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Brian Laundrie's Notebook Included Gabby Petito Murder Confession— Families Battle In Court

A judge denied a motion to dismiss the Petito family lawsuit. The case is going to trial!

By Chrissie Marie MasseyPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Gabby Petito/ Image via Gabspetito/Instagram

A Florida judge denied a motion to dismiss the civil lawsuit filed by Gabby Petito’s family against Brian Laundrie’s family, People reports. The case will go to trial, something that Roberta and Christopher Laundrie wanted to avoid.

The lawsuit alleges that Brian’s parents knew the location of Petito’s body all along. They allowed police and other law enforcement agencies to spend a massive amount of money to locate her and Brian when they knew the location of both all along.

Gabby’s parents, Nichole Schmidt and Joseph Petito, are seeking $30,000 in damages for the emotional distress they suffered because the Laundries refused to give the location of their daughter’s remains.

Petito’s parents alleged in a March filing that the Laundries helped Brian cover-up Gabby’s murder and made plans to help him escape. The same filing said instead of helping law enforcement and Gabby’s parents find their daughter, they went on vacation and blocked Petito’s family from calls and social media.

“Christopher Laundrie and Roberta Laundrie exhibited extreme and outrageous conduct which constitutes behavior, under the circumstances, which goes beyond all possible bounds of decency and is regarded as shocking, atrocious, and utterly intolerable in a civilized community,” the filing read.

Brian’s Family Sought To Dismiss The Lawsuit

It’s no surprise that Laundrie’s family wanted to petition the court to have the case dismissed. They claimed they were not “legally obligated” to disclose information they knew about their son or Gabby’s whereabouts.

The judge agreed the family was not required to speak about the case, other than to work with law enforcement, but felt their actions, considering the circumstances, were cruel and unnecessary.

Had the Laundries truly stayed silent, the court would have granted the motion to dismiss in the Laundries’ favor. But they did not stay silent,” Judge Carroll ruled.

According to People, the judge was referring to a statement made by the Laundrie family on September 12, 2021. The statement, which their lawyer delivered, said they understand a search for Gabby near Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming and they hope it united her family with their daughter.

The problem with their statement is they knew where Gabby’s remains were and they never told anyone. If they wouldn’t have issued any statement and stayed silent, the judge would have ruled in their favor and tossed the lawsuit out.

Brian’s Notebook Confesses To Gabby’s Murder

CNN reported that Brian wrote in his notebook that Gabby suffered an injury and she was in pain. He said he wanted to take the pain from her, and he did what she asked him to do. Apparently, after he took her life, he couldn’t live with his actions and decided to take his life, too.

“I don’t know the extent of Gabby’s ingerys (sic), only that she was in extreme pain. I ended her life. I thought it was merciful, that it is what she wanted, but I see now all the mistakes I made. I panicked. I was in shock. But from the moment I decided, took away her pain, I knew I couldn’t go on without her.”

On the last page of the notebook, Brian wrote that he killed himself by the creek, hoping animals will feast on his body. He asked whoever found his notebook and his things to please pick up the mess. He said, “Gabby hated people who litter.”

Laundrie’s notebook confirmed what everyone knew: he killed Gabby and then killed himself. We still down know what injury Gabby suffered (probably will never know). He claims she begged him to end her life, and he thought he was showing her mercy.

This case shocked and captivated the nation. How do we wish we would have found her before Brian ended her life? One thing is certain, Gabby’s life mattered and her legacy is domestic violence awareness.

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