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Mom, I never told you this

Just being a Teen

By Damika BPublished 10 months ago 3 min read

Dear Mom,

So you remember that time you left for a 4 day cruise trip to the Bahamas and you were trusting enough to let me stay at home alone until you returned? Well...some things happened while you were away.

I know how you felt about my boyfriend Johnathan and the fact that he seem to be trouble, but deep down he was a really nice sweet guy. I actually ended up inviting him over that night you left. Don't worry we didn't destroy the house or anything crazy. I will admit he did stay the night as well which may be making you go kind of crazy knowing he should not have been at the house.

The next day I did invite a few friends over to come hang. Johnathan and I did make it clear to our friends NOT to break stuff and respect the home. Let's just say things didn't go as planned. Tonya who is one of my best friends decided to bring an extra guest with her who had a bad attitude for starters and wanted booze. Me at the time trying to go along and be the "cool teen" decided ok sure.

That beautiful blue vase you were wondering why a giant crack was on it was from it being knocked over by my best friend drunken friend Kelly. I was so mad. I know how much you loved that vase because it was a special gift. What was supposed to be just a few friends coming to hang out , turned out to be a house full of unwanted people.

One person called the next...and the next

So guess you can say it turned out to be a house party and at the time I finally was home with no rules but wanted that confirmation that you can trust me and not worry about me being home by myself. I mean my 18th birthday was a year away.

One asked to borrow the car and go for a ride. Immediately said no and of course that was not happening. Still can't believe we ended up getting the cops called on us. Think it may have to do with the fight that broke out between two of my friends outside with the neighbor kid Brandon who was 15 at the time and a bully.

There was so much going on that night that I don't remember if you tried calling to check in on me. Of course, the music was loud and about 20 people over. I don't know what was going through my mind to allow such behavior to happen. I was young and learned some valuable lesson.

Glad the broken patio window was an easy fix and I made sure to clean all the mess that was left from the party. My boyfriend did help me as well.

It was crazy!

I found weed, cigarettes, alcohol bottles on the back porch, and few other things that seem "Random". The next morning I remember you calling to make sure everything is okay.

I'm sorry for letting things get out of hand and inviting Johnathan over without permission. Know my intentions were good by looking out for myself and taking full responsibility.

I do realize now that things could have gone a lot worse like me ending up in jail or in the hospital. I'm certain things would have went differently if myself was not sober enough to know what was happening around me.

So glad to get this off my chest

When you returned home from your trip and you seem so happy, I was afraid of ruining the moment. I also remember you saying you are so proud of me for being such a responsible young woman. So happy we had the chance to spend some mother & daughter time together.

Love always Mika

Teenage years

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Damika B

I'm a wife and Mom

I write what ever comes to my mind and about my reality. I hope you subscribe to read my future stories and join me on my journey. I'm pretty awesome!!!!

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