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11 Year old arrested for his pregnant soon to be stepmother’s murder:20/20 oct 19

Twenty-six-year-old Kenzie Houk had been shot in the back of the head, and police charged Jordan Brown, the son of Houk's fiance, for her murder.

By Lithalethu SongelwaPublished about a month ago 3 min read

good evening I'm David Muir i'm amy robach and this is 2020 tonight ABC's juju Chang right here with a dramatic game changer in a case she's been covering for nine years now this is Jordan Brown when he was still a typical fifth grader quarterback of the peewee football team the Warriors coached by his father Kris a single dad Jordan had always been the center of his father's universe they were best friends they did everything together their hometown wampum Pennsylvania 40 miles north of Pittsburgh a rural a sister love errs and off-roaders it's a heavily wooded area with a lot of small towns a lot of hills and it's very beautiful Jordans childhood is filled with typical birthday parties petting zoos and pony rides his dad closely by his side Jordans grin lighting up his elementary school photos year after year what was Jordan like what kind of kid was he at 11 he was your average 11 year old kid all-american child you know played sports baseball football had friends this is Jordan Brown today now 21 remembering that tender precious time in his life fondly what kind of childhood would you say you had up until 11 normal I guess I mean had friends always coming over he's always play and like games like video games and back then Chris was happy too working and shipping at a local tableware factory engaged to a woman he'd known since his teens Kenzi Hulk a hair stylist and stay-at-home mom also a single-parent mother of two young girls seven-year-old janessa and four-year-old Adeline what made you love her who she was she was a person Kenzi was grill fly ste funny she always had a beautiful smile like everybody and she loved her children that's all she ever said when you say what do you want to be when you grow up I want to be mom I want kids Kenzi and Chris and their kids had recently moved in together to this farm house the new blended family seemed to be bonding Jordan even called Kenzi mom what was your relationship like with your soon-to-be stepmom it was strong she was really nice I liked her a lot she bent over backwards for me she had a good relationship with him and a new sibling was on the way Chris and Kenzie were eagerly awaiting a baby together a boy they had already named Christopher she was thrilled that's what she wanted I had had a shower all the clothing was washed diapers where they were supposed to be and everything yeah she was ready you were excited about the baby on the way oh yeah absolutely her father wouldn't be I was happy I've always wanted a little brother and that's that's what it was a boy so that's what I was gonna get so you were excited about yeah I was really excited it's a frigid February morning in 2009 Kenzie is eight and a half months pregnant but their hopes for a future together as a family are about to be shattered I remember getting up that morning running a little late for work she had asked me to stay home that day and I didn't and that's something that's haunted me what do you remember it was just a normal morning my sister janessa woke me up Kenzie is asleep in the downstairs bedroom Jordan is in his bedroom upstairs once the baby arrived they were gonna swap bedrooms so Jordan had already moved his clothes downstairs went on stairs got my clothes.


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    Lithalethu SongelwaWritten by Lithalethu Songelwa

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