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The cycle and secrets of workplace drama

by Damika B 6 days ago in Workplace
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I have to get away from the toxic

I'm over this place...I can't take it anymore. 'The company does not pay me enough to do all this extra work in so little time'. I'm here everyday on time and put in so much hard work and my boss wants to believe Julia who just started working here two months ago over me!. How many more lies and drama do I have to deal with here?

I'm sure most of us have felt this type of way working at a job or for a particular corporate company. You try to do the best you can to make sure your task are done properly and use your time wisely away from those who can become a distraction. Your mind should be focused and maybe you're even thinking about a job promotion that you want so badly. I myself have been there. Being in a work environment filled with gossip, drama, jealousy, unfairness, and exploiters can be somewhat of a toxic work place. Especially if you don't have self control and know when to speak up for yourself. I know their is no such thing as a perfect workplace and will be people anywhere that seem to not have your best interest.

Bosses who hire employees onto the job also have their own skeletons. They may see someone who they feel does a much better job at completing certain task than you and that person becomes a "Favorite". They can place you into a department one day that you have no experience in only to "test" you and see if you fail. An employer can hire someone to pay them low wages but demands long hours. I say that is not right and very wrong. It is true that many people have or will experience this to some degree working for the corporate world.

I remember working for a job almost 4 years and my boss was not fair to me at all times and did not care about my hard work except for the other part of management team who works underneath him. Ms. Amanda who gave me so much praise and motivation would always tell me how great my work has been and she could definitely see me moving up the ladder soon. The other employees I worked with were nice but not exactly ones you would want to tell your business if you know what I mean. A few out of the bunch didn't mind telling you certain things about what they heard and seen. Of course, I can kind of over hear the latest gossip but wouldn't get myself caught up into it. One particular employee was quite sneaky and she had her way of getting away with things on the job. That is until she got caught of course. I'm not sure why she thought her act of wickedness was not going to eventually catch up with her.

The workplace drama is not my cup of tea and my mind needed to stay focused. Now don't get me wrong, I am a very outgoing person and a social butterfly who does not mind getting to know new people. I just prefer to keep my friend circle small and don't indulge in being around immature individuals. Most of the ladies thought they could easily run over me and even try having a sense of control over me because I would kind of keep to myself. However, they failed to realize I'm a woman with thick skin. I could care less what they thought of me.

I don't owe them anything and they were not worthy of my time. I stand strong in who I am as a person and no validation comes from them.

To all your Haters

It seems like a huge battle between staying out of drama and speaking up about it in the workplace. You don't want to be known as the person who always runs to the boss when sugar honey ice tea hits the fan. I will say definitely report something you see or experience as harassment. Any type of physical, verbal, emotional, abuse should not be tolerated at the workplace. Over the years of working for different companies , one thing I realized is their has to be a reason why so many people today are now leaving and removing themselves from such toxic work environment.

The root of it in my opinion would be because of inauthentic leadership, lack of proper communication, poor management, unaddressed issues, conflicting work styles, and decreased productivity. I know being in a company any longer with these type of issues would not be beneficial for me. The last thing you want to deal with are a bunch a lies being told about you to others on the job are all just ways to get you to break. I can not deal with unprofessionalism. People gossip , spread rumors, and complain which most of us have experienced or even contributed to workplace drama. It can be a highly destructive force no matter how the drama manifests. Facing conflict head - on and having tough conversations with people can be hard at times and uncomfortable for anyone.

Are you facing a workplace challenge yourself? It is not worth getting caught up in work drama and being taken advantage of by a boss who has no respect or moral value.

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