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A Teenager Kills His Parents And Sister After His Cell Phone Was Confiscated

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By Based On a True StoryPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

a 16-year-old Brazilian teenager has surrendered to the Military Police in the early hours of Monday after confessing that he had shot his parents and his sister, also 16 years old, in the family home, in São Paulo.

The murderer has declared to the agents who have interrogated him that he decided to kill his parents, 57 years old, and 50 she, after, last Thursday, his phone was confiscated and that prevented him from making a presentation at school.

On Friday he killed them one by one at home and, with the corpses in the building, he continued throughout the weekend with everyday matters such as going to the gym or buying food in a cafeteria. He perpetrated the triple crime with a gun from his father, a municipal guard.

The teenager has not expressed regret. Once arrested and his statement has been completed, he has been transferred to a juvenile detention center.

The trigger for the murders, he said at the police station, was a strong discussion that took place last Thursday. In the interrogation he has reported, according to the Brazilian press, that his parents, with whom he had a bad relationship, called him a “vagabundo” (which can also be translated into english as lazy or taken advantage of) and decided to confiscate his cell phone. Without him, he didn’t manage to present a school work.

The murderer, accused of homicide, femicide, illegal possession of a weapon and vilified a corpse, has detailed before the agents the coldness with which he perpetrated the crimes. After the argument and once he decided that he was going to kill his father and mother, he took advantage of the fact that on Friday morning the rest of the family was out of the house to seize a weapon from his father, a municipal guard from a nearby city, Jundaí, who knew where he was keeping. He tried the gun, shooting at his parents’ bed, and then sat down to wait for them to return.

First, around one o’clock in the afternoon last Friday, he shot the father in the back of the neck in the kitchen. Although the original plan, as he told the Military Police, did not include his sister, he decided to do it because she was an uncomfortable witness. The teenager was scared when she heard the shot and asked from the first floor of the house about the noise. The murderer went up and shot him in the face.

The teenager then went to the gym and after exercising, returned to the house to wait for his mother. When she arrived from work, she discovered her husband’s body in the kitchen. At that moment, he shot him in the back. The next day, he also stabbed the body.

The confessed murderer lived all weekend with the three corpses. By the time he called the police to confess and surrender, they had begun to decompose. The agents have found the loaded weapon on a table in the family room.

The boy told the police that it was not the first time that the idea of killing his parents, who were adoptive, crossed his mind. From what he has reported at the police station, they had a very bad relationship and often argued.

Investigation chief Roberto Afonso said the teen, who is adopted, grew "very frustrated" after his parents took his phone away following an argument.

"We need to understand if this was frustration related to some sort of psychological disturbance"

The boy, who is being held at a juvenile detention center, had a "cold" demeanor when discussing the crimes, he said

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