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This Is Why I Don’t Plan My Future

I stopped planning my future and accepted what came my way, it made my life easier and happier!

By KomalPublished about a year ago 3 min read
This Is Why I Don’t Plan My Future
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It’s been a month or two since I discovered that my plans actually destroyed my surprise. This might be quite emotional since it’s about my real life and a lot of you will be able to relate to this.

So I was watching a Turkish serial where it says, “And plans destroy surprises”.

Whenever we want something in our lives and pray for it, work for it and if we get it, we feel happy of course. But if we don’t, many things come along. We feel unhappy and negative thoughts, for instance, “I am never gonna make it”, or “Success is not for me”. I personally believe it is because we manifest it too much sometimes. Or maybe because we plan too much. Look! We came to this life without a will, we are going to leave this life and die without a will, now whatever happens in between, how can we expect it to be 100% of our will and make it work exactly according to our planning? This is very wrong of us as human beings.

I believe in listening to your gut, working for it as long as it is appropriate, and leaving the rest to God, irrespective of what the world expects you to do. Now, whatever happens, believe that it is for your own good.

So I wanted to get into my dream college and tried for it three times. Spent 3 years on it, doing nothing but that, believing I’ll get it if I keep trying. I probably forgot that life is unfair. Though God is always fair, we just need to keep trying in different ways and find our way through this unfair life. Probably every single one of you reading this knows that “Life has ups and downs”. But whenever it is the downtime of our life we forget that this is what life is like. Now the real strength is even in this hard time, believing that everything is going to be okay, but when??? This is the only question we have no answer to, which lets satan play an exclusive role in our minds. I can guarantee, that for every single one of us, the right thing would happen at the right time.

I couldn’t get that dream college, which I call, “so-called dream college” now. Because I have understood the reality of life, also, that specific college was never my ultimate goal, it was just a path I chose for myself and it probably wasn’t the right path because if it was the right path, it should have happened.

Now whatever comes my way would be right for me. Whatever comes your way would be right for you! Yes! I promise it might not seem right at the moment but the time will slowly show you and you will be grateful. Didn’t we crave being a strong person as a child and being able to fight the challenges coming our way? These challenges right now are exactly what we wanted because this makes us stronger.

In a nutshell, it is better to accept whatever we can’t change, and have no control over. Sometimes we should just let our life flow, new days mean new events, And eventually, those events will shape you and you’ll hope for good things to happen.

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  • The Invisible Writerabout a year ago

    I am a planner but also a believer in letting go the things that are out of your control great article

KomalWritten by Komal

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