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Reason why you cant gain Muscle

Sulayman Kone

By Sulayman KonePublished 6 months ago 24 min read

why can't I just get rid of this Jeffrey

says whilst he's pinching his lower

belly fat come on I'm on a calorie

deficit why won't it go away I've been

going to the gym every single day twice

a day for a week now but look at the

rest of Jeffrey's lifestyle do you

really think he's gonna build his dream

body when he lives like this Adonis

Adonis has sculpted his physique into

one of a Greek god but this doesn't

happen overnight it took him years of

hard work in the gym but most

importantly lifestyle optimization

Adonis wakes up after a full night of

rest he jumps out of bed blasts himself

with a cold shower goes straight into

the gym for a grueling workout overdoses

on protein and carbs straight afterwards

he does everything and mine just look at

that physique I think I've built a

pretty good physique here's some good

pictures of me I've been on this journey

now for about eight years and so whilst

I look good I certainly could have built

even more muscle if I did the right

things I wasted years of my training

years of my life with just a couple of

mistakes there is a few mistakes I made

which literally has slowed my progress

down by years you want to know what the

first major one was I unfortunately

believed listened and trusted the

fitness YouTubers that were around at

the time I saw these [ __ ] and you

probably see them as well who are

telling you not to bulk and instead

they're telling you to do what's called

main gaining main gain maintenance

whatever the [ __ ] um who is it who says

this [ __ ] it's a really popular YouTuber

like that he's like an old bodybuilder

he's got like anabolic diet we'll have a

picture of him up on the screen I don't

watch this video I genuinely I'm not

even trying to disrespect in my channel

you don't remember his name or anything

I don't watch Fitness YouTube videos but

there's people out there right now that

for a long time have been telling young

men not to bulk I think he nobody says

this you know like these [ __ ] like

Fitness influences essentially tell you

not a book not to gain weight not to get

stronger you know they'd say this

[ __ ] of like how to gain muscle and

lose fat at the same time they say this

and it's such a [ __ ] scam and I

believed it it's funny for us it's not

for you and it took me years to realize

that I was scammed by these guys you

want to know the tip bro the single most

important thing for you to do to build

muscle it's not a main gain it's not to

do this [ __ ] you know what it is bulk

the single most important thing for you

to do is to bug and especially if you

are currently right now not the body

weight that you want to be so let's say

you started like me and you started like

a skinny guy I started at 140 pounds

right or even 130 right 130 pounds and I

was cutting or easing up maintenance

volume because he

muscle and lose fat at the same time you

know what I realize now if you have a

low body weight you need to bulk because

you need to up the body weight to become

like a man of respectable size and

strength and mass so if right now you

are at a body weight that doesn't seem

respectful and what I would say

respectful for a man at least above 180

pounds now yeah this could change but

generally if you're like an average

height guy like five foot seven five

foot eight five or nine you should aim

for like 180 which is way heavier than

most people would actually get to and if

you're taller like I am I'm six foot one

and about 190 pounds I want to go up to

like 220 230 to 40 pounds you want to be

thick as a guy now certainly it's nice

to be like shredded and aesthetic that's

nice but to look good lean you need to

First bulk up heavy and this isn't to

say that you should dirty bulk or you're

gonna eat [ __ ] because that's the second

reason why I didn't gain much muscle

because I ate a lot of [ __ ] during my

books that is a major problem so there

is a Minefield for you to navigate if

you're looking at Fitness YouTubers

because there's the [ __ ] who are

telling you it's not bulk don't cut me

and maintaining main gaining and

obviously they say this because it gets

more likes to tell people like you're

getting much muscle and Lucifer at the

same time whoa so there's these people

but then on the other hand there's the

hardcore bulk Enthusiast which you see

these [ __ ] eating Krispy Kreme

donuts and telling you yeah just get the

calories and bro it's got the calories

so who do you trust this was my problem

so when I finally escaped from these

guys telling me not to bulk and I

started to bulk I started watching the

dirty bulkers and thought that was a

really good idea to eat you know an

extra 500 calories 1 000 calories each

ice cream because I haven't fetch your

Macros I felt like [ __ ] my lips didn't

even go up I felt sick and I gained

extra body fat the critique that I have

to these dirty bulk guys which no one

has ever said in the fitness industry

before calories are not the same even

macros are not the same protein and

protein is not the same you do realize

that people don't ever say this right

people think that if something has the

same macros it's the same thing it's not

30 grams of protein from whey protein

will build you more muscle than 30 grams

of protein from some [ __ ] like vegan

protein soil some [ __ ] it literally has

a different impact on your body even

though the macro is still 30 grams 100

grams of carbs from Ice Cream compared

to 100 grams of carbs from potatoes will

change your body composition you will

gain more off even if it's the same

calories no one online says this and it

pisses me off all you've got to do is

look at one nutritional lecture and

you'll know this forever these simpleton

YouTubers don't know this this is

probably the first time you've ever

heard someone criticize the calories in

calories out any dick I do who I see

just at all it's just color is it I'm

just thinking bro you don't even know

you've literally not even done a single

bit of research on this you don't even

know what the [ __ ] you're talking about

and I'm not even some like clever

scientist but if anyone is telling you

to eat a Krispy Kreme donuts for 300

calories instead of eating potatoes for

300 calories and they're telling you

that your body's gonna look the same and

you will feel the same and you will

perform the same they're scaring you

they're literally scamming you you know

why because it gets more clicks [ __ ]

[ __ ] bodybuilder like this and

people are clicking on it because

they're like whoa she gets to eat

whatever he wants whoa amazing they get

more views because the athlete these

days that tells people oh look at my

diet I just eat chicken and rice and

stuff that's seen as an eating disorder

the athletes who eats clean is now seen

as the guy with an eating disorder and

now the modern day people who just want

to go and gain weight and the mouth like

women I see in the fitness industry who

are like I'm gonna gain weight this year

look at me I'm eating donuts and all the

other girls are like whoa oh my God guys

whoa you're so empowering stop eating

[ __ ] you will feel like [ __ ] you will

perform like [ __ ] but you'll get more

views on YouTube that's why they do this

they do this and they've ruined their

health and they'll ruin your health

because they'll get more money from you

because being a guy who tells you yep

eat clean it's not as sexy the second

reason why you're not making enough

muscle you're reading [ __ ] food when you

eat [ __ ] food you gain more body fat

even if it's the same calories you gain

more body fat because if you have that

ice cream today your performance in the

gym tomorrow is going to go down of

course it is you're gonna feel more

lethargic your insulin's spiking up your

feel tired you're gonna end up spending

more time on the couch after you've ate

some [ __ ] food usually food is also

coupled heavily with some instant

gratification activity you get the [ __ ]

food whilst you watch something for an

hour and you're sat there not burning

any calories or you're playing some

video games and you're eating the food

coping and saying oh yeah you know 100

grams of carbs so don't do this to

yourself eating food will not only add

to your body fat percentage but it will

also reduce not increase reduce your

lifts but that being said you can still

have a treat but it's important to have

a treat like let's say some dessert it's

important to have that without out any

coping after I record another three

videos today so I've already recorded

four Once I record another three and

I've done seven videos this morning I've

almost done a week's worth of work at

9am we're all gonna go celebrate with my

friend Sam is here I've got my girl here

I'm gonna go get pancakes after this I'm

not gonna get those pancakes and add it

into my fitness pal and be like oh yeah

sweet that was 150 grams of carbs yes

what's one step closer to our goals no

I'm getting those pancakes knowing it's

gonna add a bit more body fat to me of

course it is but it's like a nice treat

that I'm gonna allow myself after just

beasting out seven videos in a row

that's okay but to say that this is part

of your goals don't listen to this

shitty advice the third reason why

you're not gaining enough muscle is your

testosterone is probably too low the

majority of men have low testosterone

levels maybe the reason why is because

the cortisol hormone is spiked up

because you're in you know big states of

stress maybe you've got trauma and

that's like a long-term state of stress

maybe your job or your studies is really

stressful maybe it's that you've been

underreating maybe it's like you've been

eating [ __ ] food like sugar and that's

been reducing testosterone you know

another point of the previous one these

[ __ ] will tell you to eat Krispy

Kreme donuts and cereal and stuff and

when you eat sugar it decreases your

testosterone literally people don't

realize like eating [ __ ] food even if

it's the same calories it will lead to

more fat and less muscle because of

another issue like reducing your

testosterone levels so you need to

figure out what it is for you to

increase your testosterone to reverse

this I've done a couple of videos on

that which I'll have linked right now

the fourth reason that I can think of us

you're not gaining enough muscle You're

simply not training hard enough there's

an experiment that you can go and try if

you want and I spoke about this on my

second channel so I have a second

YouTube channel if you've not seen it's

not as big as this one but I post quite

like unfiltered just you know videos of

me just walking around talking about

something that's in my mind this channel

is called Hamza and filtered and there's

a video I posted which is where I spoke

about doing just one set per workout per

exercise you know what you're used to is

you go to the gym and you do three sets

of bench press then you do three sets of

incline press and you do this and this

and this and this right what I realized

was that when you do these high volume

workouts you do an exercise for three

sets or five sets you leave a lot of

your intensity in the bag like you don't

use it because you know that you've got

more to give so there's an experiment

that you can go and try to see if you're

training hard enough for just one

workout literally just one to sacrifice

one workout to see this and it'll help

you for the rest of your training career

go in and just do one set per exercise

size and tell yourself you can only do

this one set then you have to move on

once you tell yourself that tell

yourself to go as hard as you possibly

can I'm not saying you're as heavy grab

like a nice moderate weight and

everything 10 to 15 reps whatever go for

the good rep range and then when it gets

tough and you're at failure you really

want to drop the weight because it's

painful keep going remind yourself that

this is the only set that you have keep

going push through it there's going to

be a time when you really can't push

anymore but you can you don't realize it

and you get stuck here what you can do

is push literally and try and push it

millimeter by millimeter every little

bit millimeter by millimeters just keep

pushing keep pushing keep pushing keep

pushing keep pushing get the rep boom

then go for another rep go slow go slow

go slow push push you're stuck here just

push just push literally you've only got

this Set Don't Let Go you've literally

just got this set don't [ __ ] around

don't drop it you've literally just got

this one set and you've got to move on

don't [ __ ] sacrifice it keep going

keep going you're literally there for

like 10 seconds it's [ __ ] painful

this is the worst most painful set that

you've ever had in your entire life drop

it that was a 10 out of 10 intensity and

guess what if you ask yourself what's

that 10 out of 10 you're probably like

you know what that was more like 8.59 I

probably could have held it for another

10 seconds now you know what a 10 out of

10 intensity feels like ask yourself

then what intensity you're normally

training at because if that is a nine

and you could have like held it a bit

more to make it a ten that one where you


and you put it down that's probably like

a six you're training at a six out of

ten intensity now you don't need to get

10 out of 10 all the time because it's

very fatigue but you do want to get to

about seven and a half eight out of ten

for most sets if you really want to

build muscle hypertrophy to build muscle

you've got to tear your [ __ ] muscle

you've got to tear it it's deeply

painful if you do a set and you don't

have this like painful terrified look on

your face like you're probably not

gaining that much muscle honestly you're

probably not training that hard you've

got to push to that level of intensity

and not all the time but you should have

the capability to go to like a 9 out of

ten maybe a 10 out of ten and then maybe

taper it down for most of your sets you

are 7.5 or an eight never under a seven

for example but a lot of guys you want

to know why you're probably not building

muscle honestly and you won't like to

hear this no man would ever want to hear

this bro you're probably training like a

little [ __ ] you're probably training

like a [ __ ] you're probably training at

about four out of 10 intensity which you

call more like an eight but it's a four

now if you're so certain I'm not talking

about you aren't you you're thinking oh

yeah he's talking about someone else how

about you try this how about you go to

the gym tomorrow whatever workout it is

and limit yourself to one set do that

one [ __ ] gruntable set I promise

you'll drop it and think that was

actually about an eight I could have

kept that going for another 30 seconds

that would have been a 10 if I kept it

going this was an eight and it was

deeply [ __ ] painful that means so far

I've probably been doing like five out

of ten intensity for all my sets no

wonder I'm struggling with making muscle

once you do this you'll also realize

that you never needed this much volume

to begin with you know most workouts do

like 50 and 20 sets per workout when you

do this and you [ __ ] Grunt and you're

like okay that was an eight and you want

to go for eight out of ten intensity per

set you'll realize that [ __ ] like I

probably only need like five to ten sets

instead of 20 for my workout no wonder

that you hear those guys who are really

good about you know like the

professional bodybuilders and everything

they train for like 45 minutes why

because their [ __ ] one set is worth

five of ours you've seen videos of

Arnold he's literally making that

[ __ ] like triple chin face whilst

he's doing chest press that's how you're

supposed to train right but at the same

time I don't expect you to totally

believe me because all of those

YouTubers who are lying to who are

scamming you who are showing you Krispy

Kreme Donuts who are telling you to

maintain will also say that this is over

training so you can trust them if you

want and stay skinny fat forever or you

could turn into train like the old

school party Builders and they'll say oh

but then they're all on steroids but

either way it's like if that's the way

to train that we may as well do it the

fifth reason that you're probably not

build a muscle you probably would think

it's that you're not sleeping enough

sleep is important for testosterone and

muscle but the truth is that a lot of

guys who are jacked actually don't even

sleep that well you know everyone's

going to disagree with this no harm so

sleep is really Vitaly hear my argument

right there's student bodybuilders you

know guys who are in University who

party who take drugs who drink or go to

sleep at like 2 A.M I was one of them

and still build an okay amount of muscle

now yeah you can say they've got Noob

gains but some of them are pretty jacked

whilst they're like you know you can

imagine the college frat boy who's

drinking alcohol and going to sleep like

4 a.m sleeping like three hours before

he needs to wake up and they're still

building some muscle so I don't think

sleep is like as important as we say it

is but there's actually something that I

think is more important than that which

is kind of common sense but it's

Progressive overload in the right way

now to build muscle what you need to do

is take the muscle to failure and then

the muscle gets recovered and it gets

stronger then the next time you hit the

muscle again you need to take it to

failure like you did last time but then

do a bit more because now the muscle is

stronger so this is why you need to like

use more weights as time goes on to get

the same kind of stimulus you know the

first time you went to failure on bench

press you may have just used the empty

bar for eight reps and how to get your

chest to failure you might need to use

60 kilograms or 100 kilograms for eight

reps but once you get to a certain point

obviously you're on the gain slow down

the progressive overload slows down and

this is about one to two to three years

in for a lot of people this is where

most people's gains slow down and I

realized what I did wrong here my

Progressive overload programming like

you know how to increase the weight was

just all over the place I had no system

to follow exactly what to do like no

protocol which meant that it was quite

based on my emotions I come in and be

like yeah I'm gonna do 105 kg this time

and I'd use it for like maybe four reps

and it'd be like yes that Progressive

overload my reps went down who knows

right it's just all over the place so

what I've realized which is common sense

for a lot of people but it wasn't for me

what you need to do to progressively

overload is choose the exercise first of

all let's say flat bench press then

choose the rep range and you're going to

use this exercise for so for example

you'll choose 10 to 15. if you want to

build muscle 10 to 15 is usually the

best a lot of people say eight to twelve

all of the [ __ ] were trying to sell

you their strength programs will tell

you five reps and stuff that could be

number six the six reason why you're not

building muscle is because you're

training for strength if you really want

to build muscle don't do anything

underneath 8 reps and even eight reps is

actually a little bit too heavy a lot of

guys are doing like power lifting

expecting to look like bodybuilders if

you want to build like a body builder if

you want to build like an attractive

aesthetic body lots of muscle you need

to use like the lower rep range oh but

this this bodybuilder you used to train

his strength through okay but still if

you're focused on a hypertrophy if

you're focusing on muscle gain not

strength but muscle gain you want to

look good you need to choose a higher

rep range and even eight I found is like

very heavy even for compounds honestly I

found the sweet spot is the 10 to 15 rep

range if you do the 10 to 15 just give

it a try and you'll be like [ __ ] like I

can see the growth a couple of weeks

from now so you've chosen the exercise

you've chose the rep range for that

exercise what you do is you first pick a

weight and you assume you could probably

hit for 15 reps so this is just to find

out what way to use let's say I've taken

a lot of time from the gym and I'm like

okay I could probably comfortably hit 60

kilograms for 15 let's see so I do 60

kilograms for 15 reps yeah it was pretty

good stimulus I could probably go

heavier next time then what I do is once

I know what I could hit for 15 reps I

then reset back to 10 reps with a

heavier weight so now I'll do 65

kilograms for 10 reps yeah that was kind

of easy let's do that now next week for

11 reps 12 or 13 14 15. and eventually

you will get to the point where you're

actually being deeply challenged by this

rep range so you've set the weight now

based on what you could do anywhere

between 10 to 15 reps and it's just

about starting at the lower rep range

building it up to 15 increasing the

weight reducing it back down to 10 reps

going up back up to 15 again increasing

the weight back down to 10 reps up to 15

boom what I found is obsessively trying

to add more weight to the bar every

workout make sure Progressive overload

go to [ __ ] this is what power lifters

and weightlifters do and I don't think

it's smart I think the way better thing

to progressively overload with is reps I

think it's nice having a quite broad rep

range 10 to 15 and it takes maybe a

month to go through the 10 to 15.

sometimes for a lot of people you know

especially if you get like later on in

your training career it can take months

to go from 10 to 15 and then you

increase the weights when you're chasing

reps instead of weight it's actually so

much better in my opinion in terms of

hypertrophy for muscle building than it

is to stay at the exact same rep okay

I'm doing five Reps for every set and

then you're trying to increase the

weight slightly the issue with focusing

on extra weight as your Progressive

overload variable is that you can add

the weight and still do the movements

but what you may end up doing is ADD by

doing 1.25 kg or 2.5 kg and then you end

up just making the movement 0.2 seconds

faster and that helped you a bit you

could end up just taking off a

centimeter off the range of motion and

that could help you when you add weight

to the bar I think that actually makes

the progressive overload weird and

actually like harder to calculate I

think it's so much better going for reps

of a weight that feels quite comfortable

to you change the Reps not the weights

and when you've hit like the maximum

number of reps in this rep range then

increase the weight one final point I'll

give you is like bonus number six the

reason why you're not making muscle

which I briefly mentioned is that you're

training for strength instead of muscle

now you may have seen power lifter

propaganda where they've told you that

muscle and strength are correlated so

you may as well train for strength

correlation does not equal cause muscle

growth comes from hypertrophic rep range

and yeah if you train for some strength

you may get some bits of muscle but if

you care mostly or solely for muscle

gain if you want a look or if you want

to look muscular you need to train in

like the muscle building rep range

people say it starts from eight and it

probably does but eight still builds

like too much strength in my opinion

it's too heavy to maximize your muscle

growth 10 to 15 even 4 compound lift

seems the best case scenario maybe just

maybe I wouldn't do 10 to 15 rep range

for squats it's too like cardio you know

you feel kind of tired and not with your

quads so maybe I do like eight to ten

for squats for example but 10 to 15 I

have personally found is the absolute

sweet spot for most movements to build

muscle the power lifter propaganda

that's out on the internet right now is

so so rampant this is like the original

like multi-level marketing scam where

these fat power lifters only care about

the big three lifts and they'll tell

every young guy to lift the big three

lifts and they'll ask you like what your

one rep max is to look good to be a

bodybuilder you don't need to know your

one rep max you don't need to test it

you don't need to do three rep set you

don't need to do five times five

starting strength any program

that's for sure you need to train for

hypertrophy you need to do 10 to 15 reps

maybe 10 to 20 maybe 15 to 20 for some

smaller exercises and literally just go

up the rep range every workout


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