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Sweet mother

Love you

By stephanie cetoutePublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 3 min read
Sweet mother
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Hey Mother I am never told you this before because I was scared to see how you will react. I know you raised me to be true to you no matter what. Do you remember when I was ten years old?. You find a lot of goodies in my bag from school. when you asked me where I get it. I told you that I bought them. It was not true.

I need to confess. On my way back from school that day, me and my friends walked from school. We were really angry and tired. We already eat our food during lunchtime. So you do not have money left. Even to take the bus, we do not have extra money left. We have decided to walk from school to home.

I remember that day, it was really sunny and hot. It takes a lot to travel from school. We were laughing and talking during our walking. When we get to a place where we see a store to buy goodies. My friend had decided to steal some of the goodies. The vendor was not there but the door was open and we are looking to the right and left. We did not see the vendor. One of my friends had decided to take some goodies for us. I accepted and we walked away. At first, I did not feel any remorse. When I get home I feel bad.

I could not tell anyone. When you asked me those days, I lied to you. Deep inside I feel shame for myself. You always told me that stealing is bad and also does not follow bad behavior. I did I let my friends put me into this. I am a sorry mother. Since that day I am never doing this again. I told my friends I will never do this again. Imagine if they cut us doing this what will happen to us. I know my mother will kill me a life.

After this, I change my friends, and I make sure I left some change if I need to buy some stuff. Mother I know I felt you that day. I promised myself that I will never do this again. And also let friends influence me.

I did not know if my other friends continue to steal from people. I kept myself away from them. I know you did not expect this from me because you had trained me well. Please forgive me. It was a long time ago but it is still bad. I have learned that friends can make you do bad things. Mother, you are my role model. You gave me your love, your support. You show me good and bad.

When you are children is easy to follow. Thank God I understand my mistake quickly. I lied to you also this is another disappointment. We are not perfect, I make my mistake and I learned from them. After I lied to you, These things bored me a lot for the day. I was thinking if you know the truth, you will whoop me a lot. If this happens I will deserve it.

Mother your advice keeps me going on the right path. I know I will never get back to this day but moving forward I will never do this again. This is not a good feeling. Especially that you trust me. You will never think I will be implicated in such an act. From my heart, I am a deeply sorry mother. I take a long time to admit the truth. I feel free now that I let you know the truth. I hope you find in your heart to forgive and forget the past.

Your true daughter that love you some much.


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My name is Stephanie. My passion is express myself by writing. Come and enjoy my story .Follow me on Instagram Kenley206 and Tik tok stephanie cetoute1.

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  • Jean Erick Eugeneabout a year ago

    C est tres bien

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