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Davohnte Morgan Disappeared While on Vacation

No one has seen or heard from Vohnte Since 2020

By True Crime WriterPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Almost four years ago, Davohnte Morgan, 28, disappeared from Mt. Shasta, California during a vacation with his girlfriend. His brother said Vohnte’s girlfriend did not seem concerned that he never returned to their hotel room after an argument, and police suspect she knows more about his disappearance than she has told.

Davohnte lived in San Fransisco where everyone seemed drawn to his charming personality and handsome looks. His eyes mesmerized the ladies who always seemed eager to be in his presence. Vonhte, as friend and family called him, loved his mother, Terri, and brother, Anthony, and the three were very close.

In 2019, Vohnte met an older woman at a concert. Although 20 years his senior, she caught his eye and the two became inseparable. Despite noticing red flags, his family supported him in his new relationship. They all wanted to see him happy, and she definitely made Vohnte smile.

A Trip to Mt. Shasta

In May 2020, Vohnte and his girlfriend planned an overnight trip to Mt. Shasta, about four hours northwest of San Fransisco. Vohnte had a family birthday party to attend the following day, something he would never miss. Neither person knew anyone in Mt. Shasta, although loved to explore new places.

On the evening of May 5, Vohnte’s girlfriend called Anthony and said she and Vohnte got into an argument the night before. Neither spoke after the argument. That morning, Vohnte stormed out of the room and walked down the road on foot. He did not take his cell phone or credit or debit cards with him.

Vohnte Reported Missing

Anthony did not find this news odd, at least until he failed to show up at his nephew’s birthday party and still had not shown up two days later. When Vohnte’s girlfriend called on May 7, 2020, saying she still had not seen him, Anthony convinced her to file a missing person report with the police.

At the Mt. Shasta Police Department, Sgt. Devon Priddy took the report. He noted that Vohnte’s girlfriend did not “act upset,” and said she instead acted “looney” and was “all over the place” and “did not seem too concerned sad, or upset that he had not been found.”

Last Sighting of Davohnte

A surveillance camera in Mt. Shasta caught Vohnte walking down the road on May 5, 2020, at around 10 a.m. He walked into a convenience store and made a purchase using cash. Vohnte did not have his debit or credit cards on his person, nor did he take his cell phone with him.

Vohnte’s family immediately suspected the girlfriend had something to do with his disappearance. Terri Barnes told news outlets after her son disappeared,

“Thinking back now, something happened to him while in her presence. I believe that the girlfriend had something to do with Davohnte going missing.”

His family also accepts the possibility that someone local in Mt. Shasta could have harmed Davohnte. Anthony said perhaps a local targeted him because he was from the city.

Due to the size of Mt. Shasta, authorities did not initially search the woods or waterways near the hotel. Mt. Shasta is approximately the same size as Hawaii or about four million acres. Authorities also said they had no reason to believe he would have traveled into those areas. Later searches of woods and waterways near the hotel did not produce any traces of Vohnte.

Was Vohnte's Girlfriend Involved in His Disappearance?

Police do not have any evidence suggesting Vohnte’s girlfriend was involved in his disappearance, although officials say she remains a suspect of interest in the case.

“I believe she knows more than she’s giving,” Sgt. Piddy told news outlets.

Three years after Vohnte’s disappearance, Sgt. Priddy told NBC News,

“This isn’t a cold case, it’s not going away. This is not common for the Mt. Shasta Police Department to have a missing persons case go this long, but we are constantly reviewing it, and when we get new officers hired on we have them go through the case so they can get caught up to speed with what’s going on.”

If you have any information about Davohnte Morgan’s whereabouts or the case, contact the Mount Shasta Police Department at (530) 926-7540.



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