there was someone else in the room with me. I heard nothing but k felt like I was not alone on the room. I tried to invasion who or what it could be. Sadly the night was dark as blue.

With fear shivering down my pants like the feeling of iced cold water. It left me clueless and a similar feeling of fear. With so many thought running thought my head, I saw someone very familiar to me.

There she was Sara, with standing there silent like the dead. Then I knew for sure my step mother was going to punish me. I should not be up, especially not in the kitchen at this hour for no reason. Not even an emergency that her life depended on it.

But, this case was very different, she looked more fearful than I was as we looked at each other. Her gelatin arms right up to her plump elbows in a sink full of wares that was barely touched. “Hello, my dear Sara, what’s that smell?” I asked with a trembling voice that I wished I could have used to disappear.

While asking that question I could help smell an unpleasant odour, that could murder any one trying to steal anything. Especially the scent of left over boiled rice. It was unlike the dreaded boiled cabbage and steamed fish.

Although someone was trying to steal god knows what. I wished at this moment I could be cooked to death, even served up four times a week for dinner especially when I saw the back shiny gun in the unidentify man hand.

At this moment I felt like if I was in a dream and I would wake up by the sound of a bang. His gun spoke to home as he asked for Justin, though we we all in fear a pin could be heard at any point.

Fear alone we had would of made anyone of us communicate and tell him where Justin is. But we both were devastated and shocked at the same time. We had no clues on who Justin was…

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About the Creator

Kimberlie Mc millan

I’m from Trinidad. I’m a mother of five and I’m currently doing my best to life a life that would be beneficial to us all.

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