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She Was Filmed In Her Last Moments With Her Killer

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Kimberly Karen Mota de Oliveira was born in 1998 in Manicoré, a municipality in Brazil located in the state of Amazonas where she also lived much of her life with Neila Mota, her mother.

Her family defines her as a quiet, friendly and studious girl.

After graduating from high school, she moved to Manaus to study dentistry at the metropolitan university of this city.

Once there, she went to live with her uncle because he had a house next to the faculty.

According to the man, she was very dedicated to her studies and she was doing very well.

Even so, Kimberly also liked to participate in beauty contests, in fact in 2019 she participated in the Miss Amazonas beauty contest representing Manicore.

Although she didn’t win, she was in sixth place and this encouraged her to want to run the following year. From there she began to combine her studies with different modeling jobs, which she loved.

In March 2020, Kimberly, who was 22 years old at the time, met Rafael Fernández Rodriguez, 31, in a nightclub. This boy was divorced and worked as a judicial analyst in a court.

It seems that he knew Kimberly from before because a few months ago he started following her on Instagram.

Kimberly and Rafael immediately started a relationship... But unfortunately everything was wrong from the beginning.

Rafael was very jealous and controlling, he constantly checked her mobile phone and even forbade her to talk to other guys. For all this, the couple was constantly arguing.

When they had been in a relationship for two months, the tragedy happened.

The facts:

May 10, 2020 began as an ordinary day in Kimberly’s life. As she always did, she went for a run with her uncle and then went to a friend’s house where she spent almost all the time.

At 10 p.m. the young woman sent a message to her uncle to tell him that she would arrive later and that she needed the he leave the door open because she had left the keys.

From here, contact with the young woman was lost forever.

The next morning Kimberly’s uncle realized that the girl had not slept in the house, this was not normal since she had never slept outside since she lived there.

In addition, hours before she had sent him a message to tell him that she would go later... So where was Kimberly?

The man’s first thing he did was call the girl’s friends but no one knew anything about her.

He also went to Rafael’s house to see if she was with him, but the man did not show signs of life either, because of this Kimberly’s family reported the disappearance of the two to the police.

At first, the agents didn’t give it any importance. They were a couple, of legal age and could have left without telling anyone, but the family was convinced that something was happening.

For their part, they published photos of Kimberly and Rafael on social networks in case someone had seen them or could provide information about the couple. Until the agents finally made a terrible finding.

Find Kimberly:

On May 12, that is two days after the disappearance, the police forcibly entered Rafael’s apartment.

Once there, they found Kimberly’s lifeless body in the master bedroom. The young woman was on the floor partially naked and covered in blood. In the kitchen, the agents found a knife that seemed to be the weapon of crime. However, there was no trace of Rafael.

The autopsy revealed that the young woman had been stabbed several times in the neck and abdomen. Even so, he had no signs of abuse.

In the weapon they found traces of Rafael, in addition to footprints at the crime scene that matched his foot number.

Some time later it was known that the air conditioning in the house was on, police believed that to hide the decomposition of the body.

Due to this information and the testimonies provided by the victim’s friends, the agents considered Rafael suspicious and fugitive of justice. From here they began to look for him without rest.

Just a day after finding Kimberly’s body, the agents located Rafael’s car 600km from Manaus. Although he had suffered a man’s accident, there was no trace.

On May 14, the video of a security camera that was key to the case was made public. In it you can see how Kimberly leaves her friend’s house and enters Rafael’s car on the night of her disappearance.

They were also recorded that night entering the man’s apartment, and a few hours later he is seen going out alone.

All this showed that Rafael was the last person that saw with Kimberly alive.

Thanks to the man’s banking movements, they were able to know that he was on the border with Venezuela.

Once there he had to fill out some Covid control papers, and when he was discovered on May 15, he fled from the agents.

Finally, they found him hiding in a cabin in the middle of the forest.

It was learned that that same day Rafael’s 60-year-old father took his own life in front of the train tracks, and previously his son called him to confess what he had done.

Rafael was immediately placed in pretrial detention pending trial, and it must be said that when he was arrested he admitted his guilt.

Even so, there is no doubt because the security cameras showed that on the night of the events he was the only person who was with Kimberly in her apartment.

The defense requested a psychiatric evaluation to show that Rafael took Kimberly’s life due to mental problems.

However, the prosecutor’s office can prove that Rafael does not have any mental illness and that is that when he started working in court he had to undergo the psychiatric examination he passed in 2017.

Many thought that Rafael took Kimberly’s life when she tried to leave the relationship, but in his statement the man said the opposite.

According to his version, the night it all happened Kimberly went home, but she didn’t break the relationship. At one point the young woman got into the shower and he took the opportunity to register her cell phone.

When he found messages from other boys he got so angry that while his girlfriend was in the shower he grabbed a knife and put it under the pillow

When the girl went to the room to change her clothes, she took her life. At first he thought about moving the body to get rid of it but when he saw that he couldn’t, he left her at home and ran away in his car.

Rafael is still waiting for a trial, and due to the health emergency we are experiencing, it has been delayed.

If he is found guilty, he would be sentenced to the maximum penalty, which in Brazil is 30 years in prison.

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