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Disney Crew Member Mysteriously Vanishes On Board —Justice For Rebecca Coriam

The mysterious disappearance of a young British Disney crew member, Rebecca Coriam, has left many puzzled, in need of answers and desperate for closure.

By Mrs HPublished about a year ago 7 min read

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Beautiful Rebecca was born on the 11th of March 1987 in Chester, England. She lived with her parents, Mike and Annmaria, her sister Rachael and two foster brothers. A young girl full of life and never afraid to chase her dreams. Amongst those was being a Disney crew member, and in 2010 Rebecca went to London for an interview, and her dream came true.

She was hired as a youth worker for Disney wonder and quickly left England and headed to Florida for training, but sadly no one suspected what transpired down the line.

According to friends and family, Rebecca was over the moon about her new role. Though handling kids can be a handful sometimes, especially in places like Disney, Rebecca loved it, which made her job a lot easier. Anything is always worth it as long you love doing it.

She called and frequently texted to keep in contact with everyone; even if it was just a tiny snap of what she was doing, she knew everybody would have got the message loud and clear and that she was okay. For that, her parents were always at peace.

Sadly few months into the job, her grandfather passed away, and Rebecca returned home to grieve with the family and pay her last respects. Unfortunately, that was the last time her family ever saw her.

Two weeks after spending time in England, Rebecca returned to work and soon departed for another cruise. She sent her mother a message on Facebook, letting her know that she had travelled safely and would call her the following day.

That night Rebecca embarked on a work trip, but as soon as the boat passed Mexico, one of the crew members called Rebecca's mom to let her know that her daughter was missing, but they didn't know how.

The Search and investigations

A look into the Cctv showed Rebecca on what seemed like a devastating call around 5:45 that morning. One of the crew members was seen approaching her and asking if she was okay, and her lips read, "yeah, fine", even though her previous actions showed otherwise. Soon after ending the call, Rebecca pulled back her hair, put her hands in her back pockets, and then walked off.

Unfortunately, from there, the cameras never picked up anything. During staff questioning, one of the crew members noted that Rebecca had woken up around 3 am and headed to the top of the deck, and something just seemed off with her, but they never saw her coming back.

Mike and Annmaria flew from England to Los Angeles to seek answers to every question they had; however, they had to wait for the boat to arrive, and that was three days after their daughter's disappearance. Upon their arrival, they were shocked to find that the FBI was not present despite being notified about the incident.

To add pain to injury, Mike and Annmaria were disgusted to learn that none of the US organisations that usually help in similar cases would be present in Rebecca’s case to offer their support.

As if that was not enough, Mike and his wife arrived at the ship port in a black tinted car window owned and provided by the company and were quickly shoved on a side entrance and then into the boat. According to them, those three things only pointed out one thing. Disney appeared to be doing their best to try and conceal whatever had transpired from the public. Nonetheless, they continued searching for what they had travelled for.

The first person they questioned was the ship captain. Though he claimed he never saw Rebecca that evening, he had assumptions of what might have happened based on what he heard about her last location.

He told the parents that maybe after the disturbing call, Rebecca might have headed to deck five to get some fresh air and clear her mind; however, on that day, the winds were very strong for a petite person to be up there alone, so maybe a strong wave swept her into the ocean.

Mike and Ann then asked to be taken to the place the captain was talking about, and after a few minutes of analysing it, they concluded that nothing of that sort was possible. The deck railings were too high and rugged enough to protect her from the supposed strong wave.

After asking to view the CCTV in that specific area, sadly, there were told that that deck did not have any cameras. Any possibility of someone hurting her or a crew member not liking her presence was entirely brushed off without any investigation. It was clear to the parents that they had not travelled to be consolidated and given answers but to be insulted and laughed at.

After a few minutes of staring in despair and wondering what could have happened to their daughter, a Bahamas police officer was brought in for a quick investigation as the boat needed to depart for its next destination.

Because of the short time frame given to the officer, it only took him a couple of minutes to come up with a verdict and concluded that nothing seemed suspicious, and the boat took off.

Everyone aware of the tragic incident was shocked by the company's behaviour. Instead of taking a few days off and conducting thorough investigations, they were concerned about making money and moving on with their lives as if nothing had happened.

They also failed to use their influence and spread the word as much as possible but only shared a two-minute script of how they were concerned about whatever happened to her.

Rebecca's parents collected whatever their daughter had left behind and headed back to England with tears of pain. Two months after the incident, Rebecca's bank reported a few transactions on her card, which brought a bit of hope but unfortunately, it remained stagnant since then.

One of her uncles then tried to log in to her Facebook account, but strangely her password had been changed a few days back. Was there a chance it could have been her, or someone had access to all her essential information, including her bank cards? If so, then the captain's story becomes more dubious and invalid.

Once the Coriams arrived in England, they headed to their local police to report the case and see if they could get any help, but sadly they got more disappointed. Since they had been chasing the Bahamas police for an update without getting a response, they asked if British authorities could get hold of it. Not surprisingly, they did but refused to hand it over to them or mention what it contained, claiming that it had "personal information".

However, members of the public wanted to see justice served. Among them was journalist Jon Ronson who volunteered to head over to the US to seek answers.

He got on the same cruise ship, stood precisely where the company claimed Rebecca was and interviewed some crew members. He later concluded that there was more to the story than what met the eyes.

He said during interviews, Rebecca's colleagues were not comfortable being interviewed and refused to reveal their identities. One of them specifically said, "it didn't happen, but you know that's just what I am supposed to say", then refused to say more. Nonetheless, that statement only proved what most of us think. Whatever happened to Rebecca might have been pre-planned, and there was a lot of foul play and cover-up within the company, just like the case of Vanessa Guillen.

Only one prominent member of Parliament representing the labour party in England, Chris Matheson, openly expressed that, without doubt, Rebecca was murdered on that boat.

“The more you look into this, the more it smells rotten, the more it smells like a crime”, but like the rest of them, he refused to release the original copy of the Bahamas police report which he claimed to have and that it clearly shows evidence of what he believes.

Since there is no official statement concerning the case, many speculations arose of what could have happened, but after a few analyses, none of them makes any logical sense, including the one made by the company. The weather forecast report on that day was totally different from what the company claimed.

Many people believe that she was a victim of human trafficking, while some believe she committed suicide due to the disturbing phone call. Statistics show that 3/4 of crew members commit suicide a week while on board. Despite that being a possibility, the Coriams think it's just another theory to try and stop them from finding the truth.

Without a concrete answer from Disney, Rebecca's family filed a lawsuit against the company. Though it took a few years to reach an agreement in 2015, the company compensated the family but has refused to release the amount to the public. I hope the family finds a way to heal, but l strongly believe Disney knows what happened to that bubbly, fun and dream chaser, Rebecca Coriam.



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