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Absurd Laws You Break Every Day Without Realizing It

by George Herman 4 years ago in fact or fiction

Don't worry, there's a very low chance of arrest for any of the following laws you break everyday. Still, it's good to know state and local laws more firmly.

While we may all want to believe, deep down, that we are angels in comparison to the lawlessness and injustice that plagues our world, we in fact do break quite a few laws on a regular basis. Oftentimes these laws tend to be so brittle or even unknown that most law enforcement officials will ignore them, but that isn't to say they are unnecessary. No matter if you live in New York City or Los Angeles, there are both state and local laws that can be, in all aspects, absurd. This isn't crime fiction, these are crime facts.

To better situate yourself into the penal system of the United States, and to possibly show you just how insane some of our legal codes truly are, I've generated a list of a few laws you break everyday. No, you may not be an actual criminal, but some of these may be the difference in paying a hefty fine, or getting off scott free. Enjoy!

Illegally Crossing the Street

Oh yeah, the literal golden goose of all the laws you break everyday is one anyone in any city performs on an hourly basis, and this is one many of us already know! Otherwise known as jaywalking, illegally crossing the street is one law on the books in every state in the country, and it is a necessary one.

You could easily cause yourself and/or others harm when illegally crossing a street, whether it be for causing an accident or being hit by a speeding car. To avoid this, stop jaywalking. How hard can that be?

Using an Open Wi-Fi Hotspot

How on earth could using one's Wi-Fi in a public place be considered a criminal act? Well, thanks to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, being arrested for, as it's known under the law, "Wi-Fi Squatting" has happened, but it's not a common occurrence.

This is just one of those laws you break every day, so be weary about utilizing your neighbor's unlocked wi-fi, unless you want to spend the next 2 years in jail if caught. That's right, it's a federal crime. Isn't that absurd!

Wearing an American Flag

We've seen singers and artists do this countless times. Hell, on July 4th practically everyone's wearing American flags! Unfortunately, this is a crime that can be enforced under federal consequences, but no one really follows it.

The law itself also states that the American flag design cannot be used for anything like cushions, clothes, advertising, or even paper napkins. What do you know, even patriotism is one of the laws you break every day.

Publicly Cursing

Downright hilarious and otherwise absurd, one of the few laws you break every day, whether by choice or not, can actually carry some terrifying consequences.

In Mississippi, cursing in public can land you 30 days in jail or a hefty fine that can be distributed by practically anyone, law enforcement or not. There's also a law against interrupting worship, so try not to curse in the middle of church or you could be in for a lengthy stay at the pen.

Cheating Self-Service Tills

You know those self-service, 10-items-or-less aisles in any Target or Walmart stores? Studies show a rise in theft thanks in part due to the independence bread out of these tills.

This can inadvertently label you a crook if an item isn't scanned right, or has the wrong code. It may not be as absurd as others, but it could be one of many laws you break everyday without even knowing it.

Lying About Your Age on the Internet

As expected, one of the many absurd laws you break everyday is carried under the Children's Online Privacy Act, which states that no child under the age of 13 can signup for any online services, no matter the case.

A good handful of us may have done this before, I for one lied about my age once when signing up for MySpace way back in grade school. Who could have ever thought using a fake age online could be a big no-no, one of the federal kind of no-no's, in fact.

Obstruction of View

Have a dope disco ball or CD hanging from your rearview mirror? Yeah, that's an infraction that can cost you up to $60. I have literally gotten maybe three or four tickets due to this pesky traffic violation.

Some cops can even be nice and give you this instead of charging you with speeding or something worse, but as most go it's one of the laws you break every day, so why stop now?

Sharing Your Netflix Password

Here's a fun one everyone does whether they know it or not, sharing your Netflix password is among the absurd laws you break every day. Yes, it's even a federal crime in the US, because it's technically computer fraud.

Plus, you're also costing Netflix boatloads of possible customers that could be paying for their subscriptions, rather than mooching off you. Hopefully they'll bail you out of prison if you're caught, though.

Lighting Candles in Dorms

In college and want to 'set the mood,' per say? Well, that's literally against the law if you're a New Yorker living in a dorm or Greek life house.

Under the NY Fire Code, 308.2(4) to be exact, lighting a candle within your university dormitory, fraternity home or sorority house is illegal, and may or may not be one of the laws you break everyday. Maybe setting the mood isn't so smart anymore.

Living with Someone Before Marriage

Mississippi Code 97-21-1 states that any two persons living together of the opposite sex and in a relationship are susceptible to a fine or even jail time.

This may sound pretty absurd, but as it would go it's just another one of the many laws you break every day, so just be cautious when deciding to move in with that special someone, or it could mean imprisonment.


As absurd as it may sound, fornication is one of the laws you break every day, that is if you're into that kind of thing on a daily basis. Having premarital sex in the Carolinas, Utah, Florida, Virginia and more, is illegal, which means a good chunk of you are crooks.

Not really, of course, but it's highly unlikely you'll be arrested for such a charge. In truth, the trouble with kids these days is they don't know their state or local laws as well as they should!

Games on Sunday

Finally, we have the most absurd of all laws you break every day. Pretty much beckoning modern slavery, Alabama doesn't allow certain activities on Sunday, such as poker, blackjack, NASCAR, board games, and hunting.

As absurd as it may sound, partaking in a friendly monopoly game with the fam on Sunday morning could literally land you time in jail, that is if anyone's so sore of losing they have to call the police. I say let Grandma win.

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George Herman

Call me a nerd, that’s what I am: Star Wars fanatic, Grand Theft Auto champion, comic book connoisseur, and a long-time lyricist. So, call me a nerd, but that’s not all I am!

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