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Things I Dislike For No Good Reason

A Look Into My Warped Mind

By Heather LunsfordPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Things I Dislike For No Good Reason
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Ok Lets start with a big one that is always controversial, I can't stand Elvis Presley. Not as a singer, not as an actor I just really would like to avoid any mention of Elvis ever. This one probably deserves its own story at some point. There is a reason but I don't know if it counts as a good reason or not.

Clowns. I know this one is not terribly uncommon. I think I am in pretty good company here many people dislike clowns. I honestly don't know why I feel this way but I do know the first time my family found out I don't like clowns. We were on a trip to California and made a swing through Vegas. No one in my family gambles so I am not sure why we were there but there used to be a casino called Circus Circus. It was full of clowns. I ended up on my dads' head.

Mascots. I think this one is similar to my clown hang-up. I just don't trust people when I can't see their faces. When I am at places where they are I run the opposite direction as fast and as far as I can. I mean really anyone could be in there. The rational adult in me knows it mostly kids trying to earn some extra money but still just a hard no for me.

Anyone around me putting cloth in their mouth for any reason. It was the worst when my kids were little and they wanted to suck on blankets or toys. A shiver ran down my spine just writing about it.

Food touching other food on a plate. I actually have a lot of food related opinions. They make me look just a little bit crazy so let's just stick with the food touching thing. If I am eating with people who just let their food touch I have to just not look at their plates because I just can't stand it.

Spiders. I understand intellectually that they are amazing creatures I just don't want them in my space. I don't want to look at pictures of them and I certainly didn't want my dad to catch a giant one, preserve it with my moms' hair spray and then show it to me all spread out on the bottom of an upside down bowl (does it make it the top if the bowl is upside down?) so that when it moved I jumped backwards over the couch. For him to say"Well I guess Heather really doesn't like spiders".

Other peoples children. I know this one makes me sound like an old person and maybe a jerk. Its just that I have raised 4 kids. I have been the one at the store with the whiney little kid driving everyone crazy. And while I do like kids on a one by one basis (I tend to prefer the really naughty ones because them I get, I was a naughty kid so I see that and I understand it. Its the good kids I don't trust, especially well behaved boys I think they are up to something.) I just don't generally have patience for other peoples kids anymore. So while I am empathetic to every parent and I don't specifically dislike your kid I generally like other peoples kids less as I get older.

Seinfeld, the show not the person. I know this is another controversial one. I loved his stand up. I would stay up late to see him on Carson so I really wanted to like his show but I just didn't. In fact I have never made it through an entire episode. I feel I am probably in the minority on this one even the kids have seen an episode of Seinfeld.

Those emoji people that are meant to look like the sender. I just hate them and they creep me out. I keep this one to myself because I have friends who use them all the time but I truly deeply hate them.

Opera. No reason I just don't like it.

Thank you for reading this, let me know in the comments what you dislike for no good reason.


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Heather Lunsford

I am a 50 something year old mother of grown children with stage 4 breast cancer. I have been told I should write a book about my life. I am probably never going to do that, but I do want to record some of my stories, so here we go.

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  • Gene Lass2 months ago

    I share a lot of these. Not Elvis. I like a lot of Elvis' songs, but not the movies. I certainly don't lionize or sanctify him, or Michael Jackson, or Frank Sinatra, or The Beatles. All very talented pioneers, all very flawed humans. Is the cloth thing textural? Where you can imagine the feel of the cloth on my mouth or tongue? Or is it related to an experience? I have problems with textures, but also band-aids, and other things with the hole pattern similar to band-aids. When I was very small my mom had surgery and came home with a bandage over one eye. I wouldn't let her near me. But then with other bandages, I'd look at the holes in the top and imagine I could see the wound underneath and it made me want to throw up. Sometimes I could see blood or some kind of seepage under there. Puke. I just mentioned earlier this week that when Seinfeld was on I usually couldn't watch it. I liked his standup too, but the characters on the show were often awful, which they addressed in the finale. They were on trial for being awful people. And it was one of those things - shows or movies - where it was so popular it was omnipresent, and people quoted it so often that I started to find I didn't like those people, and didnt like the show because of those people. So you're not alone.

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