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4 Mystical Stories of Missing Tourists in South America

by Shehnaaz 8 months ago in travel
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For these people, the vacation never ended

Traveling can be both incredible fun and cause big problems. Traveling to South America is in itself quite dangerous, especially if the tourist is traveling alone or in the company of another person. For many, such a trip to wild lands becomes the last in their life.

Party with a sad ending

In the middle of the 2000s, a real tragedy occurred on the island of Aruba. A group of American students came here on vacation, and Natalie Holloway was among the young people. The girl was the daughter of a wealthy American entrepreneur, and therefore in a local bar she did not count money for a drink for herself and her friends. It would seem that the students are having the best vacation of their life. But it was time to return home, and at the airport it turned out that Natalie was missing. The girl's parents flew on the first flight to the island, on the spot they found out that their daughter was last seen leaving the bar in the company of local young people.

After talking with the men, it turned out that they had taken her to the hotel, but while leaving they saw several strangers approach Natalie.

The investigation took several years, and yet the investigating authorities are still unable to solve this case.

Panama is considered one of the most dangerous destinations in the world, despite its attractiveness.

Tragedy in Panama

The story of the disappearance of two Dutch tourists a few years ago shocked the whole world. Chris and Lessan traveled from Amsterdam to Panama to work at a language school. When the girls arrived at their new place of work, they found out that the beginning of classes was postponed, which means that they had several days off. The friends immediately found a volcano on the map, to which they were going to walk on foot along the tourist trail. The next day, the girls took a taxi to the beginning of the trail and went to a local shop, the owner of the shop kindly agreed to give the girls his dog on the road. An hour after the girls left, the dog returned to the owner alone. When the girls did not return a couple of days later, the owner of the hotel where the friends were staying sounded the alarm. The police and volunteers joined in and started looking for girls. But even with the help of the best Dutch investigators, it was not possible to find out what happened to the girls in the jungle. Chris and Lessan disappeared without a trace, their remains were also not found.


Escaped into the jungle

And this story happened quite a long time ago - back in the 80s of the last century. American John Reid decided to change the situation and went to Brazil. The young man planned to find the lost city of Akator, which is hidden in the depths of the jungle. In itself, a journey to such a wild land is dangerous, and in principle it is not worth going on a journey without a guide.

Still, Reed decided to take an acquaintance with him, who ended up being a European tourist unfamiliar with the area. According to Reed's guide, the young man just fled into the jungle, so he decided to return to the city without his American acquaintance. Investigators were unable to locate Reed, even using specially trained dogs.

Abduction in broad daylight

American Leo Vidiker was 86 years old when he decided to go with his wife on a humanitarian trip to Costa Rica. After staying in a paradise place for a couple of days, the couple went for a walk. Leo's wife left him on a bench on the grounds of the hotel, and when she returned, Vidiker was gone. Witnesses say that the man left the hotel grounds and went down the road, but Leo's friend did not find any traces of the man when he went the same way. But where could an elderly man go, who on his own could not go far? The investigation came to the conclusion that Leo was kidnapped, and the kidnappers did not put forward any conditions. The man can not be found until now, although 20 years have passed.


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