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The Unhappy Young girl.

Her life story.

By Nono Fabrice Published about a month ago 4 min read
The Unhappy Young girl.
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Start writing...The Sad Girl

She was just a normal high school student, well that’s what everyone thought. She had a deep dark past which she was scared to tell anyone.

She tried to act like this bubbly smart funny person. But in truth she was scared to show her self scares of what everyone would think. She put on her uniform and stared into the mirror thinking to herself I hate you. You will never succeed in anything.

Sheet sat there staring at the razor and took it. She sat on the bathroom floor and started to cry. She started to cut. She couldn’t deal with the consent pain. As she started to cry her headphones where playing baby don’t cut. As she got up she jumped in the shower and watched the blood seap into the sink.

She felt the water hit the fresh cuts and all she could think was this is what happens I should be more stronger. She stumbled out of the shower and she went to school. As she got there she put on her fake smile and started to be happy.

She made it to her second class until she had heard someone say look at the girl, she is such a freak. She turns around and says well thank you but I learned it off the best. She smiles that big grin and turns around while the other girl scoffs. As she walk into the caffatria and all she see is people staring at her and mumbling about her.

She goes and sits down with her friends. They get up and move away from her. She looks stunned and all you hear is go back to the circus freak. Why don’t you go cut your self. Do the world a favour and kill yourself hoe. She got up and Ran from the room.

She goes into the bathroom and gets her blade out of her sharpener and slices her wrist as she sit there thinking about her life some girls walk into the bathroom and they scream call triple 000. She is dying. People started to crowd around her. All she heard was the sirens and paramedics saying you will be fine.

Next things she know is that she is in the hospital with flowers sitting aroundthe whole room. The waiting room was full. She sits up and her friends walk in with tears streaming down there faces. She says hey and bursts into tears. She see all these people all here for her.

She thanks everyone and says I am so sorry I just can handle that kind of stuff plz don’t hate me. They all look at her and grab her into a big hug.

The moral of the 1st partvthis story is never bully it could hurt someone so bad that it could ruin there lives.

So the story continues.

And yet no one could understand why she kept cutting herself each time she got upset and why she kept it as such a deep and ashamed secret.

And despite all the pain she went through, she was still keeping this secret within herself and would not share it out.


Now some guys at school started crushing at these ladies and each moved to his own crush and asked her out. The ladies were all excited to accept, but the lady in question would not give in to accepting the guy who loved her.

She did so for the fear of her painfully deepen and dark past. But still yet she couldn't resit this guy's charming smile and Caring heart.

Ahwoooow was her response each time this guy did something beautiful for and to her, and she thought yo her self "Despite my arrogance to this guy because of my painfully past which I still keep a secret, this guy still loves me! I think there is more space in my heart for 1 person"

And so she accepted this guy, but her past which was dark and painful was still kept a SECRET.

Now being with with this guy actually helped her to get to forget certain things that often got her angry. Because the guy would always be there for her and She loved this guy like her very own soul.

She gradually gave in to this guy without knowing that she was falling deeply in love with him. Spending time with him was all she felt like doing cause she felt loved despite he dark past.

She'd prefer to be with this guy than spending time with her friends. And she'd exclaim within herself from time to time saying "Oh I LOVE HIM".

And so did the guy too. And this guy opened up himself and told this lady his life story cause he trusted her fully.


And he expected the lady to behave thesame too, but she didn't, She'd behave strange from time to time because of that secret she kept so deep.

And the guy kept asking himself "But what could this secret be?" And such thoughts filled his mind daily as he kept up loving her more and more, preparing himself for whatsoever would be the secret she's keeping.

And so he asked again "But What really could that SECRET she's keeping be?"


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