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Arizona Allows the Corruption to Continue

by Taryn Thomas 3 years ago in incarceration
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As it becomes more apparent that injustices are running rampant within the state of Arizona, so is the corruption.

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For many people across Arizona, it is becoming more apparent that injustices are running rampant within the state of Arizona. For many of us living here in Arizona, it has shaped our lives in one way or another. People from other states oftentimes are repulsed by the way the state of Arizona has a tendency to run things, especially when it comes to the criminal justice system here. As the state of Arizona has continued to grow, policies have begun to change and somewhere along the line the state took a seriously wrong turn.

One would think that the elected politicians in Arizona, or any state for that matter, should truly value the livelihood and wellbeing of the citizens that put them in office. For starters, these citizens supported them, meaning these citizens took time off their jobs, spent time away from their families, and rallied for these politicians, as these citizens truly believed in their now elected officials and their "causes." Sadly here in Arizona, it seems the general consensus of elected politicians have no real desire to stand by their causes, words or promises they’ve made to the citizens of this state. They are more so quick fixers, like a bandaid, that are meant to be changed. These politicians couldn't care less about the citizens, unless they come under fire from grass roots organizations that receive media attention; even then they only show signs of good faith while the media is involved. After the media is no longer present, you're lucky to get a return phone call or email back.

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See, a long time ago, running private prisons became a legalized business to be in. The way that this works for those unfamiliar with this is that these private prisons are paid by the state government to incarcerate people before the state government owned prisons become too full. While this might sound like the key individuals are stepping in to keep criminals off the street, the reality is much more grim. The general idea in most cases is not only that these people are getting paid for running prisons, but they are actually also able to demand that the prisons be kept full to a certain percentage. When there is a contractual obligation to fill these prisons, that means that it is up to the government to provide inmates for them, which actually puts pressure on public service officers to arrest more people so that they can be locked up, and there is limited vacancy. Yes, you read that correctly. Our government is preying on citizens to lock them up so that they can meet a contract that they made with corrupt private prison owners ages ago. This is real life.

Currently in Arizona, we have both state and privately run prisons, with the privately run prisons being one of Arizona’s top priorities. Private prisons here in Arizona are requiring a 90% occupancy mandatory policy at all times. If the state doesn’t meet that quota, the state is fined millions of dollars, and who’s lap does that fall on? The taxpaying citizens of the state of Arizona, not the local city or state government. On top of that, the state prisons allow for private contracts for food, clothing, phone calls, etc. from private vendors. These types of business models are the type that allows for the corruption to continue, and at the same time allows for the corrupt to line their pockets all while our citizens are taken from their lives and locked away.

Now it is going to be up to us, the people of the state of Arizona, to change it. The problems within our justice system are rampant, starting from the very top all the way to the bottom feeders of our city and state's local governments. Nothing is more prevalent than the fact that we have built this state on an industry that’s primary focus is imprisonment. It needs to stop, now. But will it?

Everywhere you look, you can find stories of people who have been incarcerated over minor things for almost no reason. Worse, in many cases, the people targeted in these quests are often minorities and poor people who do not have the money to fight the injustices that they are facing within their communities. The reality is that Arizona citizens are becoming victims of a corrupt system just as much now as they ever were, and it is up to each of us to push for the policy changes that will stop this mass incarceration parade that is making its way through our streets. Enough is enough. It is time for us to let our voices be heard and stop being apathetic when it comes to justice. It doesn’t matter whether or not it impacts you. We all need to do our part to make sure that justice is returned to our state. The freedom of our citizens cannot be bought.


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