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short term

my memory burh:)

By khadija siddiquiPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
short term
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Sometimes I realizes how much I lost my memory because of my stress wow! what a realization. BUT YOU ALL HAVE TO LISTEN Because It will give me internal peace, HAHAHA SHIIII!IT A SERIOUS MATTER BUDDY


Like the first stressful matter which belongs to me when I was little like 13 to 14 years old, my mother always compare me to the daughter of her friend. To be honest I'm their daughter so how can I be so smart and intelligent it's not in my gene bruh. But this doesn't mean I started to hate her , i really love her because my mother don't deserve me she deserve a good child. Who always make her standers up but ALAS! I'M NOT THE ONE.

Further My second stressful journey was my college time period' like I think it's a mistake every teenage do that he/she started to think they are the one who can run the country better than the current president ...... amm i think you guys got my point (like they can run house better than the parents) haha it's quiet funny for me now... because for them parents are their biggest enemy at that time because they haven't acquaintance with world yet, Actually parents are very good advisers (but not for teenagers) not always but many times because they want their children happy and independent. But sometimes they also forgot to make their children happy anyways it's a different story. OKIEE Let's go back to college line So before my college life I was going for pre classes but to be honest it was very bad experience because I experience very bad friendship for me at that time friendship was bullshit, Actually because for us friendship is pure same as with our parents but at that time. I just freeze myself to my house till 6 months because that first experience shocked me so hard. Their are many playgirls in friendship too. Chill guys it was not much tricky experience ... it's a common bad experience from which everyone goes through (three friends in which two friends are close back biting the third and third had no idea whats going on between two). Moreover, I started the college became busy just give my self to ALLAH, study,offering prayers, observing things and helping parents. These little things started to make my day. During covid-19, Suddenly a man appears in my life through dm(facebook inbox), he was my college fellow. We started to talked to each other and he became my good friend and started to call me bestie. sharing everything with me he gets to used to of it. he was my angry bird and i think i made him a baby bird hehe. To make him easy every time he's in bad mood, I made it my responsibility. but somehow he forgot to ease me now. So at that time he's gets close to me and made a confession. I got butterflies in my stomach. He became kind, caring ,loving and very protective. I was reserved one not to tell about my life to anyone IT'S okay not to be okay person . i didn't suppose it will happen in my life that i will decide to make someone my boyfriend, I wanted to be single forever and i had no idea i will have to share my feelings to a person. Actually after that little incident i became insecure about every step of my life. Even with my insecurities i worked hard on me that not to show him i'm uneasy or uncomfortable. In between of my strength he tell me his parents wanted to engage him with someone else...

To be continued...

Teenage yearsTeenage years

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  • shahidsb22 months ago

    khadija sahiba mai shahid sb. mera account kisi ne hack kiya or sari posts delete krdi mene vocal team se contact kiya lekin koi responce nahi App apney account ka password koi acha sa rakhey ye mene dobara ussi name se account bnaya hai mene socha app ko bta du

  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Great work! Can’t wait to read the next part!

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