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Tangled Ties

Love, Breakup and Uncertainty!

By Younus BhatPublished 25 days ago 3 min read
Tangled Ties
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In 2015, Younus Bhat began his studies at the University of Kashmir. He meets Sana, the class representative, who is optimistic and friendly. They form a friendship, sharing meals and conversations throughout the day and night. As their bond deepens, Younus starts to feel a growing attachment to Sana, a feeling that she seems to reciprocate in small ways.

Though they spend much time together, their relationship remains undefined. Younus feels conflicted about whether Sana sees him as more than a friend, leading to uncertainty and hesitation. Nonetheless, he continues to invest time and energy into their friendship, hoping it will evolve into something more.

In June 2017, Younus formally proposed to Sana, but her reaction was hesitant and non-committal. Over the following month, she wavers between accepting and rejecting his proposal, causing Younus to feel a mix of hope and disappointment. This uncertainty creates a rift between them, exacerbated by Sana's apparent interest in another classmate, Ryhan Rather.

By April 2018, Younus and Sana have graduated from university, leading to a natural detachment as they pursue different paths. Despite this, Sana continues to call Younus occasionally, suggesting that she still cares about him in some way. Younus struggles with these mixed signals, unsure whether to pursue a relationship with Sana or move on.

Next year, Younus started his PhD at PU, marking a new chapter in his life. Sana continues to call sporadically, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, but their relationship remains distant and unclear. In January 2022, a fierce argument led to further detachment, creating a prolonged period of silence between them.

During this time, Younus meets Dr. Zainab Ali, at one store in October 2012, a kind and decent woman with whom he feels an immediate connection. She is everything he has been looking for in a partner: sincere, religious, and down-to-earth. Younus sees the potential for a meaningful relationship with Zainab, but a misunderstanding in January 2022 leads to a falling out, causing them to part ways.

For the next eight months, Younus tries to rebuild his life without Zainab. However, in October-November 2022, Zainab unexpectedly starts calling him again. Younus is cautiously optimistic, hoping to rekindle their relationship, but despite his efforts, the connection does not solidify. He is left feeling uncertain and disheartened.

In August 2023, Sana suddenly begins calling Younus with increased frequency, expressing a newfound interest in marrying him. Younus is sceptical due to her past behaviour and the uncertainty of her intentions. He is also in a complicated relationship with Dr. Zainab, making the situation even more complex.

Sana's sudden return creates conflict, particularly when she contacts Dr. Zainab, asserting that Younus is her future husband. This confrontation leads to further tension, pushing Younus to seek clarity about Sana's intentions. When he asks her to confirm her plans with her family, she hesitates, revealing her opportunistic nature. Younus ultimately learns that Sana never told her family about him, leading to their final breakup in December 2023.

As the dust settles, Younus realizes that he wants Dr. Zainab back in his life. He acknowledges the challenges ahead, but he is determined to convince Dr. Zainab to return. At the same time, he contemplates the potential of an arranged marriage or the uncertainty of Sana reentering his life.

Younus is left with more questions than answers as he faces an uncertain future. He understands he must make difficult choices and find a path that brings him stability and love. The story concludes with Younus reflecting on his journey and hoping to find the right partner, leaving the door open for future developments and potential reconciliation with Dr. Zainab because after so much chaos and uncertainty he realizes that Dr. Zainab is the girl of his dreams who she loves, admires and irritates often with love and kindness.

Disclaimer: This is my love true story written and generated some sections or lines with the help of AI


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