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Devil's priest husband ate his wife's brain after the murder and made an ashtray of the skull

Gruesome Murder in Mexico: Devil's Priest Husband Eats Wife's Brain and Makes Skull Ashtray

By Naveedkk Published 12 months ago 3 min read
Wife and Husband


In a shocking and horrifying incident that has sent shockwaves throughout Mexico, a man identified as Alvaro Semet brutally murdered his wife, Maria Montel, and committed unspeakable acts afterwards. This gruesome crime involved the consumption of his wife's brain and the transformation of her skull into an ashtray. The incident has shed light on the dark underbelly of satanic worship and its potential influence on individuals. The following article delves into the details of this heinous crime, the motivations behind it, and the subsequent legal proceedings.

The Murder and Confession:

According to reports from the World News Agency, Alvaro Semet, a 35-year-old self-proclaimed devil's priest, confessed to the murder of his wife, Maria Montel, who was two years older than him. Semet claimed that he received a directive from the devil himself, compelling him to carry out this horrific act. It is believed that the accused had been deeply immersed in satanic rituals and worship.

The Act of Cannibalism:

The shocking revelation made by Alvaro Semet was that he not only killed his wife but also indulged in acts of cannibalism. After murdering Maria Montel, Semet proceeded to dismember her body, cooking and consuming various parts of it. This act of consuming human flesh is a horrifying violation of societal norms and human decency. The remaining body parts were packed in a bag and discarded in a remote wilderness, further exacerbating the brutality of the crime.

Discovery and Arrest:

Following the murder, the husband confessed his grisly actions to Maria Montel's daughter from her previous marriage. Horrified by the revelation, the daughter promptly informed the police, leading to Semet's arrest. The swift action of the daughter in reporting the crime played a vital role in ensuring the apprehension of the accused.

The Cry for Justice:

The grieving mother of the victim has demanded justice for her daughter's heinous murder. She described the gruesome manner in which her daughter's body was mutilated, with body parts cut using a sharp knife and bones broken with a hammer. Such cruelty and brutality demand the full force of the law to be applied to ensure justice for the victim and her family.

Satanic Worship and the Influence on Individuals:

This appalling crime raises concerns about the influence of satanic worship on vulnerable individuals like Alvaro Semet. While the vast majority of people who identify as Satanists do not engage in criminal activities, cases like this highlight the potential dangers associated with extremist ideologies. It is crucial for society to recognize and address the factors that contribute to such beliefs and actions, such as mental health issues, social isolation, or exposure to radical ideologies.

Legal Proceedings and Public Outrage:

The arrest of Alvaro Semet marks the beginning of the legal process to hold him accountable for his abhorrent actions. It is expected that the judicial system will conduct a thorough investigation, ensuring a fair trial while considering the gravity of the crime committed. The public outrage over this case emphasizes the importance of justice being served swiftly and appropriately.


The brutal murder of Maria Montel by her husband, Alvaro Semet, stands as a chilling reminder of the dark depths to which human beings can descend. The disturbing details of the crime, involving the consumption of human flesh and the transformation of a skull into an ashtray, have shocked and appalled the nation. This horrific incident serves as a call to action for society to address the underlying causes that contribute to such extreme behavior and to ensure that justice is served for the victim and her family. It is through the diligent efforts of law enforcement and a vigilant society that we can work towards preventing such heinous acts from occurring in the future.

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  • Novel Allen12 months ago

    Such horrible things that happen everywhere, sometimes they are never found it. Makes you wonder what else is happening in the dark and dark places.

Naveedkk Written by Naveedkk

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